Penny Lancaster and Rod Stewart are expanding their family in the sweetest way

Loose Women welcomed back Penny Lancaster on Tuesday, who had been away from the show for a few months while husband Rod Stewart was on tour. Penny had a lot to fill the panel in on, including some exciting family news. The mother-of-two revealed that she had spoken with Rod about possibly adopting a child, but that her two sons were happy with their family unit as it was. As a result, they decided to get a dog, who is due to join them later in the week. Penny said: "We even considered adopting, but after discussing it with the little ones, they said they love our little brood the way it is, and that there may be too much of an age gap. So we are getting a puppy instead."

Penny continued to say that Rod would also have been up for adopting a child. "He's got eight children altogether. We are fortunate enough to have a big house, there's a spare room. Extra love and funds that families need these days. And we thought 'why not, give another child that needs a home a home'. But it has to be a consideration of the whole family, not just Rod and I, so as I say, we have decided on getting a puppy instead and they are coming on Thursday from Battersea. It's a mix between a Labrador and a Poodle, so a Labradoodle. It's a girl, and it's blonde, so I think we will call it Blondie."


Rod Stewart poses with boxer Amir Khan at Bolton gig as Scots rocker jokes he feels ‘punch drunk’

ROD Stewart joked he was feeling "punch drunk" as he posed for a pic with Amir Khan.

The Celtic-daft Scots rocker raised his fists for a boxing-style snap with the former world champion.

It came as the unlikely duo met before the legendary musician played for a sell-out crowd in Bolton.

Rod wrote: "Feeling a bit punch drunk after a knockout night in Bolton with the champ, @AmirKingKhan! ??"

Thousands of fans have liked the photo in less than an hour since it was posted online.

One wrote: "Was a brilliant night you were fantastic far far better than when I saw you in Blackpool. Ageing gracefully like a vintage champagne ?"

Tonight’s the Night (almost) as Rod Stewart's stage goes up at Molineux - with pictures

The stage is being set - quite literally - for the arrival of the rock superstar on Saturday night.

A stage is being constructed on the pitch, where thousands of Rod fans will stand to see the music legend perform his best-known hits.

The stadium will be unrecognisable to Wolves fans, with a special material laid on the pitch to protect it from damage for the new Premier League season and allow it to "breathe".

Barriers are also being put up to transform Molineux from a football stadium to concert arena for the day.

Work has been ongoing throughout the week, with attention now turning to constructing the main stage where Sir Rod will entertain around 25,000 people.

It is the first time since Bon Jovi in 2003 that a major music concert is being staged at the home of Wolves and it has been a huge task to get the stadium ready.

Around 50 trucks are used to carry everything needed from one tour location to another, while around 600 staff are working on site. This includes up to 50 contractors with companies including catering, electricians, riggers, security, publicity, bar staff, car parking, and paramedics. It will take around 7,500 working hours to build the site.

Cafe owner star-struck as Sir Rod Stewart relives Maggie May memories

STAFF from a café in Beaulieu were star-struck when they received an unexpected visit from rock-and-roll royalty Sir Rod Stewart.

Dominic Ide, owner of Pallets Tea and Coffee House, was working with his colleague Sophia Britton on what was initially a normal day when they saw a large Rolls-Royce appear on the high street.

Curious about the commotion, they caught a glimpse of a man who resembled the singer before he made his way over to the shop.

Dominic told the A&T: “We saw the Rolls-Royce pull up that, funnily enough, had been going the wrong way up the high street, and we noticed a man get out and have a look around.

“Sophia recognised him and said it was Rod Stewart – and then he started walking over.

“We knew it had to be him because he recently played a gig in Southampton which made sense why he was in the area, and before we knew it he walked in.

“He began talking to us, saying he had not been to the village since the Beaulieu Jazz Festival, and that he remembered our building from the visit back when it probably wasn’t a coffee shop.

“We were halfway through the conversation when he just said, ‘I am Rod Stewart by the way’ and it was such a massive shock, I was star-struck.”

Deciding to stay for an English breakfast tea and a slice of Victoria sponge, Rod told Dominic how he wrote one of his timeless classics, Maggie May, about an older woman whom he had met at the infamous Beaulieu Jazz Festival.

Dominic added: “He was a really genuine person and spoke to us like he was any other customer; it was a pleasure to talk with him.”

Although Rod had fond memories of the festival, it became the centre-point of controversy in 1960 after jazz fans attending the event’s third year ran riot, causing a rampage which resulted in 39 people receiving injuries, some of them serious.

Lord Montagu attempted to revive the festival for the following year, but costs for extra security rendered it no longer financially viable and it was unable to return.


Rod Stewart sings his hit Sailing to D-Day veterans ahead of 75th anniversary

ROD Stewart last night sang We Are Sailing on a boat taking 250 Normandy veterans back to the D-Day beaches.

Seventy-five years ago the old soldiers, sailors and airmen – now all in their 90s – were preparing to invade France to free Europe from Nazi occupation.

And yesterday they boarded a ship, specially chartered by the Royal British Legion, to take them back across the Channel as Rod's wife Penny Lancaster took photos for Hello! magazine.

During the week they will visit Dunkirk where more than 330,000 Allied troops were evacuated in 1940.

They return to Portsmouth on Wednesday, where the Queen and US President Donald Trump will pay tribute to their bravery.

And on Thursday, June 6, the 75th anniversary of D-Day when 150,000 landed in France, they will meet Prince Charles at a ceremony in Bayeux.

A Sea Cadets band played to Frederick Adamson, 99, from Coningsburgh, South Yorks, as he walked aboard with his grandson Philip Knight.

Frederick, who served with the Kings Own Light Infantry said: “What a wonderful reception. We certainly didn’t have a reception like that 75 years ago. It will bring back so many memories. ”

Another of the veterans on the ship, John Roberts, 95, went on to become the captain of the aircraft carrier HMS Ark Royal.

Later John, from Whitstable, Kent, became a Rear Admiral of the Fleet but during D-Day he was a Sub Lieutenant on HMS Serapis.

He said: “On D-Day I watched from the deck as 500 planes and gliders filled the sky and dropped paratroopers into Normandy. I was a young sailor and never seen anything like it in my life.




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