Vintage Video Collection

On this section you will find a collection of full concerts and some other goodies from our vaults, from the 60's and up to 2010, in no specific order.


Have fun searching trough all this gems, some of them rarely seen before, both proshots and amateur recordings.




Here is a DVD including all the promo videos and known tv appereances from Foolish Beahaviour and Tonight I'm yours.


From Foolish Behaviour:


1- 2 TV adds (USA & Japan).

2- Passion, She won't dance with me and Oh God, I wish I was home                tonight original promo videos (full stereo CD audio).

3- Russel Harty interview with live segments.

4- Passion & Oh God I wish I was home tonight from Musik Laden, full            stereo, no banners.

5- Passion American Music Awards.

6- Bonus backstage with ABBA members.


From Tonight I'm Yours:


1- Japanese TV add.

2- Tonight I'm yours, How long, Just like a woman (bad image quality),

    Young turks original promo videos (full stereo CD audio).

3- Saturday Night Live 1981 (Young turks, She won't dance with me,

    Hot legs w/Tina Turner).

4- Young turks American Bandstand.

5- Countdown (Australia) interview.


Just click on the link below (from Google Chrome or Firefox - it might not work if you are using Internet Explorer or Safari) and download the file. Save the file "rod stewart videos 1980 1981 DVD.rar" on your computer. Then extract the "VIDEO_TS" file inside the .rar file (you would need the winrar or winzip software, google for them - they are free) and burn that "VIDEO_TS" folder into a blank DVD disc, and be sure to choose "close/finish disc" on the burn options before you burn it, so it can be played in your regular DVD player.!5gkmATRS!QT4f8TFCfhjOksn-W88WxrntdZFI2gjveYAiyBPDb8M 


Here is the video with all the Foolish Behaviour stuff contained on the DVD:


Brand new version of the classic concert wich most of "Absolutely Live" comes from.


Includes Tonight's the night with Kim Carnes, Gasoline Alley, I know I'm losing you (minus the drum solo) and Stay with me with Kim Carnes and Tina Turner - these tracks were not broadcasted on TV and were not included on the Betamax or VHS relases.


Enhaced high quality audio, like you've never heard it before:a mix of the original stereo audio source, the Absolutely Live CD and from the original FM live broadcast.


Aditional footage and aditional audio courtesy of Martin Petersen' vaults, new edit and audio dub by Antonio España.








       July 21st 2020

Blossom Music Center,

Cuyahoga Falls, OH





















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