Rod Stewart jets to Palm Beach to ring in 2022 with family... in first visit to his Florida home since pleading guilty to battery with son Sean over New Year scuffle in 2019

Rod StewartPenny Lancaster, and their family jetted to West Palm Beach to ring in the New Year - in his first visit to Florida since his and his son Sean's court case.

The Maggie May rocker, 76, showed off the impressive pool at his Florida mansion as he relaxed in his white shorts and shirt and pair of Dolce and Gabbana sliders and sipped on a floral cup of tea.

Sir Rod looked relaxed on a lounger in front of the mustard yellow walls with white arch doorways as he told his followers: 'Here's to a happier and healthier New Year', in the wake of his court case and subsequent guilty plea to battery. 

The family chose to dine at the Bice Italian Ristorante Palm Beach which specialises on pasta, veal and crabmeat dishes.


Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster make heart signs on night out

THIS is the adorable moment Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster made heart signs after a night out at a club.

The Scots rocker, 76, struggled with the sweet gesture at first and seemed more concerned about keeping hold of the £20 note he was holding onto.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster show they’re still full of love by making heart signs after a night at a club

Rod and Penny spent Christmas with their sons, Alistair, 16, and Aiden, 10, at their home in the capital

But Penny, 50, helped him get the hang on the hand signal and the pair laughed as they made the sign on their way out.

Sir Rod Stewart 'looks perplexed' as he unveils Ronnie Wood's Christmas portrait of him

ROD STEWART has admitted he looks "perplexed" in a new portrait done by his pal Ronnie Wood.

Sir Rod Stewart shared his Christmas gift from his close friend Ronnie Wood with his social media followers earlier today. The star had been given a portrait of himself from the Rolling Stones legend.

The impressive picture, done in charcoal, features the Maggie May singer from the shoulders up.Sir Rod posted it to his 994,000 Instagram followers as he posed next to it.Sitting on the stairs in his impressive house, while holding a trombone, he shared a glimpse at the artwork.He wrote: “Ronnie's portrait of me for my Christmas present …

“Looking perplexed but at ease with life.“Thanks mate,” he added to the musician.

Rod also referenced his choice of musical instrument, adding: “I'm also learning to play trombone for no apparent reason..”

Rod Stewart's wife Penny Lancaster steals the show in busty Christmas Day pic with family

SIR ROD STEWART has taken to Instagram to post a picture of his wife and son during their Christmas celebrations.

Penny Lancaster, 50, stole the show as she posed with her rocker husband, Sir Rod Stewart, 76, and their son during yesterday's Christmas celebrations. The TV personality wore an incredibly busty dress as she celebrated the festive season.

Fresh trim! Rod Stewart, 76, looks typically dapper after a trip to Mayfair salon- while still rocking his iconic spiky coiffure


He has donned multiple hairstyles over his career, most iconic the mullet and his classic spikes. 

But one thing has remained a constant and that's Rod Stewart's pride in his coiffures, which was evident on Wednesday as he squeezed in a hair appointment at Steven Carey Salon before Christmas

The dapper rocker, 76, was all-smiles as he exited the first-class Mayfair salon, dressed sprucely in a camel-hued suit and tie.

The rock star looked high-spirited after his pamper as he was escorted into his famed Rolls-Royce. 


From one of the photographs, it seemed the Londoner was approached by a fan before he drove off, with Rod appearing to acknowledge him, hand covered over his face. 

Rod Stewart, 76, puts on a jubilant display as he enjoys luxury Christmas shopping trip with wife Penny Lancaster in their Rolls Royce - after his Royal Variety performance was panned by viewers

His Royal Variety performance was panned by ITV viewers who branded it 'awful' and 'outdated'.

Yet Rod Stewart didn't appear to mind the criticism at all as he stepped out for a festive shopping trip with his glamorous wife Penny Lancaster in central London on Monday evening.

The rocker, 76, waved his arms in the air and larked around as he walked past the capital city's iconic Bond Street, while his Rolls Royce was parked outside luxury jewellers Boodles and Cartier.

Wahey! Rod Stewart didn't appear to mind the Royal Variety criticism at all as he stepped out for a festive shopping trip with his glamorous wife Penny Lancaster in central London on Monday evening

Rod was dressed to impress for the outing, wearing a pale grey waistcoat with black and white checked trousers and jazzy silver brogues. 

Sir Rod Stewart's 'awful' performance causes Royal Variety viewers to switch off

Sir Rod Stewart sang in front of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge at this year's Royal Variety Performance at the Royal Albert Hall


ITV viewers were not overly impressed with Sir Rod Stewart's appearance at The Royal Variety Performance on Sunday evening.

As people tuned into the event, which was hosted by comedian Alan Carr, they got a glimpse of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge before Sir Rod took to the stage to perform One More Time.

Taking to Twitter, one person wrote: "No thanks. Got as far as Rod Stewart and that's enough. #RoyalVarietyPerformance."

Another person tweeted: "That was AWFUL sir!#RoyalVarietyPerformance

A third viewer posted: "@ ITV anyone else just had third party embarrassment watching Rod Stewart? Please call it a day Rod, please. #RoyalVarietyPerformance."

And a fourth added: "Rod Stewart....I literally have no words for that performance #RoyalVarietyPerformance."

Someone else said: "After his Graham Norton appearance, you would of thought someone would of thought nope maybe not Rod? #rodstewart #RoyalVarietyPerformance."

Sir Rod was roasted last month after performing on The Graham Norton Show.


One person tweeted: "This Rod Stewart performance on Graham Norton is the worst thing I have seen in quite some time."

Another posted: "It was bad already, and then that key change really cemented it!"


Someone else said: "Totally agree. What the hell was that? And his ‘group’ – the audience for that gig really dubious in the hair and leg requirement #RodStewart #parody."

However, others tuning into The Royal Variety Performance were impressed with Rod's song with one writing on Twitter: "Love a bit of Rod. Great performance and love the leopard Leopard print outfit.

Someone else said: "#RoyalVarietyPerformance here’s a daring idea. If you don’t like it, don’t watch it, instead of criticising everything. Some of us are enjoying it."

Rod Stewart and son plead guilty in Florida battery case


Assault case Stems from 2019 altercation with a security guardat an exclusive Florida hotel

Rock icon Rod Stewart and his son have pleaded guilty to battery in an assault case stemming from a New Year's Eve 2019 altercation with a security guard at an exclusive Florida hotel.

Court records released Friday show that the singer and his son Sean Stewart entered guilty pleas to misdemeanor charges of simple battery.


“No one was injured in the incident and a jury did not find Sir Rod Stewart guilty of the accusation,” his attorney Guy Fronstin said in a statement. “Instead, Sir Rod Stewart decided to enter a plea to avoid the inconvenience and unnecessary burden on the court and the public that a high profile proceeding would cause.”


Stewart, 76, is a British member of the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II in 2016. His hits include “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy,” “You’re In My Heart,” “Hot Legs” and, probably his best-known song, “Maggie May.”

The plea agreement, dated and signed Monday, means that Stewart and his son, 41, won't have to appear in court and formal adjudication of the charge was withheld. There will be no trial.

RRod Stewart and son plead guilty in

Prayin' the night away! Sir Rod Stewart, 76, entertains church-goers as veteran star pulls on a festive red blazer and quirky silver boots for star turn at Christmas Carol Service

Rod Stewart put on a typically energetic performance at The Nordoff Robbins Christmas Carol Service in London on Tuesday evening.  

The 76-year-old singer donned a festive red blazer for the occasion held at St Luke's church, which he paired with a crisp white shirt and skinny black tie. 

His locks were styled in their signature spikey way as he performed at the glamorous event. 

Having fun: Rod Stewart, 76, put on a typically energetic performance at The Nordoff Robbins Christmas Carol Service in London on Tuesday evening

Rod also wore silver pointed boots and blue circular glasses during his latest performance. 

Looking good: The singer donned a festive red blazer for the occasion held at St Luke's church, which he paired with a crisp white shirt and skinny black tie

Talent: His locks were styled in their signature spikey way as he performed at the glamorous event

Hot Legs! Penny Lancaster, 50, displays her toned pins in sequin dress as she steps out with dapper husband Rod Stewart, 76, in Mayfair - after pair showed off their festive dance moves

Her crooner husband once had a hit with Hot Legs.

And Penny Lancaster channelled the 70s hard rock track on Saturday night as she displayed her toned pins in a sensational sequin dress.

The model, 50, and her dapper husband Rod Stewart, 76, enjoyed some quality time together at The Arts Club in Mayfair and left the members-only venue in high spirits. 

The blonde beauty elevated her height in an elegant pair of heels, her bright tresses coiffed in chic waves. 

Her rock star husband got suited and booted for the evening, completing his finery with jazzy red, black and leopard-print styled shoes. 

Rod Stewart’s love of the game and fairness towards rivals is an example to the rest of us

Stewart, pictured with his son, is a big Celtic fan — but one that does not dislike Rangers or England

“He’s in the elevator,” someone called out and the mood altered.

Necks were craned, people abruptly ended phone calls. Sir Rod Stewart was in the building to talk about football.

The 76-year-old is slight but unmistakable. His hair is blond and spiky and only a rock star could wear so comfortably a camel coat over a camel checked jacket with a Paisley scarf. His white Rolls Royce was parked nearby.


If Penny Lancaster, his wife, is not in the car, then Sir Rod will listen to talkSPORT and often texts Jim White while he is on air to ask for clarification on what Simon Jordan, White’s co-host and the former Crystal Palace chairman, is on about — and so they invited Stewart into the studio to be part of their programme.

Stewart is the most famous of all rock-star football fans. Noel Gallagher may disagree, but there is a brittleness to the former Oasis lead guitarist who is a Manchester City supporter, and he is often full of bile about Manchester United. Stewart went out of his way on Wednesday when on the 17th floor of the News Building, home of talkSPORT and a few levels up from where The Times and The Sunday Times are based, to insist he does not hate anyone. He just loves football.

Yes, he is a fan of Celtic and the Scotland national team but that does not mean he detests Glasgow Rangers or England. Indeed, as we stood in the production studio, Stewart pointed to a huge photograph on the corridor wall of Sir Geoff Hurst in action.

“They don’t make them like that any more,” he said, wistfully. The heroes of 1966 are his heroes too and he is not afraid to show it.

He wondered why I was there, clutching a pen and notebook. I said I had popped along to write about the poetry of the occasion.

“About me?” he said. “I wouldn’t count on me being poetic.”

He is a poet, though. On his latest and 31st studio album the song I Can’t Imagine is dedicated to his wife and the lyrics are moving without being saccharine. Poked on air about the fact Celtic failed last season to win a tenth consecutive title, Stewart replied that it had been “a long, drawn-out bit of torture,” which is a lyrical way of expressing how most Celtic fans felt as the chance slipped from their grasp with the rise of Steven Gerrard’s Rangers.

From the outside it feels as if the prevention of their rivals winning ten successive titles was more important than the clinching of their own, that the two clubs are fuelled by resentment more than self-worth.

“Sometimes I wish they played in the Championship,” Stewart said, with a sigh because it might dilute the obsession if all opponents posed a threat. “Note, I didn’t say the Premiership,” he added. He has no desire to see his team humiliated.

Stewart is not a stand-still sort of guy, but he stopped in his twirling, wiry, back-and-forth tracks when I wondered how he felt when Gerrard left Rangers to become manager of Aston Villa. His eyes twinkled mischievously. It had made him very happy.

“I think he’ll take [Ryan] Kent with him, and I hope he takes lots of players with him,” he said, his Celtic tie pin glinting in the studio lights.

That, however, is as mean-spirited as Stewart gets. He does not enjoy football pundits who are overly critical and said that Roy Keane, when offering scything analysis, is a bully, adding that the former Manchester United midfielder’s brutal tackle on Alf-Inge Haaland in the Manchester derby in April 2001 is something he cannot forget.

Celebrity football fans are usually a bit annoying. After all, they are rich enough to buy a season ticket but usually get in free and have little to offer beyond photo opportunities. Stewart, though, admits football comes first with him, that if his trial with Brentford had gone well, he would have dedicated his life to playing the game his Scottish father so loved. With hindsight he sees that music has offered a much longer-lasting and productive career.

Perhaps there is no room in regular punditry for the singer with the distinctive rasping voice but surely anyone connected to Celtic or Rangers listening to him on Wednesday would have felt a degree of embarrassment when he labelled childish the fact neither club presently allows in the other’s supporters.

It is possible to be a fanatic, fêted and famous but also fair-minded and reasonable.

Rock legend and Celtic fan Sir Rod Stewart rips into Sky Sports pundit Roy Keane for being a 'bully' and 'far too aggressive' during his blazing row with Jamie Carragher about Cristiano Ronaldo

  • Roy Keane got in a furious row with Jamie Carragher on live Sky Sports duty
  • The punditry pair argued over Cristiano Ronaldo's role at Manchester United
  • Sir Rod Stewart saw the row and claimed Keane was 'far too aggressive'
  • The music icon says Keane is a 'bully' which would not make him a good manage
  • Sir Rod Stewart has ripped into Sky Sports pundit and former Celtic midfielder Roy Keane for being a 'bully' on air after his blazing row with Jamie Carragher last weekend.

    Keane and Carragher were involved in a shouting match on Sky Sports duty after Manchester United's 1-1 draw at Chelsea on Sunday, with the pair debating Cristiano Ronaldo's role in the Red Devils team after he was benched on the weekend. 

    Rock legend Stewart revealed he saw the live row on TV and the lifelong Celtic fan hit out at former Bhoys midfielder Keane for being 'far too aggressive' in making his point.

'You are a killer' Rod Stewart erupts at anti-vaxxers as he rages 'they make me angry'

ROD STEWART fumed over anti-vaxxers as he labelled them "killers" in an explosive new interview.

The legendary rock and pop singer and songwriter gave his view of people refusing to get COVID-19 vaccinations. He urged people to get the jabs on offer adding those refusing to be vaccinated make him "angry" especially following news of a new variant.


Times Radio host John Pienaar remarked: "You don't have to be obsessed with the news to be thinking about the virus.

"You've had all three of yours, haven't you?"

The record producer confirmed he has had all three jabs, including the current booster jabs available to some people.

As John commented some people refuse the vaccine, he asked the iconic singer: "When you see people who will not take it, do you feel the same way I do - does that make you angry?"


"Yeah it does," the popular rock singer replied.

"It makes me angry, especially in America, where they talk about 'It's my right, it's my freedom.'

"No it's not! Because you are a killer, and you can be killed. Dead simple."

He continued: "I think one of the countries in Europe are making it mandatory, you must have the shot, I think Austria."

"You think we should be doing that here?" John asked, sounding surprised.

Rod confessed: "I don't want to get into that one, people are entitled to their views.

"But I strongly advise people to go and get vaxxed. I can sort of understand it with pregnant women."

You Wear It Well! Penny Lancaster, 50, and dapper husband Rod Stewart, 76, wear matching camel for romantic dinner at swanky Mayfair restaurant


Penny Lancaster looked gorgeous as she departed from a romantic dinner with her husband Rod Stewart, 76, on Wednesday night at C London restaurant.

The model, 50, commanded attention as she wrapped up in a light brown silk shawl featuring a fluffy hem amid the wintery weather in swanky Mayfair.

She layered the snuggly number beneath a dark green midi dress and elevated her height with a pair of leather grey boots.

Stunning: Penny Lancaster, 50, wraps up in a brown silk shawl as she departed from a romantic dinner with her husband Rod Stewart, 76, on Wednesday night at C London restaurant

Clutching a coordinating Gucci handbag, the Loose Women panellist wore her blonde tresses in beachy waves for the street-side fashion show.

Meanwhile, her rocker partner looked dapper in a white shirt and black tie, which he combined with a sandy wool coat and tan trousers.

Keeping things casual in a pair of brown trainers, he wore his sandy locks in his signature tousled hairdo.

He soon joined his stunning wife as they hopped into the back of a nearby taxi outside the Italian eatery where they sped off into the city.

Suave: Meanwhile, her rocker partner looked dapper in a white shirt and black tie, which he combined with a sandy wool coat and tan trousers



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