May 2017

 Rod Stewart Scandinavium in Göteborg

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not, the voice is not what it was. As an entertainer is the man with the forelock yet still extremely gracious.

It is enough for a typical Sunday show with Rod Stewart at half speed.


Got stuck in a landmark documentary the other day about the Black Panthers. A leader described had that little extra. No matter how big åskådarmassan was felt all that the leader was just talking to them personally.

Rod Stewart also has that little extra. The main reason that Sir Rod has become a world star, of course, the raspy voice, but close behind is the ability of the entertainers speak directly to the fans. The Scandinavium, he draws some jokes, chatting with us as we sat at the bar. It feels completely genuine, even though he had done this a thousand times before.

It is probably also where the heel parks mentality that makes him early in the evening, admits that he has a sore back. He mumbles something to sleep on a hotel mattress. And even if he is the concert through then trying to work off more feeling with his tight band, the Sunday evening with Rod Stewart mostly an extension of the lumbar spine. 

Rod's voice is mixed a little too often too far down. Tonight's greatest vocal performance is Scandinavium in "I Do not Want to Talk About It" as Rod more than happy to let the audience take over. In "Have I told you Lately" he finally closes his eyes and dare to press in the higher register.

So in the end we get a rough hits cavalcade lurches forward like a bobbing yacht. Over a hundred more or less inspired min Rod dancing around up there, waving your arms and changing finery four times. When he traditionally kicks soccer balls in the end seems to Rod Stewart thrive best in the evening. Except when he was between the songs talk directly to us.

Then turn the charm completely automatically by the eternal scamp.


BT Jelling Festival: Rod Stewart charms and clowns to victory

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Rod Stewart is as much entertaining clown as he is a singer, and while it would suit him to take himself just a little more seriously, one must also bow to the man's considerable charm


The poster was 72-year-old Rod Stewart this year Jelling Festival absolute headliner (in fact it was headlined of course, as usual, Kim Larsen, but that's another story), and it should prove to be quite a clever feature of the organizers to hire the aging charlatan from London for a year, where it has been more than usually difficult for festivals around the world to draw qualified headliners.


See, Rod Stewart's rock's answer to the there used car dealers that sell goods with a charm, so you actually forgive them when new-purchase begins to suggest shortcomings already a few hundred meters from the retail outlet park.

Thus, there are also strange noises in Rod Stewart's aging body, and it would suit him to take himself and his hits more seriously than he does - just once in a while! - at this point in his career. But the man prefers to clowns and charm through its concerts, and he seems to enjoy themselves by an honest heart, and so did the audience in Jelling. And it could all my heart never dream of belittling.

Did not better, one would never have thought that the aspiring rock'n'roll circus clown up there on the Jelling scene was once a rock singer at a level so he was mentioned in the same breath as giants like Mick Jagger, Robert Plant and Paul Rodgers.

It is however also within the vicinity of 45 years ago, and since then Sir Roderick gave it as shameless - albeit charming - opportunistic and gone by tomorrow easy solutions - only there was money and ladies in the dirt.

Now I could never dream of putting need for either ladies or easy money for hate, but you can not quite help but wonder what Stewart could have driven it - he had just taken things a little more seriously in his career .

Well, he did not. Instead, he was visiting popcirkus with all that it implies of scantily clad female singers and musicians, changing guldlamé jackets and Las Vegas uniformed male musicians.

The kind must also be room for, as they say in the Gender Equality Council, and Rod Stewart concert in Jelling was at times actually quite brilliant. Fine songs like 'Tonight's The Night', 'Maggie Mae', 'Downtown Train', 'The First Cut Is The Deepest' and an amazingly great feeling 'I Do not Wanna Talk About It' revealed a pride for Stewart in connection with the material that I really thought he had long since deposited with his accountant.

The songs saved the evening, and then forgave - almost - a forgettable drum solo that Faces classic "Stay With Me" was just background noise to kick footballs into the audience, gaping boring clumsy eighties material like 'Baby Jane' and 'It's A Heartache' , a "Da Ya Think I'm Sexy 'which gave the term' duty assignment 'new dimensions and - oh bloody hell! - once again 'Sailing'; a song that should be shipped to the eternal world have for years.

But again: Rod Stewart's charm and well-playing band actually gave us all in all a fine end to another great festival in Jelling

Rod Stewart, Jelling Festival, Saturday night


Sir Rod Stewart submits new plans for olympic pool in his Sheering back garden

A ROCKSTAR has submitted new plans to build a swimming pool with a bar in his garden.

Sir Rod Stewart, who lives at Durrington House in Sheering, originally applied for planning permission on April 8 for a 20m indoor swimming pool with a bar.

The pre-application plans were criticised for being “too large”.

Just over a month later, he has put together new plans which he says “are not out of character with the area”.

The size has been reduced by seven meters, and the depth by six. The poolhouse will also be a green roof to make sure there is no loss of wildlife.

The new design statement says: “The previous architects design was criticised in the pre-application feedback for being too large. This proposal is 44 per cent ent smaller than the previous designs.

“ The solidity and perceived scale of the previous design has been reduced by the articulation and the plan form of the building. The scale of the building is further visually reduced by the integration of the two pergola external sitting areas either side of the central projecting section.”

The pool is believed to be for his 11-year-old son, Alastair, who is a keen swimmer and won a number of competitions.

The plans will be considered by Sheering Parish Council before being sent to the district council.

Sir Rod Stewart moved into the Grade-II listed house last year after buying it with his wife, Penny Lancaster, in 2013 and renovating it.


Rod Stewart's daughter Ruby "thrilled" to meet Lisbon Lions

ROD Stewart's daughter Ruby says she can't wait to meet the Lisbon Lions at tonight's 50th anniversary gig at the Hydro.

The 29-year-old model and singer will be warming up the stage for her rocker dad as part of county-rock duo, The Sisterhood.

Tickets for the Celebrate 67 music extravaganza, which will also feature Sir Alex Ferguson, sold out in 30 minutes and all proceeds will go to the Celtic Foundation.

Life-long Hoops fan Ruby, who is the daughter of model Kelly Emberg, was given a tour of Parkhead yesterday with her bandmate, Nashivilled singer-songwrite, Alyssa Bonagura.

The Lisbon Lions – who  include striker Bobby Lennox and Celtic kit man John Clark – and their families, and relatives of the heroes who have passed away, have all been invited to the bash.

Ruby said: "I've grown up with the games on in the background at home and green and white everywhere and I've been a big fan my whole life.

"It's just been so exciting to see and hear about the history in Glasgow.

"We got to see the stadium. To actually see the men (Lisbon Lions) who were involved in going to be amazing.

We are so excited to perform there and obviously I'm looking forward to seeing my dad perform."

Ruby, who was signed to a record label at 13, said thy have a "few surprises" lined up for tonight's warm-up gig. The duo performed a warm-up gig last night at legendary music venue King Tuts.

Like many musicians, Ruby says she was hugely saddened by the Manchester terror attack.

She said: "We've been mourning this week but we've been given this gift of music and we are just going to keep doing that and hopefully healing people.

"We are going to sing for all the people who were affected."


Rod in Rabat Morocco 20/05/2017

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Make the legendary English live Rock, Rod Stewart, on Saturday, the audience Souissi platform dancing to the rhythms of rock time Algayer beautiful, and at the conclusion of the sixteenth session of the festival Moizin- the rhythms of the world (12-20 May).

The tone of the unique voice, Rod Stewart opened the concert with "Haiving Obarta" before continuing the concert's most beautiful songs to perform the most famous such as "fasted Guy Halff first with Luck," and "Forever Young" and "Reetm Of May Hurt" Amid the delight of the fans rock who came heavily, accompanied by their children to Asnhoudar beautiful time.

Accompanied by his collection, kept Rod Stewart, one of the artists who influenced the history of music by more than two million tablet sold, on the technical sense of fun audience Sahrah Stiqy tattooed in memory.

He concluded the star transit musical style for all races folk music, rock and pop through Balsol and folk and blues, the famous "ceiling" Bogneth performed before attending the summit Anchaihm sought to record this charming Alljzat in mobile phones memory.

Rod Stewart is one of the few artists who managed to maintain their place at the summit in five decades. He was honored twice by the Rod and Roll of Fame and won numerous awards, including the Grammy Oward Award ASCAP Founders total creations.

He continues, Rod Stewart, who celebrated in the recent period for fifty years of technical course, add new chapters to the unique diligence. Continued thanks to his album solo twenty-ninth "Onadr Country" legendary Altjaj achieved by the album "Time" which was released in 2013.

And contributed to the success of "Onadr Country" is this voice, a voice pushing King James Soul Araun, to launch the title of "largest Mgta Seoul White" on Rod Stewart.

The delegation was listening to this voice is amazing and the crossing and multiple surprise, in various parts of the world, from its beginnings with Jeff Beck Band, to his days with Glorios Weiss singles and he quit, and also through the five parts of the "Great American Songbok", and the series of successful recordings of the history of pop music. Rod Stewart is also other years of beautiful tender.

The Mawazine Festival Rhythms of the World, which is the latest in 2001, a date is not inevitable for fans and music lovers in Morocco. Through more than two million attendees for each session of the recent sessions, it is the second largest cultural events in the world. It is proposed that the balance of which is regulated throughout the nine days of the month of May of each year, rich programming combines the largest global stars and Arabic music, and makes the cities of Rabat and Salé, the the scene of forums distinct between the audience and a variety of prominent artist

Mawazine: Rod Stewart walks in the medina of Rabat

MAWAZINE - Rock 'n' Roll superstar Rod Stewart took advantage of his free time this Saturday morning, a few hours before tonight's concert, to go to rue des Consuls in Rabat. The time for him to visit the historic artery of Rabat and the small shops that animate it.

A morning walk that obviously did not go unnoticed. The merchants were delighted to welcome the British star. The latter was able to visit a dozen small shops.
Yesterday already, the singer ennobled last year by Queen Elizabeth II had been able to discover and fall under the spell of the colorful alleyways of the capital, sharing his blow of heart on his account Instagram:
Those who have been waiting for it since the beginning of the festival can rejoice. Rod Stewart will be on Saturday evening, from 20:45, on the stage of OLM Souissi for the closing concert of the 16th edition of the Mawazine festival.

Rod and Penny pop into The Three Colts pub in Essex

Rod pops into the Woodend Bar Aberdeen !2/5/2017

Rod poped into the Woodend Bar just before the Celtic v Aberdeen football game on Friday 12th May. He signed a huge bottle of whisky which will be auctioned for the bars next charity event.


With thanks to the staff for allowing the RSFC to post this news and photographs.

Rod at Celtic v Aberdeen match 12th May 2017

Rod to perform at Mawazine festival

The festival’s music scene will be Rock’n Roll on Saturday May 20th with the rock icon Rod Stewart

Published on : 04/04/2017

The living british legend Rod Stewart have been confirmed as the saturday night headline for mawazine. The festival goes all out with the unexpected presence of Rod Stewart who will be closing the festival.


Rock n roll lovers, brace yourselves, you will not be disappointed !

Rabat, on 20th March 2017 : Rod Stewart is one of the best selling artists in the history of recorded music, with over 200 million records sold worldwide. His signature voice, style and haircut have transcended all genres of popular music, from rock & roll, new wave and even tackling the Great American Song Book; making him one of the few stars to enjoy continued success over five decades. He has garnered two inductions into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame and won countless awards including a Grammy and the ASCAP Founders Award for songwriting.

Having recently passed his fiftieth anniversary as a recording artist, he continues to add new chapters to an incomparable career. With his twenty ninth solo studio album, Another Country, Stewart picks up where his last album. 2013’s globally acclaimed Time, left off.

Holding the album « Another country » together is that voice—a voice that led the Godfather of Soul, James Brown, to call Stewart “the best white soul singer,” a voice about which Elton John once said, “Bar none, Rod’s the best singer I’ve heard in rock ‘n’ roll.” That distinctively raspy, impressively expressive, and surprisingly versatile voice, has been heard around the world; from his early days with the Jeff Beck group, through the glory years bouncing between the glorious Faces and a triumphant solo career, right up to the five volumes of the Great American Songbook, the official best-selling series of new recordings in pop history. Rod Stewart is sure to enjoy many more years of success in the studio and on the stage alike.

To purchase tickets go here

Rod Stewart treats his wife to a budget sarnie at Subway

Daily Star 10/05/2017

CHEAPSKATE millionaire Sir Rod Stewart treats his model wife Penny Lancaster to Sunday lunch – at budget sarnie shop Subway.

The music legend looked miserable as he splashed out on two sandwiches for him and leggy beauty Penny.

Onlookers said he didn’t even stretch to a footlong sub, instead opting for two six-inch subs.

Depending on their fillings, Subway’s sixinch sandwiches cost between a measly £2.60 or a wallet-busting £4.70.

Spiky-haired Sir Rod, 72, also appears not to act the gent in our exclusive snaps – instead grabbing the first seat he can find and making Pen, 46, fetch her own chair.

The onlooker said: “It was quite amusing seeing this loaded rock star come into Subway with this beautiful woman and buy her lunch for under £5.

“He seemed very distant and they didn’t say much while they were in the shop.”

The rocker and Loose Women star Penny tucked into their unromantic lunches inside the takeaway restaurant near their home in Harlow, Essex.

It is unlikely Rod wooed Penny, or his string of model ex-wives and girlfriends, with bargain basement food when they started dating.

  Rod Stewart recalls '60s Redcar gig with legendary Blues singer as he chats to the Echo ahead of Durham concert

The Northern Echo 3/05/2017

Cricket may not be his game, but one of the planet's most successful singers is heading to the home of the sport in the region for what he promises will be a spectacular summer concert. Andrew White speaks to Sir Rod Stewart 

ASK Rod Stewart what he knows about cricket and he's on a sticky wicket.

You see Rod doesn't do cricket. "I'm a one-sport man," he tells me. "There's football and that's it."

One of the best-selling artists in music history, Rod – more correctly Sir Rod following his knighthood last year for services to music and charity – is speaking to me from his home in Beverly Hills, Los Angeles.

The subject of 'the gentleman's game' arises because the raspy-voiced rocker is heading to the Emirates Riverside, home of Durham County Cricket Club, next month (Friday, June 9) to perform his arena show 'From Gasoline Alley to Another Country'.

Given his self-confessed obsession with football, you may be forgiven for thinking he would be more at home in the venue for the only other UK mainland concert he will be performing this year – Greenhous Meadow, the home of Shrewsbury Town Football Club.

But not a bit of it.

"I'm very much looking forward to it," he says. "Durham is a place I've never played before as far as I know, so it'll be entirely new for me."

Rod says the Durham show will be a mixture of old and new songs and uses words like "exciting", "wonderful", and – of course – "sexy" to describe what people can expect.

He will be drawing on five decades of experience in the music business, which has seen him sell more than 200 million records worldwide and spawned massive hits like Maggie May, Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Baby Janes and The First Cut is the Deepest – as well as more recent success with his acclaimed series of American standards.

And he is keen not to disappoint his adoring fans.

"I'm sure there'll be people there who have seen the show before," he says. "Mostly people want to hear the songs that have made me famous over the last 35 to 40 years. It's a very very happy show."

He may never played in Durham before, but Rod is a veteran of concerts in the region, going back to his association with legendary Blues singer Long John Baldry in the 1960s.

And he is proud of himself when he remembers one date from his early years.

"Is Redcar in your patch?" he asks. "I played in the late 60s at the Redcar jazz festival, it was with Long John.

"I do recall it was a baking hot day – and I hope it'll be the same at Durham.

"But you can't compare the business that I'm in today to what it was," he says. "Every part of the business – the recording, the travelling – it's all different. In those days you would play for maybe 25 minutes, now you've got to play for two hours, people demand it."

After so long at the top, Rod shows no signs of slowing down. Now 72, he still travels all over the world and has a summer residence at Caesars Palace, in Las Vegas, to look forward to for the second successive year.

"Hopefully I'm doing something right," he says. "I really do enjoy it and I'm hoping to keep on doing it and doing it for as long as I can. Some guys really don't like touring, but I love it. The only downside is being away from one's family.

"I hate to ever call call it a job, but I suppose it is a job and it's a very privileged job."

As the interview winds down, the subject – almost inevitably – returns to Rod's other great love.

"There's not a day in my life when I haven't talked or watched or read about football," he says. "It's a huge thing in my life."

Rod keeps a keen eye on his beloved Glasgow Celtic – still regularly attending matches – he knows that County Durham is traditional Sunderland supporting territory, admires star striker Jermain Defoe and has heard of his and the club's efforts to support cancer sufferer Bradley Lowery.

He is well aware of club's present plight, relegation to the Championship and the struggles facing manager David Moyes.

"I feel sorry for Moyes," he says. "I've met him a couple of times, he's a hell of a guy.

"But the North-East has great football supporters - like Glasgow. They understand the nuances of the game and I have a lot of respect for them.

"And as I say in my book [his autobiography, titled Rod], there's two things you can't change – your mother and the football team you support. For Sunderland, there'll be better days."

It's a typically optimistic outlook for a man whose enthusiasm is undimmed and he signs off our conversation with a cheery goodbye and a word of advice for a hardworking journalist: "You go down the pub – and I'll jump in the pool."


Tickets to see Rod Stewart at Durham County Cricket Club on Friday, June 9 are on sale now from




for details.





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