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Rod Stewart enjoys father-son bonding time with Sean during shopping spree in Beverly Hills... while daughter Kimberley hits a juice bar

Daily Mail  27/09/2013

He is famed for being one of the best-selling music artists of all time.

But on Thursday, rock legend Rod Stewart enjoyed spending some quality bonding time with his son Sean during a shopping trip in Beverley Hills.

Driving around with his brand new white Ferrari, the 69-year-old star appeared to be in great spirits as he kicked back under the balmy sun with his eldest son.

The Londoner – who is married to supermodel Penny Lancaster - kept things casual with a pair of denim jeans and a sky blue shirt, which he teamed with dark grey trainers and a thin tanned belt.

Rod completed the ensemble with a set of trendy Wayfarers, while Sean kicked back in cobalt square summer shorts and a contrasting checkered shirt.

The 34-year-old – who is also known for starring in reality TV show Sons Of Hollywood in 2007 – pulled his long golden locks back into a high bun.

Elsewhere, Kimberley caught the eye in a stylish black blazer and fancy footwear as she left a juice bar in the same area.

The 35-year-old socialite teamed her gold embellished boots with a pair of skintight pants, while she kept her vision shaded with a classy set of sunglasses.

She wore her luscious blonde tresses into a high ponytail, while keeping her facial features natural with minimal makeup.

Rod Stewart shrugs off lawsuit

Daily Mail 26/09/2014

Rod Stewart has shrugged off the complaints of a fan whose nose was broken by a soccer ball the singer booted into the audience at a Las Vegas concert.

When TMZ questioned Stewart about the alleged injury, the singer - who is a long-time soccer fan and plays regularly - responded coolly: 'It's a contact sport.'

A 53-year-old Southern California man who says he has lingering injuries after his nose was broken by the ball has filed a lawsuit seeking unspecified damages of at least $10,000

Mostafa Kashe's civil negligence complaint alleges that he didn't expect to be hit in the face by a ball kicked by the raspy-voiced British singer from the stage during a show at the Caesars Palace resort in October 2012.

The complaint dwells mainly on Stewart's footballing skills. 'Stewart has significant experience in the sport of soccer and experience in kicking soccer balls, having previously tried out for a professional soccer team in the UK and regularly playing in amateur soccer leagues since his youth,' it states. 

Stewart either knew or should have known that his actions could cause injury to unsuspecting patrons of his concerts.

The singer is known to be passionate about the sport, and even has a professional-standard pitch in the garden of his Essex home, where he plays regularly. 

Stewart, 69, also has his own seat in the directors’ box of Celtic FC, where he famously Rod Stewart wept tears of joy after his team beat Barcelona in 2012.

He even had trials with Brentford FC, then a Third Division club, after leaving school in the early 1960s,and was rumored to have been signed up as an apprentice.

Mr Kashe claims that the British rock star intentionally kick​ed the soccer ball into the audience with 'sufficient force so as to potentially injure patrons,' according to the lawsuit filed in Clark County Court​ in Nevada​.

His claim is apparently based on lost wages and legal and medical fees. 

The kicking of soccer balls into the audience, usually during the song Hot Legs, has long been a part of Stewart's shows.

'The show wouldn't be the show if I stopped kicking out those footballs,' he has said. The balls, which Stewart usually autographs, are often resold.

Representatives of Stewart, promoter AEG Live and Caesars Entertainment Corp, did not immediately comment on the lawsuit filed against them. Yesterday, Michael Roth, of AEG Live, said his firm had not yet been served with the complaint.

Kashe, an electrical engineer from Diamond Bar, California, is seeking the unspecified damages of at least $10,000 plus attorney fees.

His attorney, Larry Weinsteen, said Kashe and his wife were big Stewart fans who traveled to Las Vegas primarily for the concert.

The lawyer said his client was treated by a hotel medic and filed an injury report with Caesars before being left with 'substantial' injuries including an impaired sense of smell.

He can't bear to watch! Rod Stewart touches down in Los Angeles with wife Penny ahead of Scottish independence referendum

He is the English born star who is proud to be a Scot.

And it seems Rod Stewart could not bear to stay in the UK for the crunch Scottish Referendum as he jetted into Los Angeles on Tuesday.

The 69-year-old beefcake was looking nervous as he headed through the bustling arrival terminal with his much younger wife Penny.

He was looking great for his age in a trendy ensemble of purple shirt, which was open at the top to show off his tasteful medallion,red jeans and brown shoes.

His 43-year-old wife meanwhile wore a less stylish outfit of white T-shirt, ripped jeans and boots.

Passionate Jock Rod, who was born in London to a Scottish father, has stated he is supporting the Better Together campaign ahead of the big vote on Thursday, which is too close to call.

The Maggie May rocker said: 'I'd hate to see the union broken after all these years.'

However he did admit he is perhaps not the best person to comment on the matter.

He said: ' It's always been a spiritual home - but as I don't live there I shouldn't comment on independence. If it's good for the Scots I'm happy.'

Rod is a passionate supporter of both the Glasgow Celtic and Scotland football teams, and even trained with the latter under former manager Craig Brown.

The Tartan Army member even got to live out a personal dream back in when he sang Purple Heather with the The Scottish Euro '96 Squad, which was the country's official song for the tournament.

And earlier this year he fulfilled another fantasy by performing at the opening ceremony of the Glasgow Commonwealth Games.

Rod Stewart stars at Castle Howard wedding

Rod Stewart made a bride’s dreams come true by playing a surprise gig at her wedding at Castle Howard.

The music legend played songs from his long and illustrious career at the couple’s lavish ceremony on Saturday night.

It is understood around 200 guests attended the private wedding function at the stately home.

Rod, understood to be the bride’s favourite singer, was joined by his band for the gig with staff and guests all sworn to secrecy about his attendance.

Rod Stewart: The man, the legend

Rod Stewart has been a superstar for more than five decades and racked up 47 top ten hits. Rod sat down with reporter Mike Willesee for a very special, intimate and revealing interview.

Penny bans Rod and the boys from sugar 'because it's more addictive than cocaine': A revealing insight into life with the Stewarts

Daily Mail    13/09/2014

To many he will always be the archetypal rock star; the man who strutted his way to gravel-throated stardom with tight gold pants, a bouffant feather-cut and a seemingly endless trail of leggy blonde women in his wake.

Today he still enjoys the trappings of his phenomenal success: a garage full of Ferraris, and – in his £24 million Italianate mansion in Hollywood – works by Renaissance masters on the walls.

But if visitors to Rod’s place expect to find evidence of a life of cartoonish excess, they are in for a surprise, according to Penny Lancaster, the model and photographer who became – and has happily remained – his third wife.

For theirs is a house where junk food is restricted; where, for all their wealth, their eight-year-old son is not yet allowed to have a computer or a mobile phone, and is limited to just 30 minutes on the iPad each day; where the man who once partied all night now gets up at 6.45am to take his son to football practice. And where ‘evil’ sugar is virtually banned. 

Yes, Rod and Penny have houses on both sides of the Atlantic complete with staff ready to pander to their every whim. But she is on a personal quest to keep the excesses of fame at bay, mainly for her two sons, Alastair, aged eight, and three-year-old Aiden, a ‘miracle baby’ conceived using IVF.

It’s with this in mind that she and Rod are considering spending more time in England, keen that their boys should benefit from a more ‘normal’ upbringing and an English education.

Penny says: ‘Rod and I are quite traditional. We both had a great education in the UK and we’ve made sure our boys have kept their British accents. 

'They are very close to their grandparents and the good thing about spending more time in England is, when Rod and I want to go off for a romantic weekend or he’s got a show, then I can go off with him and feel safe. My mum’s there. My dad’s there. My brother works for us. So there’s a whole support system, whereas here in LA we don’t really have that.

At the moment Penny and Rod spend nine months in LA and three months in the UK. She says: ‘We would of course keep the LA house but the time spent in each place will shift due to school commitments.

‘In Beverly Hills everyone is very wealthy and they all have fast cars and two houses. I like the idea of keeping my kids grounded in the sense they are aware that their upbringing is special. In the UK, I have friends I’ve known for years. Alastair hangs with my friends’ children. He goes to their houses. He knows he is in a privileged position.’

The couple recently bought a Grade II listed mansion on the edge of Epping Forest in Essex.

They already own The Wood House in Epping, famed for its full-size football pitch and for having once belonged to Winston Churchill. Penny says they will sell it once she has finished overseeing work on the new family home.

She looks a decade younger than her 43 years, and is keen to stress she has never forgotten her Essex roots.

‘I’m still an Essex girl,’ she says with a smile and a distinctive, yet refined, Estuary twang. ‘Of course I know how lucky I am and how privileged my life is. It’s not normal like the lives of my girlfriends in England and my friends here. They have to go to the grocery store, they have to do the housekeeping. I’m privileged to have that stuff taken care of.

‘But I do still go to the supermarket because I like to stay connected to reality. I take the kids to school every morning, I cook for them even though we have a wonderful chef. It’s about keeping it real and staying grounded.’

Penny famously met Rod, who’s now 69, in 1998 after a friend dared her to ask for his autograph. He invited her to a concert the next night and, with the exception of a brief two-week split at the start of their relationship, they have been together ever since.

While Alastair was conceived easily – three months after the couple’s engagement – Penny went through IVF treatment to have Aiden. She recalls: ‘Alastair came along very easily but our little Aiden took a while longer. We had to do three attempts at IVF over a two-year period, twice here in LA and once in London, which is the one that worked.

‘I’m glad that’s in the past. You have to put it back there because its such an emotional, mental and physical stress. Mostly a mental stress. Aiden is our miracle baby.’

She pulls out her iPhone and proudly shows a video of Aiden – an adorable golden-haired child – doing a backflip into their pool: ‘He’s our crazy dude!’

Penny is passionate about instilling a sense of duty in her children, and uses charity work to teach values. ‘My mother raised my brother and me to give back,’ she says.

‘We used to swim and raise money for the British Heart Foundation. During the school holidays we could do our fun activities but there had to be at least one week when we went and volunteered with children who were disabled or had learning difficulties.

‘I learned to appreciate what I had and to give back and I want to instill that in my children

The couple own The Wood House in Epping, which was once lived in by Winston Churchill and has its very own full-size football pitch for personal use

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster's mansion in Los Angeles has eight bedrooms and 13 bathrooms in total 

She is a huge supporter of the Royal National Institute of Blind People. Rod regularly performs at gala events for the RNIB and the couple have helped raise millions for the cause.

She said: ‘Just over ten years ago, I was approached to take some photographs at one of their schools.

‘As a photographer you rely on your vision and it was a remarkable experience to meet those children and take their images. I remember one girl who said: “Before I came to the RNIB I couldn’t see and now I can.” ’

Alastair already supports a UK children’s charity called WellChild at Christmas and on birthdays.

She says: ‘He’ll open a card and there will be £10 or whatever and we’ll sit down and go to the charity website and discuss the needs of the children and he’ll happily donate. Alastair instinctively knows he is lucky and he enjoys giving back.

‘I try to teach him the value of money. Of course, when we’re in a shop I can’t say, “You can’t have that because we don’t have the money.” I do say, “That’s too expensive”.

‘I give him a budget, say $30. We go to the toy shop and pick something out and he might pick something for $60 and I say no. I could easily buy it for him but I want him to have boundaries.’

There are boundaries on gadgets too. ‘I’m strict with the iPad,’ Penny says. ‘He gets half an hour a day but only after he’s done his reading. And he doesn’t have his own phone or computer yet. It’s all about education and, as a parent, it’s a worrying time. There are people on the internet who say they are a 12-year-old boy but are not who they say they are. It’s a brave new world but like every mum all I can do is my best.’

The couple hope their healthy lifestyle will set an example for their children too. ‘When you have kids you owe it to your children if you are not already looking after yourself to start doing it,’ Penny says.

‘I would never consider myself skinny. I’m a well-built girl. I won’t starve myself. But I go to the gym three times a week, eat healthily and look after myself. We have a trainer but I would rather meet up with a girlfriend and go for a hike.’ 

The emphasis on healthy meals has set Penny on a crusade against sugar, and she wants to eliminate it from the family’s diet. ‘There are all these people who buy low-fat because they think it’s healthier but they just replace the fat with sugar.

‘It’s crazy. Sugar is more addictive than cocaine. It sets off the same receptors in the brain. It’s a killer.’ 

Do her children feel deprived by her ban on junk food?

‘I’ll go to a burger joint with them maybe once a month but I think if you start educating kids early and cook fresh food then they grow up with healthy food being the norm. You can make healthy versions of kids’ favourites. I’ll make chicken nuggets but use fresh breast of chicken, egg, flour and bread it.

‘During the day I don’t mind them having freshly squeezed fruit juice or water with a splash of cordial in it but at night time it’s water only.’

And Penny says her strict regime is working: ‘At Halloween, Alastair collects as much candy as all the other kids but only eats a few pieces, then leaves the majority outside his bedroom door at night. Then, like the Tooth Fairy, the “candy fairy” comes and replaces the sweets with money, for him to buy a gift for himself!’

Penny adds: ‘Even calling sweet things treats is a bit bizarre. How can something bad be a treat?

‘At school they’ve banned children bringing in sweet things for birthday treats because you have a birthday every day and the kids would just sit there eating sugar.’

She’s clearly furious about what she sees as the threat to youngsters’ health. ‘I get so angry that the food industry is targeting children.

‘There are cartoon characters on food packages. Sugar is like the tobacco industry 30 years ago. It’s highly addictive. So you get kids addicted to sugar and you get them set up for a bad future; a lifetime of addiction. They will be craving it so they won’t have a choice.

‘I had a serious talk with Alastair the other day. I said, “In my day there used to be smoking everywhere and now it’s been cut down.” He went, “Oh, I’ll never smoke, Mummy, because I want to be fit.” And I said, “Yes, but you don’t understand that sugar can be just as dangerous which is why I’m so strict.”’

It’s views like this that we can expect to hear when Penny starts her stint tomorrow on Loose Women, ITV’s hit daytime chat show, alongside TV veterans Judy Finnigan and Gloria Hunniford. The commitment adds another aspect to Rod and Penny’s busy lives, so how do they keep the spark between them alive?

‘Making time for each other is the key,’ Penny says. ‘Rod’s very busy and has just come off a tour. When we had children, we vowed we wouldn’t spend more than ten days apart. It’s so easy to get wrapped up in life and let time slip away and let a gap form between you. So you have to make time to reconnect.

‘The last tour was during the school holidays so we all went with him. But when we’ve done the family stuff, Rod and I need our time.

‘So every Tuesday he and I go and have breakfast together. We’ll drop Alastair off at school and Aiden will stay with the nanny and we’ll take an hour and go to some ordinary cafe and sit and reconnect. It’s nice to have that private moment.

‘Rod’s down to earth. I don’t think we would have connected if he’d not been. He’s all about family. He plays his soccer, we go down the pub.

‘There’s the glamorous stuff, of course, but he’s still a regular guy. And I’m still Penny from Essex. I’ve got the same friends I’ve had for years.

‘Yes, I’m living a dream life but my feet are firmly on the ground.’

To donate to the Royal National Institute of Blind People, go to


Mind the (height) gap! Penny Lancaster towers over husband Rod Stewart as they jet into Heathrow holding hands

Penny Lancaster was busy proving that size didn't matter to her when she lead husband Rod Stewart out of Heathrow airport on Thursday.

There was a visible height different between the two, with Rod walking in his elegant wife's shadow after they touched down from Los Angeles.

Penny and Rod still looked like they were made for each other, however, both wearing leather jackets and walking hand in hand through arrivals

The rocker, who's been married to 43-year-old Penny for seven years, wore a backpack as he was lead by the hand out of arrivals. 

Clearly in tune with his wife, the Forever Young singer even sported the same shade of hair to his blonde beauty, with just a few silver specs throughout. 

Rod, 69, completed his rocker image with a leather jacket and some Ray-Ban sunglasses, while his wife chose a lighter palette matching her leathers with camel-coloured ankle boots

Explaining their visible height discrepancy, Penny, a former British model, looked leggy in a pair of tight-fitting jeans.

The mum of two carried a gift bag in her hand, with a pink handbag high on her shoulder but the couple didn't carry any luggage.

Rod and Penny are reportedly due to move back to Britain in July, to allow their children Alastair, eight, and three-year-old Aiden to get a British education.

Rod Stewart unimpressed with 70th birthday party plans

Veteran crooner ROD STEWART is attempting to worm his way out of a 70th birthday party after his wife started planning a huge bash to mark the milestone in January

The Maggie May singer hits 70 on 10 January, 2015, and his partner Penny Lancaster is planning to bring all of his family and friends together for a star-studded bash in his honour.

However, Stewart is unimpressed with the party plans and is hoping to find a way to get out of it.

He says, "My wife is trying to organise a big 70th birthday party and I'm trying to get out of it. Birthdays don't mean anything to me. I don't think birthdays mean as much to guys as they do to women. Birthdays come and they go and they don't worry me at all."

Stewart also insists that turning 70 will not inspire him to retire, adding, "It's something that can't go on forever obviously, but I am booked all the way through 2015. I've got the energy, the voice is in good stead, the people are still coming out to see me which I very much appreciate. And I'm still enjoying it.

Rod Stewart Sued for Reusing Image of the Back of His Head



Celebrity photographer Bonnie Schiffman has filed a copyright lawsuit that claims Rod Stewart misused an image she took that adorned the singer's 1989 greatest hits album as the centerpiece of his comeback tour.

According to a complaint filed Thursday in California federal court, the exploitation of the "replicate image, an unmistakable copy" is impermissible without authorization.

The image was created in 1981, says the lawsuit, and it featured the back of Rod Stewart's head and shoulders. Stewart's "signature bouffant hair style" made it memorable and the choice for Stewart's Storyteller album, released by Warner Bros. Records. The photo was licensed non-exclusively back then. The complaint doesn't go into any detail about the terms.

The lawsuit states that Arnold Stiefel (Stewart's agent) contacted her in 2010 with interest in using the image for a billboard for a campaign titled "Rod's Back," an obvious double entendre. But he was allegedly only offering $1,500, which Schiffman rejected.

Now, she's upset upon seeing an image that looks like the one she took as the "centerpiece" of his new Las Vegas show. She also identifies photos on ancillary products that are said to have "misappropriated the most recognizable elements of the Schiffman Image, if not the exact image itself."

She's seeking injunctive relief and not less than $2.5 million in compensatory and punitive damages.

"One of Rod Stewart's greatest hits is called 'Every Picture Tells A Story,'  and certainly this one does," says William Hochberg, Schiffman's attorney at Hallam & Hochberg. "Bonnie Schiffman’s picture of Rod’s back announces his comeback better than any other.  That’s why they’re using it.  But turning their back on their obligation to license the picture before splashing it all over Caesars Palace and elsewhere is not a pretty story and its unlawful.”

Stewart's reps haven't yet responded to a request for comment.

Rod chats to Tanya and Steve on  KOFM

Rod Stewart to rock Perth in 2015

Rod Stewart will be 70 years old when he kicks off his Australian tour at Perth Arena on March 21.

However, the Young Turks and Maggie May singer, right, enjoying a career resurgence thanks to a bestselling autobiography and chart-topping album, told AAA he has no plans to hang up the microphone.

"Everything has to come to an end eventually but for the time being I'm going to enjoy it," he said from Palm Beach, Florida, recently.

"I've got the energy to do it. The voice is still great. I've got a tremendous band which has got seven women in it. I couldn't be happier."

Stewart, who last visited Perth two years ago, pointed to the fact that former band mates Jeff Beck and Ronnie Wood - he played with the Rolling Stones' guitarist in Faces and Jeff Beck Group - are on the road "still hammering it out".

"Really, I don't think it's up to us to retire," he added. "The great public of the world will ring that doomsday bell for us and we'll say 'Maybe it's time to pack it in'."

After a string of successful American Songbook albums, last year the mod-turned- crooner released Time, which became his first album of original material to top the UK charts since 1976's A Night on the Town. Time peaked at No. 6 on the Australian album charts.

Last month, Stewart performed at the opening ceremony of the Commonwealth Games at Celtic Park in Glasgow. Afterwards the soccer-mad rocker tweeted a photo of himself posing without trousers in the boardroom of Celtic Football Club, the team he supports.

Tickets to his Perth Arena concert go on sale on September 16, with a presale through promoters Frontier Touring starting on September 11.

Rod Stewart returns to New Zealand

Rod Stewart will be rocking into New Zealand in April next year.

Stewart, whose last New Zealand visit was in 2012, will be playing at Auckland's Vector Arena and his first ever concert in Dunedin at Forsyth Barr Stadium.

He will be performing his 2015 The Hits tour, with more than 40 years worth of back catalogue to draw from such as: Do Ya Think I'm Sexy, Rhythm of My Heart and Hot Legs.

What: Rod Stewart The Hits 2015 tour

When: Saturday 11 April, Forsyth Barr Stadium, Dunedin and Monday 13 April, Vector Arena, Auckland


Rock icon Rod Stewart announces another Australian tour

ROD Stewart will tour Australia next year — shortly after his 70th birthday.

Rod Stewart will take his Hits tour around the country next March and April.

He turns 70 in January, but has no imminent plans to retire.

“It’s something that can’t go on forever obviously, but I am booked all the way through 2015,” Stewart said.

“I’ve got the energy, the voice is in good stead, the people are still coming out to see me which I very much appreciate. And I’m still enjoying it.

The rock icon said wife Penny Lancaster is more excited about his milestone birthday than he is.

“My wife is trying to organise a big 70th birthday party and I’m trying to get out of it,” he said.

“Birthdays don’t mean anything to me. I don’t think birthdays mean as much to guys as they do to women. Birthdays come and they go and they don’t worry me at all.”

Stewart has spent much of the year touring the US with Carlos Santana, as well as headlining a Vegas residency.

He is working on the follow up to 2013’s Time, once again penning the bulk of the material after breaking a long period of writer’s block.

Stewart’s return to Hanging Rock will make him the first artist to play at the atmospheric Victorian venue on multiple tours.

His opening act will be James Reyne performing songs from his solo career as well as the hits of Australian Crawl.

Stewart plays Perth Arena on March 21, Rod Laver Arena March 24, Hanging Rock in Macedon on March 28, Adelaide Entertainment Centre March 29, Qantas Credit Union Arena in Sydney on April 1, Hunter Valley April 5 and Brisbane Entertainment Centre April 7.

Tickets go on sale September 16



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