RSFC...Hi Bridget... Tell us a little bit about yourself... Where did you grow up, have you been singing since you were a kid etc?

BC...Well I am New York City to the bone. Manhattan, New York is what made me. I stared off a tennis player, strange enough but always knew I could sing... my grandfather was a opera singer, he passed it down to me.

RSFC...Who were your musical inspirations/favorites?

BC...GOSH.. uhmm so many you can find everything on my iPod from opera to hip hop, a lot of Italian music..

RSFC...What was your first professional singing gig? How did that come about?

BC...My first gig.. I stared off in a group called Godva. Myself and Alicia Keys were the lead singers. We had record deals, but management wanted to drop a few girls in our group and it never felt the same after.. so we left it at that.

RSFC...You were in the national tour of Rent. When was that? What part did you play? Tell us all about it.

BC...Yes, I played, Joanne the lesbian lawyer LOL. Had no idea. I kiss a girl before I got the part.. I learned that fast.. LOL not so bad lol. I was in Rent for a good three years. It was a lot of fun, acting, singing... the challenge was making fresh each night.

RSFC...Have you been in any other musicals?

BC...Not since, I went directly to music tours.

RSFC...How did you become part of Rod's band?

BC...I sang with a Italian artist named Eros Ramazzotti ! ( great talent) any who, Paul Warren toured with him as well and I met . We finished Eros and a spot for Rod opened up. Paul called me and told me about the audition and the rest is history.

RSFC...I understand you're writing your own songs. Are you going to do a CD? If so, what kind of music will it be?

BC...Yes I am I'm in the process now. My friend Andrea Rigonat in Italy, we are both producing the songs. They are great songs I like them. They mean a lot to me. Sota rock/ pop.

RSFC...I know you're a great cook. Do you have favorite foods? Have you ever cooked for Rod?

BC...Ok.. not a cake person.. don't like chocolate that much and hate prawn cocktails. LOL I cook it all !! Favorite foods.. hmm I'm a sea food person. I love grilled calamari salads yummy !! and great cheese. Pasta, ham oh and INDIAN FOOD !!

RSFC...What is it like on the road with your cute baby Cameron?

BC...A dream.. so lucky to have my son with my 24/7.

RSFC...What do you do during your " down time" ( besides dancing) lol

BC...DANCE LOL uhmm... I like to write, listen to music, good chat with friends, bike ride, swimming anything outdoors... picnics stuff like that ski anf of course travel.

RSFC...Is there any question that I didn't ask that you would like to have been asked or add?

BC...I love what I do for a living. I feel blessed every second I am on stage and I hope you feel the joy too. I love working with Rod.. Amazing GUY !!








       July 21st 2020

Blossom Music Center,

Cuyahoga Falls, OH





















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