Rod Stewart leads epic You'll Never Walk alone before Celtic host Man City

Rod Stewart won't let wife Penny cook his dinner

Sir Rod Stewart won't let his wife Penny Lancaster-Stewart cook him dinner because he likes to have a "restaurant" quality meal in the evenings.

The 45-year-old model is allowed to dish up the rocker's breakfast and lunch but he draws the line at dinner because he likes to have a three-course banquet of fine food and Penny's cooking can't satisfy his appetite.

Speaking on UK TV show 'Loose Women' on Tuesday (09.27.16), she revealed: "When it comes to dinner time, he likes to have a three-course meal. When he's on tour, it finishes very late so he eats before the show and eats very little after because it's extremely late. But when he's not working, which isn't very often, he likes to do a proper, proper dinner.

"I do breakfast and lunches and someone else does dinner because I'm not good enough for the restaurant standards."

Although Rod isn't satisfied by Penny's range of meals their sons Alistair, 10, and Aiden, five, love their mother's cooking especially her homemade spaghetti bolognese.

She said: "That's my sons' favorite [spaghetti bolognese] I had it as a kid and now they love it."

Rod, 71, may not be a fan of his wife's cooking but that didn't stop him renewing his vows with her in Essex, East England, last month after they moved house.

Penny said: "I wanted the priest to bless the house because I felt there was a lot of history and old spirits there: we wanted to say thank you to the old and welcome in the new.

"So we walked into the garden, under the largest oak tree there, and we said our vows again, just Rod, myself and the priest. It was beautiful."

The couple also plan to renew their vows again next year, when they celebrate their tenth wedding anniversary.

Rod Stewart spotted cheering on his wife Penny Lancaster at the Hever Triathlon

Legendary rocker Rod Stewart is well-known for 1975 hit Sailing.

But it was for a different water sport he came to West Kent on Saturday.

The singer, who is set to be knighted next month, was spotted by the lake at Hever Castle cheering on wife Penny Lancaster who was taking part in her first triathlon.


Mum-of-two Penny, 45, who was swimming in Hever lake as part of a team with two old school friends said: "My son and niece inspired me when they took part last year.

"I promised I would do my first this year and have roped in my dear school friends to make a relay. I've loved the experience and so pleased to do it to raise money for the incredible work carried out by the children's hospice; Demelza."


Looking tanned, following a break in Italy's exclusive Portofino resort, Rod appeared to try to blend into the crowd behind a pair of designer sunglasses.

But when he whipped off the shades to get a clearer look as Penny swam passed,


Raw Deal: Fans at Rod Stewart concert moved from front row seats to not being able to see the stage


Written by  , 25/09/2016


IF you were a big Rod Stewart fan and had paid for the best seats in the house at his concert, you’d expect to be able to see the great man when he was on stage.

Emma Dalton, of Canonbie in Dumfriesshire, and her boyfriend Chris Grant paid £190 for front row seats to see Rod at Carlisle United FC’s stadium on June 21.

However, when they arrived at Brunton Park they were told their seats had to be reallocated as they were too close to the show-closing fireworks display.

After a lot of standing waiting with other people who had should have been in the front row, they were shown to alternative seats. To say the view was restricted is an understatement.

They were at the side, behind the speakers stack. They couldn’t even see the stage!

After much complaining to stewards they were moved to seats further back in the arena, although this was half an hour into Rod’s set.

It was even difficult to see from the new seats as everyone was standing up.

Emma and Chris reckoned they’d had a raw deal. They complained via email and Facebook message to event organisers Cuffe And Taylor, based in Preston.

But Cuffe And Taylor proved difficult to deal with. It didn’t answer emails or messages.

Raw Deal wrote and emailed, but it wouldn’t speak to us either. First it said it had no record of a complaint from a Claire Dalton (we quickly pointed out that Emma’s name is Emma), then said it would only deal with Emma directly.

But Emma had already contacted it. To date, Emma has had no refund and no apology.

She and Chris are going to Rod’s concert at The Hydro on December 16. They hope to be able to see him this time.

Do ya think I'm stretchy? Rod Stewart limbers up in sun-kissed Italy with wife Penny Lancaster

The rocker, 71, threw his arms out on a break in Portofino, Italy – the celebrity haunt where he and Penny Lancaster wed back in 2007

Now either Rod Stewart is telling us about that really big fish he caught or he’s simply having a good old stretch.

The rocker, 71, threw his arms out on a sunshine break in Portofino, Italy – the exclusive celebrity haunt where he and Penny Lancaster wed back in 2007.

But then he cheekily stuck his out tongue out as if to say I Don’t Want To Talk About It.

On another jaunt, 45-year-old Penny displayed her famous Hot Legs. Some Guys have All the Luck!

Meanwhile, Rod looked fancy in yellow trousers and coloured shirt. Not everyone can carry off that look but he clearly wears it well.

He seemed a tad weary later and took a seat while mum-of-two Penny nipped into a fashion shop. Maybe she wanted some Gladrags too.


Rod Stewart is worth £160 million but still buys supermarket specs, reveals wife

THE Do You Think I'm Sexy star said she is worried for her husband's eyesight after he refuses to buy a proper pair of reading glasses.

ROD Stewart’s wife Penny has no doubt about his sex appeal at 71 … but his specs appeal is giving her cause for concern.

Devoted fans would argue that the veteran star looks a sight for sore eyes with his glasses on.

However, Penny reckons he’ll be the one with sore eyes because with a £160million fortune behind him, Rod insists on buying cheapo ready-to-wear specs at the supermarket.

And she says it’s all down to the star being self-conscious about his age

Rod, famous for hits including Do Ya Think I’m Sexy, needs glasses around all the time in case he gets inspiration to pen new songs, But he refuses to hang them round his neck.

Former model Penny, 45, said: “He says, ‘That’s what old men do.’ So instead he has at least four sets of spectacles around the house and car, so he can find a pair if he suddenly needs to write a song.

“Unfortunately, he’s happy to make do with cheap glasses from supermarkets, which can actually harm your eyes.”

Penny, who was speaking to publicise an eye health partnership between the Royal National Institute for the Blind and Specsavers, said while his eyesight has failed a bit, Rod is otherwise in excellent shape.

She said: “He’s not running out of energy any time soon and to safeguard his health he has a full MOT four times a year. The deaths of David Bowie at 69 and Prince at 57 gave him pause for thought.”

Penny Lancaster on life with Rod, male nannies - and why she's a proud Tiger Mother

Penny Lancaster, now Lady Stewart thanks to her husband’s elevation to Sir Rod Stewart earlier this year, is sharing the secret of happy family life with me.

And (whisper it) a lot of it’s down to the new man in her life. A third person has entered their rock’n’roll marriage and she doesn’t know how she ever coped without him.

“Greg is our manny, our male nanny, and he’s perfect for my boys,” beams Lancaster, 45. Said boys are her rambunctious sons Alistair, aged ten, and five-year-old Aiden. 

“He’s an ex-PE teacher, full of energy and at the age of 29 has the stamina to exhaust Alistair in particular; before I had my two sons I had no idea that boys were always - and I do mean always - on the go.” 

Lancaster met her husband back in 1999 when she took photographs on him on tour. The couple married in 2007, between the birth of their two boys.

Sir Rod, who has six other children from his previous relationships, is 71, although she is rather sweetly prone to referring to him as her “boy” as well.

But back to Greg, who does indeed sound like something of a godsend. He plays sport with hearty enthusiasm, he cooks, as real men do, and ensures that the lads help with washing up too.

“The boys have me and their grandmother - my mum, Sally, who has a room in our house - as well as Rod’s 88-year-old Auntie Mary, who comes most days,” says Lancaster. “I felt the last thing they needed was another woman telling them what to do, which is why we have a dude.”

Not just a dude either - but a gentleman who impresses on his charges that however old-fashioned it might sound, chivalry is a crucial component of any modern man’s skillset.

“Manners are really very important to me,” says Lancaster. “The boys see their dad standing up if I leave the table, paying me compliments, asking about my day and treating me nicely. They understand women are not only equals but should be respected; and if they ever want to a date a girl they should first charm her mother with politeness and offers to help. It’s a shoo-in after that.”

Then she adds, dryly: “Rod’s always opening doors for me, but I usually tell him to walk through first. Otherwise, if we’re at a restaurant and I’m in front, the paparazzi end up getting a big giant close-up of me and then he’s trailing behind looking like my little child!”

We both hoot with laughter; Lancaster, as well as being leggy (6’1 in flats) and lovely with a great mane of tawny blonde hair and the complexion of a teenager, is both frank and very funny.

She and Sir Rod recently moved their main base from the US back to the UK so their sons could be educated here, and are day pupils at a boarding school.

By all accounts the model-turned-lothario-tamer-turned Loose Women panelist runs a pretty tight ship at their sprawling house in Essex, which they (she) spent the past two years renovating.

“Dealing first with all the big things and then all the minutiae was so exhausting that I lost my normal ability to stay afloat, bob along and keep everyone’s spirits up,” she says. “I was so strung out that I assumed I had entered the menopause and went to the doctor for blood tests. It transpired I wasn’t – it was just the stress of moving house.”

Now installed, Lancaster prides herself on her hypervigilant Tiger Mothering; there’s the no-sugar organic food regime, the sensible-verging-on-draconian social media restrictions, the household chores that even heirs to a musical fortune must carry out.

Mercifully she retains a keen sense of humour about her hands-on approach to pretty much everything.

“When Alistair uses a loo in public, I literally stand at the door and shriek 'Mummy’s just outside!’ by way of a warning to anyone who might be waiting inside a cubicle to prey on little boys,” she says, unapologetically.

He used to be embarrassed, but now he accepts that It’s Just What Mummy Does.”

Today, Mummy is publicising an eye health partnership between the Royal National Institute for the Blind and Specsavers. She is joint vice chairman of the RNIB and Sir Rod has performed for the charity to raise funds.

Lancaster is not just a campaign figurehead; she’s done her research: she tells me 14 million people in the UK are not getting their eyes tested, sight-related conditions costing the UK economy £28 billion a year, half of which are preventable or treatable through early diagnosis during eye tests.

“What’s the point of us living longer if we can’t see? Good eyesight means a better quality of life and too many people just take it for granted because they are too busy,” she cries. 

“Rod wears glasses now but he won’t hang them round his neck because he says 'that’s what old men do’, so instead he has at least four sets of spectacles sitting in various places around the house and car so he can find a pair if he suddenly needs to write a song,” she smiles.

“Unfortunately he’s happy to make do with the cheap reading glasses you can buy in supermarkets, which can actually harm your eyes; 40 per cent of people with eye trouble are causing damage by wearing the wrong prescriptions.

“It’s getting to the point where I will have to permanently carry a pair of his prescription glasses in my handbag at all times.

Her remarks do little to dispel her husband’s reputation as a thrifty man, so careful with his £100 million that he shops in Zara and once reportedly made a 10-mile round trip back to an LA restaurant after being charged for a bottle of mineral water he hadn’t ordered.

But judging from the diamonds encircling her wrists and the enormous rock on her finger, Lancaster is the beneficiary of whatever money he does spend.

The couple travel a lot and still have homes in the US and France; Sir Rod has no intention of retiring, she says.

“Whenever Rod has four of five days off, he’ll be bouncing off the walls with boredom,” says Lancaster. “He’s not running out of energy any time soon and to safeguard his health he has a full MOT four times a year.”

The recent deaths of David Bowie at 69 and Prince at 57 gave him pause for thought, she says. 

“Rod’s always been a keen sportsman so he didn’t live as excessive a life as some musicians.”

It’s well documented that Lancaster went through three gruelling rounds of IVF to conceive her second child.

After two stressful years of treatment, they decided not to try for a third baby, but Lancaster doesn’t feel she’s missing out by not having a daughter.

“I get my 'fix’ because Rod has three girls Kimberly, Ruby and Renee,” says Lancaster. “And there’s also my dad, who is 72, who has two young daughters aged four and one - proving you don’t need to be a rock star to be a father late in life.”

Because most of Rod’s work is in the US, they can both be away for days at a time, knowing that grandma and Greg are holding the proverbial fort. 

“If come back and it’s late in the evening, I’ll go in to kiss Alastair goodnight and if he’s awake he’ll sleepily say 'Hello Mummy, you look nice. Did you have a good time?’,” grins Lancaster. “And then I feel a surge of pride that I’m doing something right. I love my three boys.”

She means, of course her four boys. After all, any modern mother of sons would be bereft without her manny.

Rod Stewart to be knighted by Queen Elizabeth. 11/10/2016

Penny Lancaster has revealed that Queen Elizabeth II will be bestowing Rod Stewart's knighthood upon him.

The 71-year-old singer's honor will be made official at Buckingham Palace in London on October 11 and the British monarch will be personally bestowing him with the title.

And the couple will be joined by their sons Alistair, 10, and Aiden, five, so they can see their dad become a knight at the royal residence.

During an appearance as a panelist on 'Loose Women' on Wednesday (09.13.16), she shared: "It's going to be so lovely and we can't wait for the big day and we're going to take our two little boys with us ... It's on the 11th of October and I believe it's going to be with Her Majesty. Prince Charles gave Rod his CBE, which is wonderful and he's our favorite.

Penny, 45, also revealed what Rod's official title will be when his knighthood is confirmed.

She said: "He is now Sir Roderick David Stewart CBE. Something less formal would be Sir Rod and Lady Stewart but we're just Rod and Penny."

The couple had to keep the news secret for three weeks and they used that time to plan parties to celebrate without telling any of the guests what the bashes were really for.

She said: "It happened around the time when we were celebrating our wedding anniversary so we fooled everybody, when everybody turned up and they were like, 'Oh, now we know!' We had one party in London and another in Los Angeles."

Rock royalty Sir Rod Stewart calls talkSPORT after Celtic's 'tonking' in Barcelona: 'Back in Glasgow anything can happen!'

'Rod's the best man I know for getting health checks'

Rod's one of the few men I know in my life that's excellent about getting regular doctors' checks and regular eye exams

– Penny Lancaster

British model and photographer Penny Lancaster - now know as Lady Stewart! - joined Piers and Susanna on the GMB sofa today to talk about the RNIB campaign to get more children to have their eyes tested, and to encourage adults to have regular checks which can spot potentially life-threatening conditions.

She also talks about her rockstar husband Rod Stewart's knighthood and appearing as a panelist on Loose Women.

Penny has been a long term supporter of raising eye health awareness as part of her role as vice president of the RNIB - and off the back of our Eye Can See campaign she is keen to reiterate the importance of eye screening.

Rod Stewart arrives ahead of the Ladbrokes Scottish Premier league match between Celtic and Rangers at Celtic Park Stadium on September 10, 2016 in Glasgow, Scotland

Rod Stewart helps launch eye health awareness campaign at House of Lords

SIGHT loss is costing the UK economy £28 billion annually, a report from the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) and Specsavers has revealed.

The State of the Nation: Eye Health 2016 report – which will be unveiled at the House of Lords on Wednesday– found the figure, which has soared from £22 billion when last calculated in 2008, could be significantly reduced by better public take-up of routine eye tests, and by earlier diagnosis and treatment of eye conditions.

Written by RNIB, supported by Specsavers and supplemented by an independent YouGov poll of more than 10,000 UK adults, the State of the Nation: Eye Health 2016 report is the most significant and comprehensive insight into the health of the nation’s eyes in recent years.

It supports a £3 million multi-media public health awareness campaign by RNIB and Specsavers to transform eye health and reduce preventable sight loss in the UK.

More than six million people in the UK live with sight-threatening conditions or uncorrected refractive error. Some may not yet be experiencing any symptoms and may have no idea that anything is wrong.

Of these, more than two million people are living with sight loss that has a significant impact on their daily lives. This figure is set to increase to more than 2.7 million by 2030, driven by an increase in the UK’s ageing demographic. Although nearly half of all cases of sight loss in the UK could have been prevented, 14 million people in Britain[iii] are not having an eye test as recommended at least every two years.

RNIB acting CEO Sally Harvey said: "An ageing population, rapidly growing demand for eye health and care services, and capacity problems in some clinics at a time of growing budget deficits, means that we are facing an extremely challenging time for eye health in the UK.

"Improving the nation’s eye health is an enormous challenge but we must rise to it and take action now to stop people needlessly losing their sight. ‘Regular eye tests and early detection on the high street, followed by timely intervention and management of eye health conditions, could help to save sight as well as saving the public purse millions of pounds each year."

Specsavers founder Doug Perkins, an optometrist of more than 50 years, sais: "It’s astonishing that so many people are needlessly living with or at risk of sight loss in the UK today. Nearly half of all sight loss cases are preventable – and a simple eye test can be the first step in prevention.

"Our mission with RNIB is to transform the nation’s eye health through education, awareness and action; we want to reverse these worrying eye health trends that are putting unnecessary pressure on the health service.

"That’s why we have invested £3 million to educate people about the importance of looking after their eye health. Prevention is critical. We don’t care where people have an eye test, we just care that they do."

RNIB and SpecsaversTransforming Eye Health awareness campaign, was launched at the House of Lords event, hosted by Lord Low of Dalston, CBE, Co-chair of the All-Party Parliamentary Group on Eye Health and Visual Impairment.

It was attended by leading figures from the optical, healthcare and charitable professions, including RNIB President Dame Gail Ronson DBE, RNIB Vice-President, and campaign ambassador Lady Penny Lancaster-Stewart, as well as Specsavers co-founders Doug and Dame Mary Perkins.



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