Rod Stewart ‘downhearted’ over canceling Australian concert due to viral infection hours before show

The 'Maggie May' singer, 78, said he was doing 'everything' possible to get 'back on stage'

Rod Stewart told fans this weekend he was "downhearted" over having to cancel a concert in Australia just hours before the show because of a viral infection.

"Hello my friends, I’m absolutely downhearted that I’m disappointing my fans who bought tickets to A Day On The Green," the 78-year-old rocker wrote on his social media accounts. "Late this morning I was advised that I have a viral infection and my throat is too irritated to sing.

"I’m only human and sometimes get sick just like you do. My greatest joy is performing for you, so I’m doing everything I can to get on the mend and get back on stage."

Hours before, Live Nation and Roadhouse Entertainment said the concert in Geelong Saturday had been canceled "due to illness." The "Maggie May" singer shared the announcement on his social media.  

Do Ya Think I'm Sexy? Rod Stewart, 78, wears a pair of unique Gucci fur lined Ugg boots as he arrives in Perth for his Aussie tour


He is known for his flamboyant sense of style.

And Rod Stewart turned heads as he arrived in Perth on Thursday ahead of his Australian tour.

The legendary crooner, 78, rocked a pair of unique Gucci fur lined Ugg boots as he was met by fans at the airport.

The friendly British star happily signed an autograph for one woman who looked over the moon to see her idol in the flesh.

Rod teamed his fancy footwear with a colourful satin bomber jacket over a white unbuttoned shirt and a pair of skinny leg jeans.


He finished his look with a pair of tinted Aviator sunglasses and a huge Celtic necklace complete with four-leaf clover.

‘I’ve lived a good life’: Rod Stewart shares his insights on getting older

For decades, singing sensation Rod Stewart has mesmerised audiences with his musical prowess. Now, the singing sensation has revealed his secrets to staying fit and delivering unforgettable performances as he gets older.

In a recent interview with Sunday Morningthe 78-year-old revealed that “if you’re not fit” then life on the road and high-energy live performances can take their toll.

“But I pride myself in my fitness and the strength in my voice. Both things take a lot of working on, especially the voice,” he said.

“I start warming up the voice a week before the first concert. I’m always in the gym, always keeping myself fit.


“It’s strenuous (being onstage) – it’s two hours.

“I don’t exactly stand at the microphone and sing. I like to jump around, dance – if you could call it that – get involved, make people happy.”

Although Stewart never shied away from wild parties in his younger days, he admits that nowadays things are a lot more subdued.

“I’ve grown up now. I have a wonderful wife, seven lovely kids, I really couldn’t be happier,” he explained.


“It had its moments – when one is young, one enjoys life’s rich tapestry.

“I did it, I did it, and I enjoyed it, and I’ve lived a good life.”

In addition to his much happier life, Stewart explained that the best thing about getting older is imparting his words of wisdom to the younger generation.

“I’ve done it all. I try to give advice and some people listen, some people don’t. Especially in the music business, because they already think they know it all,” he said.


Stewart’s admissions about getting older come shortly after the Maggie May hitmaker announced that he wants to retire from “rock ‘n’ roll touring”, revealing that he wants “to do something new”.

The 77-year-old made the bombshell revelation during a recent interview with the Daily Record where he announced that although he wants to move away from touring he is not planning on retiring altogether anytime soon.

“Next year will be the end of my rock ‘n’ roll touring. I want to do something different. It feels like an end of an era,” he said.


“All things must come to an end.

“I’m not retiring and I still love singing, I just want to do something new. I might do a few folk clubs playing guitar. Just be different.”

Stewart opened up about how performing in the “big tours” had lost its appeal and that it also keeps him away from his children.

“I don’t want to do the big tours any more, especially in America. It takes me away from my kids for so long,” he said.


“It used to be OK because it was fun and games. It is still fun and games but I miss my kids so much.

“I’ve got one more year doing big gigs in South America, Australia, a Las Vegas residency, some more in England and a couple in Edinburgh.

“But I’m not retiring – I just want to move on.”

Rod Stewart looks dapper in velvet blazer as he auctions off his beloved Celtic jersey at star-studded charity event

Rod Stewart looked in good spirits as he auctioned off his Celtic jersey at the Big Bash fundraiser for the My Black Dog mental health charity on Thursday.

Despite being a born and raised Londoner, the musician, 78, has long been an ardent supporter of the Glaswegian football team.

Rod cut a dapper figure for the event, sporting a brown velvet animal print blazer which he wore with black trousers.


Also sporting a white shirt and black tie, the hitmaker posed with his prized Celtic jersey ahead of the auction.

My Black Dog is a charity that offers peer-to-peer support for people who are struggling with their mental health.

Rod Stewart's famous blonde barnet named as 'best celebrity mullet of all time'

The Maggie May singer's iconic haircut has been recognised as 'best celebrity mullet of all time'.

Sir Rod Stewart is well known for his love of Celtic, leopard print and his iconic hair do, and now his famous blonde barnet has been given recognition of its own as 'best celebrity mullet of all time'.

The 78-year-old rocker is said to have quite the haircare routine according to his tour manager Elliot Saltzman, who confessed that the Maggie May singer would use mayonnaise on his locks. It's also reported that Sir Rod splashes out £6,000 a year on his “brilliant” hair.


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