Rod Stewart Gig at Southampton 10/06/2016

By Maureen Davison



Hi. I have been asked to write a review of the Southampton concert and I will say now that writing is not my forte but here goes. My first concert was Norwich. I left there with Sue Oates and Debbie Smith and drove home on the Sunday and then on the Monday Sue and I continued our road trip down to Plymouth. It took a long 4 hours to drive there but it was worth it. On our arrival we were met by Jan Morley with open arms. Always a pleasure to see her. On the Tuesday we partook in the land train trip which was superbly organised by Ellie Hudson and oh boy, what a ride. It was such fun and we were waved at by all and sundry on our way round Plymouth. Previously that day we had bumped into Chuck, Dave and Jimmy outside their hotel so going to see Rod that night just made our day complete. After the concert which was a good as we expected and Rod was in top form, we stayed in Plymouth for the next 3 days. On the Wednesday evening we took over The Bank pub where there was karaoke. We met Plymouths very own Rod Stewart aka Ian Mclellan who is now a member of pals and coincidently enough used to go to school with our very own, the lovely Fiona Rouse.


Anyway, it was such a fun night and we all ended up on the stage with rendition of Maggie May for the finale. lol.


So, on Thursday we got the ferry across to Cornwall where we had prosecco cream tea and a look round a little cornish village. Again, this was a treat and the weather was beautiful.


So, Friday arrives and we make our way to Southampton. The lovely Geoff Robinson was kind enough to ferry us to and from the park and ride and I have to say that the traffic was horrendous. Thank God for Geoff. Needless to say the Q’s for the loo were horrendous as well so Fay and I had to improvise.....I will leave that to your imagination. lol.


The Mexicans were on stage followed by the lovely Ruby and Aleeysha aka The Sisterhood.. Then about 8.30 ish the man himself came on the stage. His first announcement was that he had something to tell us and we weren’t going to like it. Oh, by the way, I forgot to say that we had already bumped into Rod’s sister Mary and his brother Don who were in very fine fettle. So, back to the announcement....we were all scratching our heads....another baby?? surely not. Retirement??....oh please God, NO!! What could it be. He promised to tell us at 10.25pm. The significance of this will be revealed soon. The show goes on. During one song Rod laid down on the stage and whispered in the camera mans ear. We wondered what on earth he was saying. Then suddenly Rod’s brother Bobby appeared on the big screens. All alone in the stands with no-one around him, laughing his little head off. That’s my brother, Rod announced. The whole arena erupted and everyone was laughing and waving to him. It was so funny.


Anyway, the show goes on and we were all on tenterhooks waiting for the announcement. We were all on the barrier and everything was great except for the pesky woman between me and Jean Allbury who was very drunk and kept jumping up and down all night.


So 10.25pm comes and announcement. Then at 10.30pm, just at the same time as the news was on TV, Rod announces that he had received a knighthood from Her Majesty. Can you imagine the roar. I’m sure you must have all heard it from wherever you where in the world. lol. We were all delighted and ecstatic to have been there when it was announced. What a reason to celebrate. The show finished and we rushed back to the pub to toast our very own SIR ROD STEWART. OMG!! what a night. Cardiff here I come! Thanks. xxx

Sir Rod Stewart in Plymouth  7/06/2015

By Lesley Clayton

After a long drive from Norwich directly down to Plymouth the day after Rods concert, myself, John, Brenda & Peter (who done all the driving) arrived at the hotel around 9pm on the Sunday evening. This was the first time any of us had visited Plymouth, so we spent the day exploring. Walked miles and miles round the Hoe in the brilliant sunshine. Tuesday was concert day and it had been arranged by Ellie that the landline train that goes around Plymouth would be hired just for Rod fans. Quite a few of us arrived at the Guildhall early to be greeted by the local TV news crew. After a few minutes Ellie arrived with some more fans who had been to the pre meet pub. Photos were taken, then Ellie, Myself & Sue were interviewed for that nights evening news. About 25 of us all boarded the train, armed with RSFC flags, scarves etc, which incidentally was green and white striped, Singing Rod songs as we went around the town. The reception we got from the public either shoppers or folk just walking by was tremendous, taking photos of us or just waving. This really put us in the mood for the concert later. Arriving at the grounds we found long queue's to get through the turnstiles. Once through found our seats 3rd row from the front. Quite a lot of the fanclub were around us. The Mexican band were already playing. It was then time for Sisterhood , at least Penny announced them correctly this time as her step daughter. Rod came on in a real good mood and soon the crowd was going wild with the usual song list ...Security was a real jobs worth, not letting anyone apart from front row on the barrier. I had an aisle seat, and they wouldn't even let you stand away from the seat. Penny kept up and down the front taking photos. I thought this concert was better than Norwich a real good atmosphere. We did bumped into some of the band on the Hoe had a nice chat with them and asked if they could drop a whisper into Rods ear that we wanted Rumble & Tumble. Well it must have worked cos he sung it at Southampton.

A short but sweet review from Hull 14/06/2015

By Susanne Carole Baker

So today the tour moves to Hull and I am going with hubby( not a Rod fan by the way but loves coming to RSFC events } . We have an uneventful train journey on a line we havent been on before and arrive on time. After checking into hotel and changing our clothing we set off for the pre meet at Pearsons . 

I had been asked by Ian Roberts to be the point of contact at the pub so was pleased to arrive first and introduce myself to manageress Rosie we ordered lunch. People slowly started arriving and DJ appeared and put Rod on, but his choice of song wasnt the greatest as he put on Snorebook . Needless to say I had a few words with him LOL. It wasnt long before pub was full and dancing and singing and general merriment began. 

At 6.30 we started to head to stadium, good job really as it was a long walk and found seats and waited for Sisterhood to come on stage. This was my second time of hearing them and you can tell they are growing in confidence as tour progress. 


It wasnt long before Sir Rod appears and you can tell he is in a good mood as he booms out the hits. Only change to the set list was inclusion of Every Beat of my Heart and dropping of Please. 

His performance of Rather Go Blind was amazing, he put so much passion into it , he even said before he started it that he needed so much concenctraion to do it . All to soon its encore time and a fantastic firework display. 

Having followed Sir Rod for over 40 years I am still in awe about how much he gives to these shows and I cant wait to go to Carlisle next week.

Rod Stewart Berlin May 31st.

A review / story by David Featherstone

Ever since the wall came down, Berlin had been on my bucket list and when I received an email saying Rod was 'doing' the German capital, it was a no-brainer. Booked three full days and with a big help from a certain Ruth Hannuschka, secured a front row seat for the concert. After a full day of sightseeing plus mingling with Iron Maiden fans in The Hard Rock cafe, it was time to head for The Mercedes Benz Arena. Met up with Janet Elizabeth and Sonja Schenk at their hotel and walked the short distance to the venue but first, a little pre-meet over the road at The Holiday Inn. Our German friends Ruth, Marion Wegnr and Simone Fischer were staying here. It was good to see Ruth once again. Also there, was Gillian Gallagher who had flown in from Glasgow that morning and was flying back on an early flight the following morning. Amazes me to witness what lengths some people go to see Rod! It was nice to walk all the way down the aisle to the front of the stage, knowing this time, I wouldn't get pulled back by security. Having said that, where was security? Very lax that night. Holger Slomski and Jochen Windmuller had just come from back stage after their meet & greet with Rod. It was Jochen's 40th birthday so I was so pleased for him. Spotted Gilles haeck a couple of rows back and with Jean & Manny Allbeury nearby, the RSFC was well represented. No sooner had the chequered curtain had risen, up from our seats and headed a few yards to the barrier. The beaming smile on Rod's face said it all, it was going to be a great night! Some people tend to complain about it being a repetitive set list, to me, every concert is different regarding the venue, the crowd, the atmosphere which passes on the vibes to Rod & the band and in turn gives everyone that feel good factor. Most of the stadium was in full voice during "Tonight's the Night" which sent goosebumps down my back. One Vegas favourite he has added to his European leg of the tour is "Rumblin' & Tumblin'" a little rock number that sends the crowd absolutely wild as Rod shakes his whole body to the rhythm! Thankfully, Janet recorded the whole song on her phone. On one of many costume changes, the girls came on with white dresses complete with masks and wings as Rod broke into "Angel". Also a first is that two lots of balls are kicked out either side of the intermission. During "Stay With Me" and "Hot Legs". Didn't matter one iota to me...I didn't get any! Ruth managed to get one though I don't know how she has got room for another It is always nice to see how Rod recognises his fans as at one point during the show, he shouted down to Jean & Manny "are you going to Norwich" referring to the start of his UK part of the tour the coming weekend. The whole arena were on their feet during the encore songs, "Sailing" and "Sexy" the balloons and curtain came down one final time, at least that's what we thought. As the curtain went back up, Rod and the whole band were seen lying on their backs and stomachs which had the place in fits of laughter! To round it off, had our own little after-gig party back at The Holiday Inn where the bar staff didn't know what had hit them... I read somewhere on a previous review, 'When you go to a party, Rod Stewart is the guy you want to see when the door opens'...How true is that

Rod Stewart Amsterdam Saturday, May 14th

A review/story by David Featherstone

Having given up on finding the pre-meet bar in central Amsterdam, myself and three Rod pals, Janet Elizabeth, Barb Clarke-Tune and Mel Almond decided to take the metro and head back to the Arena where a certain Mr. Stewart was performing. The area consisted of three arenas, Ajax Football stadium, Amsterdam Arena and of course the one we were heading for, The Ziggodome. The atmosphere was building up quite nicely and not only because Rod was in seemed like all Holland had turned out to see The Toppers, a local trio that had come last in a Euro song finalist competition with everyone in unison to give them support over at the nearby Amsterdam Arena. There was only one man our particular group was supporting tonight! It just so happened that The Jaz Hotel was adjacent to the Ziggodome (I later learned that the band were staying here-maybe Rod too) so it would be rude not to call in for a few refreshments. we were later joined by more pals...Kevin Crossland, David Jones and his son. Once inside, we were greeted by our continental cousins, Ruth Hannuschka, Gilles Haeck, Issi, Holger Slomski and all the way from Scotland, Gillian Gallagher. My actual seat was 9 rows back but hey...does any actual die-hard Rod fan sit in the seat they are allocated! So, as the curtain went up, the band playing opening notes, the girls and finally Rod entering the stage blasting out "We're Havin' a Party", yours sincerely made his way to the barrier. A lot of people followed suit and that's when security got a little heavy handed, pushing everyone away from the stage barrier. Everything is oblivious though when Rod is on stage...Hit after hit, from "Some Guys..." to "Can't Stop Me Now"...hardly time to catch your breath! Worse part of the show is when the 'sit down tunes' are played. Like musical chairs, you fumble around looking for an empty seat. A security woman spotted me and escorted me back to my seat on the 9th row! "First Cut...", "Talk About It...", You're In My Heart", seats put away and into "Baby Jane"...sneaked back to the barrier for the final 20 minutes. Amazing to see that Janet had got another ball, her 6th altogether the lucky girl! A few nightcaps in The Jaz Hotel rounded of a perfect night...

Rod Stewart The Colosseum at Caesars Palace Las Vegas Wed 3/23, Fri 3/25, Sat 3/26 2016


Review by Jeffrie Fulmar Thomas


A purely subjective review, injected with a bit of objectivity.


Finally, the day arrives. I’ve been waiting with bated breath for this trip, ever since I left the last Vegas run of shows in August, my gosh, has it been 7 months?? (Note to Rod Stewart, performing twice a year at Caesars is just not enough, can you work on getting 3 runs in please). Our flight is 3 hours late, actually I’m told, it’s the only flight leaving Houston to Vegas today, so we wait. Arrive at our hotel just before show time, so we sprint to Caesars Palace and settle into our seats. Vicky Phillips Marrow is there to greet us; always so nice to see her friendly face in the crowd.
My mom and I were fortunate enough to have the same front row seats to this week’s shows; this way we would have the opportunity to savor every little movement that Rod would make! And that we did! Before I go any further, please understand that I am a fan of this great iconic rock star. I have the deepest admiration for him. This was my 90th time to see Rod perform, so I’ve seen him perform at the top of his game and contrary to that, when he’s not feeling so well. Wednesday night he wasn’t feeling well and unfortunately, as hard as he tried, he just couldn’t hide it. Maybe he just wanted to do his job and go home; we can all relate to that when we aren’t feeling in top form. He played to the crowd tenfold, but when he motioned for the curtain down, it couldn’t come quickly enough for him. That’s the difficult thing about being a performer; you’ve got to appear to be “on” at all times.


This was also the first run of shows with changes to the band and the set. I can only describe it as looking rather “sparse”. The set lacked cohesiveness. It just wasn’t coming together as before. Thecolors were no longer electrifying, very muted. There was a feeling of sadness, something was missing. Yes, it was the full horn section that no longer exists. I never realized how much sound and presence Katja and Anne contributed to the total until now. Wouldn’t it be great if we could have the full horn section for the Vegas shows? Just a thought….Vegas is about glitz and glamour and what’s more intriguing than two fantastic blondes that can play sax and horn. This is absolutely no reflection on the very talented Jimmy Roberts, he is awesome, but there were 3 and now there is 1. Maybe it’s a new direction toward casual? Rod has dropped the tie for a bolo; both are good, just a matter of preference and I happen to love Rod in a tie! However, he’s really crunched for time now that Ruby isn’t there to fill the gap and give Rod a break, thus less time on hand for wardrobe changes and fluffing his hair!

Then, Friday night arrived, and you would have thought that a different Rod Stewart was there to perform. He must have gotten over his cold because this Rod Stewart was on fire! The energy level, the tone, the vibe, whatever you want to call it, Rod Stewart was in and he was back “ON”! What a difference a day makes, literally.
Rod always acknowledges his British fans in the audiences, and tonight is without exception. He graciously showcases on stage the flowers he received from a fan that sends an arrangement each night that she sees him perform.
Rod sings Downtown Train and I look up, he’s walking straight toward me, freak out. He sits on the topstep of the stage, right between the two sections. He spots Sharon Liles and he’s singing to her! Do I dare go up there? No, I sit like I’m frozen in time. Then I see Maggie Beirne brush beside me, she’s up there! I fumble for my camera to get her picture, nope, too late, the stampede has arrived. Oh my gosh, what a pile up of women, you can’t even see Rod any longer. My mom thinks he’s going to get hurt. I tell her nah, he’s been in worse pile ups playing football, not to worry, and Rod reappears from the pile.

The next night I ask the video guy if he knew that Rod was going to do that. “Nope, and you’ll never seeit again” he replies. But….Rod does it again Saturday night, this time on the other side of the stage. He spots Ann Martineau and he’s singing to her! Wow, Sharon and Ann are very lucky girls to be serenaded by Rod himself. Don’t think many can make that claim! No stampede of women from that side of thevenue, he gets a more civil, non-animalistic response from the audience. But wait, someone makes their way up to sit with Rod and I watch as Maggie Beirne makes her way up again! After the show I look at the video guy who says, “Well, I was wrong about that!”
Rod is quite “into” his whimsical socks these days. I think he has acquired a “sock fetish”! Vicky Marrow made a really cute and clever sign about socks, and yes, Rod acknowledged it and kept the colorful socks. I was so excited when I was able to hand Rod a couple of small gifts that would be relevant to him; and was hoping he didn’t already have. After all, what do you give to one of the greatest rock n roll stars of our generation?
Rod Stewart proved both Friday and Saturday night that he is the most iconic rock n roll star of my time, and he continues to have the stamina and energy level required to put on a stellar performance. Who cares what age he is? It’s irrelevant as long as he can keep up the pace. He’s digging deep into his back pocket and pulling out a few songs from the past that will give you chills when you hear them.

Make no mistake; Rod Stewart is now working his buns off. This new arrangement is very demanding for him and we have not seen his energy level this high in a while. That said, he can move and shake it like someone much younger, so it’s exciting to watch this “new” Rod Stewart emerge from hiding. Now, Rod keeps mentioning “age appropriate” songs. If “Hot Legs” is one of the top hits, why not sing it? How many other 71 year old men can sing and move like Rod can to “Rollin’ & Tumblin”? Very few indeed. You’re sexy Rod, so sing the songs that made you into the star that you are and forget trying to be age appropriate. If I want to hear “age appropriate”, I can go to the Stafford Centre here in Houston
and catch BJ Thomas!
On a side note about “Hot Legs”, the year was 1997 and I’m sitting in the New York showroom for Hanes Hosiery. Management brings out the publicity posters for the new promo of the year. Its Hanespresents Tina Turner- Wildest Dream Tour. My response was, “are you kidding me, you could have gotten Rod Stewart to sing “Hot Legs” and his wife (at the current time) Rachel Hunter for the leg shots,now that would be HOT!” They respond, “Sorry Jeffrie, we just spent our entire budget on Tina”. So there you have it Rod, I tried to get you some extra biz 20 years ago!
So for those of us in the states, where our only opportunity is to see him perform stateside in Las Vegas,wouldn’t it be great if Rod would do some of the smaller, more intimate venues, like a “conversationwith Rod”, albeit with a bit of music added. I do believe he would have no problem filling the venue, even with higher ticket prices that are conducive to the show and number of seats in the venue. Look at Paul McCartney and Don Henley, they are doing it and successfully so. I’m in for a few tickets Rod!

If you’ve never been to Las Vegas to see Rod perform, you are in for a treat. You’ll find there is something very special about Rod Stewart. He has charisma. You can’t learn it; you either have it or youdon’t, and he’s got it. You sense it when he commands the stage with his presence. Rod’s showmanship and charisma are inclusive to making the show, along with his music. Gone are the videos, and Rod does some improvising with a joke or two of his own. Quite the storyteller he is. He loves his fans and he is full of humility and gratitude. Texas loves you Rod Stewart!

Review of Vegas Shows - March 23, 25, 26 & 29, 2016

By Karen Chande

March 23

The show tonight was what I called my "bonus" show, one I hadn't planned on originally but due to flights being cheaper on Wednesday, decided to fly out the day of and take in an extra show with the saved money on airfare.

There were many changes to the show since seeing Rod here last summer. Three band members are no longer in the band and two new ones added in addition to the return of Matt O'Connor on the drums. The band opened the show with a song called Soul Finger, with only Jimmy Roberts in the brass section. The back-up singers, who now included Bridget Cady in place of Kimmi, introduced Rod as he was peeking from behind the curtain. 

The opening song was Some Guys Have All The Luck as Rod came out in a white shirt, leopard print jacket and black pants. Next up was Having A Party and then It's A Heartache. Rod then said it was the 114th show at the Caesar's Palace and asked the audience, "how many?" so that they all shouted out "114!" Next up is Tonight's The Night. Afterward, Rod tells us that he knows we've had a beverage to which the audience loudly applauds. He says he likes to come on with a little drink to get the audience going. He points over to his rum and coke, just a little bit he says, joking that a little bit goes a long way. Then he says the next song is a fantastic song dedicated to all of us and it's Forever Young. Off comes the leopard jacket revealing a cool long dangling silver chain. The change to this song is that it has the two violinists, J'Anna and the new violinist Annie Staninec, performing a lovely solo on the violins. After that, Rod introduces the next song saying it's on the album Every Picture Tell A Story, called Losing You, an old Temptations song, asking if we've heard of David Ruffin the lead singer of the Temptations and how whenever the Faces were in Detroit, he would come up and sing it with them. He points up and says David, this one's for you. All the while during this story, the band is looking at each other like something is amiss. As Rod looks over at J'Anna for the start of the song, he says, "Oh f--- we're not doing that one!" and starts to walk off with his head down saying he's going home. He says how long has he been doing this most of his adult life and still having cock-ups. The audience is just roaring in laughter at this. He said we'll love this next one and then he'll do Losing You. You Wear It Well begins. So absolutely hilarious! We love these funny cock-ups, Rod! During the song, someone had put a green shirt on the stage and Rod picked it up and held it while coming back to the microphone to sing. After that, Rod said the next song didn't need an introduction because he had already done it. And now Losing You begins. After the song, Rod thanked David Palmer and Matt O'Connor on drums, pointing out that Matt's mother was in the audience. Downtown Train was next in a new extended version with Jimmy Roberts doing a fantastic saxophone solo to finish off the song. 

Rod next comes back in a fancy black and dark blue floral jacket and blue pants for the acoustic set. As Rod sits down he says they have so many songs to chose from hundreds and hundreds of songs and it's difficult to decide but they're doing their best. He says the next song is from a fabulous album from 1969-70 and then chuckles at how long ago that was. Gasoline Alley begins. Afterward, Rod gets up and goes around to the back to point out the lovely flowers who he says is from his girlfriend, and then corrects himself saying not his girlfriend, he's married, and says they're from his friend Shannon, a professional photographer from New Orleans who always buys him the most delightful flowers whenever she's there. He jokes about there truly being more than 18 bucks there. He asks where she is, to stand up and thanks her for them. Then he sits back down to introduce the next song by Cat Stevens, the well known terrorist, who he tells us was arrested at LAX because he had used his real name and they thought he was a terrorist and took him in for negotiations, he chuckles, and the audience is roaring with laughter. True story, he says that he's a good mate of Rod's and this next song is his song, First Cut Is The Deepest as the song begins. Afterward, Rod pulls up his pant leg and stares at his polka dotted socks saying they're really awful, terrible, almost disgusting. He then says he loves the next song and before Have I Told You Lately begins, he references his socks again that they're horrible and he must talk to wardrobe. After Have I Told You Lately, You're In My Heart begins. Even though this song was placed during the sit-down acoustic set, the audience jumps out of their seats for the chorus, many showing Celtic support. Afterward, the chairs are removed and Rod says Di Reed is leading the charge. He leaves the stage and the ladies and band begin Young Hearts. I absolutely love this song, the whole band does a fantastic job with it and getting the audience on their feet. 

When Rod returns, now changed into black shiny pants and white shirt with a cream vest, he introduces the next song as a dedication to his Scottish father and we would see Rod up on the big screen as Can't Stop Me Now begins. After that Rhythm of My Heart begins without a mention of the war heroes as had been in the past. The other thing different with this song was the solos the ladies had in the middle of the song has been cut, although they still take part in singing it with him. 

Rod says the next song wasn't well known here but we'll play it anyway. He says it's his take on what he thinks love is. He says "love is, love is, love is, what's it called?" to which the audience responds "Love Is!" Yes! I love this song and it's the first time I've heard it live. He didn't say anything about it being on the new album or even that there was a new album. It got a good audience response. Next Rod took Maggie May on a road trip for an audience walk about, leaving from the far side of section 6, around the back and returning along the far side of section 2. The funny videos that have been shown for quite some time now before the football kickoff have been omitted and Stay With Me began when he returned to the stage, kicking footballs out to the audience. The curtain came down once the balls were disbursed and the song finished. It was quickly back up again for Do You Think I'm Sexy with all band members onstage to take part. Rod pulls up his pant leg to reveal yet another unusual pair of socks that have a Welsh design on them. 

March 25

This night, Rod changed it up by entering from the other side of the stage, left to the audience in Section 6, to again Some Guys Have All The Luck and then Having A Party. As he came over to the opposite side in section 2, a woman held out her hand and he came over, took her hand and kissed it before perfectly timing it back to the microphone at center stage to continue singing. As Rod welcomed the audience, he said they would be playing 20 songs for an hour and a half, that's all the time they were allowed since they want us out in the casinos. A minute longer than that he said and he would be hooked off! He said this was the 115th show here and then said that on this night 13 years ago the Palace opened with Celine Dion so that deserves applause. The audience applauded and so did Rod. He said that was all he had to say for a little while and let's carry on. The next song was It's A Heartache. He then asked if there were any Brits in the audience to which there was applause. He said it was very hard to choose what to sing and that he wouldn't be singing some songs like Baby Jane because his American friends don't know some of those songs but he would be touring over there in June and he would play those songs then and he gives a little bow. (Note to Mr. Stewart: Your American friends, especially the die hards, actually do know Baby Jane very well - it was on the set list at every show here on the 1984 summer tour. A song we know and love here, too, darling! x).

Next song up was Tonight's The Night. I must say that part of the fun of attending a Rod show is seeing what clever things the fans come up with. Tonight some fans in the center section held up signs with one word on each sign across the row reading "Tonight Is The Night" which they held up at the end of the song so that it showed up on the big screen when the cameras pan the audience at the end of the song. Even Rod enjoyed it and told them they made it up on the screen. Rod next took off his jacket saying something about a mishap he had with the tag on it when going through security at the airport and it being F---ing embarrassing. Then he told a young audience member to close their ears at his language, he was sorry, he wouldn't do it again, as he tosses the jacket on the stage floor behind him. 

Next up was Forever Young. After the song, Rod brought Annie out to make sure he got the correct pronunciation of her last name and told the audience she is a new member of the band. Next up was You Wear It Well. After that, I wasn't sure what was going on but Rod told a lady in the audience that a man was telling her off. A security man was saying something to her and Rod told her you've got to play by the rules. He said take her to the bar for a drink, lol! Rod said the next song was off the beaten track, that his big album was in 1971, Every Picture Tells A Story, and that it's amazing they're still doing tracks from this album and this one was especially well liked and most of the Faces played on this album, an old Temptations song, Losing You. Afterward, Rod gave recognition to David Palmer on the drums and then thanked Matt O'Connor, also on the drums. Next he said we were going to slow things down just a tad with a wonderful song by Tom Waits, Downtown Train. During the middle of the song, Rod came down and sat on the steps to sing. He motioned a woman to come up and then another one came up. Soon Rod was buried in women and security had to intervene! He was then able to get back up and finish the song onstage with Jimmy then continuing his saxophone solo. 

When Rod came back it was time for the acoustic set. Rod first went to take a sip of his refreshment saying it's Friday. He then sat down and said he had a little history for us, he tells this story because it's true, that people have asked where this next song came from. He was dating a girl in 1969, then joked saying most of us weren't born then. The girl said she had to go home by 11:00 or her mom would think she was in Gasoline Alley. He said a bell went off and it became a song. He then begins Gasoline Alley.

After the song, Rod noticed someone was wearing David Bowie attire and he made mention of that and of David, dedicating the next song to David, saying David mate, this one's for you before First Cut is The Deepest. The audience applauded along with the band members. After that, Rod said the next song was a popular song played at weddings, none of his weddings, of course, to which the audience laughs. He said "bring it in Ginger" to Chuck who started Have I Told You Lately. The funny thing was that Rod starts laughing about something at the end of the song and was not able to finish singing it. He kept trying and then says, "Oh F--- it" (so much for the earlier promise, lol!) and gives up. He said that was the first time that had happened, so funny! Next Rod said we'll have a singalong with this one and You're In My Heart begins. It is wonderful to hear the audience singing along during the whole song. Like the night before, the audience jumps out out of their seats to the chorus parts with Celtic support. I noticed one woman had a sign in a circle shape with green and white stripes she held up that said, Can my mother touch your hair? Lol! That was the last song of the acoustic set. Di and the band then took over with Young Hearts. 

When Rod returned, he noticed someone had put some nicely wrapped Cadbury chocolate bars on the stage. He came over, picked them up and held them as he introduced the next song saying he always dedicates this song to his Dad who passed away in 1990, he had a big influence on his life, he was a Scotsman from Edinburgh and during the early days of his career, he was 100% behind him and how you need someone like that if you're going to make it in any business, you need your family behind you. He said we would be seeing him on the screen, it was unbelievable how they found this footage of him through something called Rod the Mod from around 1960 on I-TV. They dug it up and we'll be seeing him at 18. Love this song, it's an up on your feet great singalong! Next is Rhythm of My Heart. After that Rod introduces an old Muddy Waters song Rollin and Tumblin. This was placed in the spot of Wednesday night's Love Is. Rod performs the song with fantastic choreography. 

Then it was time for Maggie May as Rod went out into the crowd in the same direction as Wednesday, from the far side of section 6, across the back and down the other side by section 2. The song finished when they returned back onstage and Stay With Me began as he kicked the footballs out to the audience. Then the curtain came down and back up again for the final song Do You Think I'm Sexy. Rod tended to stay more center stage as the balloons came down and were tossed back and forth between band and audience.

March 26

Tonight's show started off with the Loch Loman music before the curtain rose. I was so glad that was back, it really gets the excitement going! The band once again started things off with Soul Finger as elephants prance across the screen in the background, then they introduced Rod who chose again to enter from the section 6 side. Some Guys Have All the Luck opened the show and then Having A Party. Then Rod tells the crowd you can beat an egg, you can beat a carpet but you can't beat a Saturday night! He says for those of us who had been there last night, he had a different song for us and the next song was Young Turks. Nice of Rod on two counts: making mention of noticing that we had been there the night before as well as offering something different for us. Loved hearing Young Turks! After that, Rod tells the crowd this is the 116th show performed on this actual stage and that last night was the 13th anniversary of the stage being opened by Celine Dion. There was some applause, then laughter when Rod humorously continued on that this all went down better last night because that was the actual anniversary and tonight is not. He said it was like not being invited to a wedding and just coming for drinks afterward. He then said they were going to do a slow one now, a little baby song and it was Tonight's The Night. After that, Rod takes off his jacket to some loud whistles from the crowd and tells the audience he's been away from his wife for 10 days and his two children doing this show and they were flying in tonight, bless them. He says maybe he'll get a leg over tonight if she's not too tired, to which there is laughter from the crowd. He says he wants to dedicate the next song to his son Aiden and his 10-year-old son Alastair who is a mad Celtic supporter, Forever Young. 

It was during this song that I finally managed to hold up my sign saying Love The New Album to show support for the album that hasn't even once been mentioned at any of the shows. Rod liked it and blew a kiss toward the sign. After the song, which had the violin solos in it, Rod brought Annie up front to again make sure he got her last name right and told the crowd she is a new member of the band. He applauds her as does the audience. He introduces the next song saying it's a lovely one, and You Wear It Well begins. Somewhere about halfway through the song, Rod stops the band because he heard something amiss and then has them continue on where they left off. After that, Rod tells the crowd in 1971 he released his album Every Picture Tells A Story and he thanks everyone who bought it at the time, saying that was a long time ago. He said this is one of the tracks off of it. He mentions David Ruffin again, lead singer of the Temptations who was a good mate of his and could really sing, he didn't even need a microphone. Then Losing You begins. With this being the song with the drum solos, Rod afterward has Dave Palmer stand up for a bow and Matt O'Connor, mentioning again that his mother is here and she brought him a lampshade so he could be seen. Then he asks what's next on the agenda gentlemen, saying he hasn't got a clue. Then he says oh yeah, he knows that one and Downtown Train begins. I was most surprised at Rod's bravery after last night as partially into the song he came down the steps again and sat down. At first, people were just taking pictures and our friend Maggie was the first to come up as Rod patted the spot beside him as an invitation to her. Slowly more women came up to join in but it was done in a much more gentle and controlled way than the night before. I applaud Rod for giving it another try! 

After the fine saxophone solo by Jimmy Roberts, the chairs were brought out for the acoustic set. Rod was the first one to sit down in a chair and he looked around at the empty chairs beside him and asked where is everyone? Then the rest of the band came and as they were taking their seats Rod said he had a minor adjustment to take care of and called over a stage hand. He asked us to talk amongst ourselves as his ear piece was being adjusted. Once that was taken care of, he introduced the first song as being on his album Gasoline Alley from 1969-70, and this was a track off of it, Gasoline Alley. At the start of the next song, Rod tells us to listen to the harp over yonder and points toward Julia in the back as she brings in First Cut Is The Deepest. 

Next, we find that our Rod has a talent not only in singing but also as a comedian as he decides to tell a little joke. It went like this: a man was in a very bad car accident. It was so bad that he lost his penis. He was in the hospital for months and months and when he got out he says to his wife what are we going to do? She says we have lots insurance money, go see the penis replacement doctor down at the center. So he had a little meeting with the doctor who tells him yes, they can do a job on him. He asks how much it will cost. The doctor says for four inches it would be $20,000, for eight inches it's $60,000 on up to $100,000. The doctor tells him this is a very important decision so he should go home and talk to his wife. So he goes home and says darling what do you think, they have a little talk and make up their mind. The next day he goes back to the doctor who asks what are you going to do? His reply, "we're going to build a new kitchen." Rod says, "Any good?" The audience is just roaring in laughter! Rod had such a good delivery of the joke! 

The next song he says is Have I Told You Lately, and he says, "Yes, I have, many times!" as the song begins. After that, Rod mentions again about the lovely flowers from his friend Shannon, a professional photographer. He asks if she is there, saying she's probably gone back to New Orleans. Once discovering she's there, he tells her to come up on stage to take a bow for buying him flowers, saying she does important stuff and she spends $500 buying him flowers. Then he says the next song was a good sing-along song and he wanted to hear us sing as You're In My Heart begins. Again during the chorus, the Celtic supporters are enthusiastically on their feet.

After the chairs were removed, Di Reed, the ladies and band continued the show with Young Hearts while Rod left for a costume change. After the song, Rod comes out in his shiny black pants, white shirt and cream vest and nicely fluffed hair and says the next song was a good song and then says they're all bloody good songs. He says he's dedicating this song to his father, he was a Scotsman from Edinburgh, and very encouraging when Rod was starting out in show business. Nobody wanted to sign him but his father said keep going and you'll do it so he wanted to dedicate this to him. He told us to look up on the screens and we'll see Rod Stewart from the early days when he was 18 or 19 and the song is Can't Stop Me Now. 

Next, as the music started for Rhythm of My Heart, Rod says this was for all the soldiers on the front line tonight around the world and all the others who have served giving us our freedom (Yay, Rod!) Next up was the Muddy Waters song Rollin and Tumblin, which has the audience up on their feet. 

After that, Rod came back to take Maggie May out into the audience for a walk about as he shook hands with audience members. He acquired a Scotland flag which he draped himself in as he came back up onstage, eventually tucking it into his pants. Next was Stay With Me as Rod kicked the footballs into the crowd. He always gets applause when someone from the upper balconies manages to get one. Then the curtain comes down and back up again for Do You Think I'm Sexy. After the balloons came down, there was a funny moment when one made a loud noise when it popped and Rod gave a startled expression! After the fun of hitting balloons around and singing the song with Rod, the curtain comes down for the end of the show.

March 29

The show tonight again started with Loch Lomond before the curtain rose. Just fantastic, this one is a keeper and so goes with the start of a Rod show! After the band started things off with Soul Finger, Rod was back to entering from his usual side by section 2 as Some Guys Have All The Luck begins and then Having A Party. Not long after he came out, Rod noticed a woman in section 3 taking a picture of him and came up to pose for her. After Having A Party, Rod tells Jimmy he's on fire tonight, after the great saxophone work in the song. He says good evening to everybody and looks up into the crowd saying some of our British friends are here tonight, that he could see them. He says we'll be here for 90 minutes, enjoy yourselves, get up and dance, they're nearly all fast songs, so enjoy this Wednesday night (oops, Rod, it's Tuesday!) the 117th show for him and the band here at Caesar's Palace. He asks the crowd, "how many? 117!" putting his hand up to his ear for a response from the crowd. He said the next song was Young Turks. After that, Rod said it was going to be good tonight, and the next song is Tonight's The Night. The audience sings along nicely at the end of the song and after it's finished, Rod said he likes to have the audience join in singing, that way back when he was in the Faces, they were the first band to ever do that, a lot of others have done it since but they were the first to let the audience sing along in the songs, mainly he says in a humorous way, "because Rod forgot the words", to which there is laughter from the crowd. He says it did happen, then says he's going to "take off me jacket now". The next song begins, Forever Young.

After the song, Rod motions to Annie to come forward with J'Anna for a bow. Then he asks Chuck to come down with some kind of instrument that I couldn't quite figure out: it looked something like a pogo stick minus the handles, with a mop on top, a boot on the bottom of it, a tin can in the middle and little bells along it. What the beaten hell's that? Rod asks as Chuck bangs it on the floor and it makes a jingling sound. Rod looks at it close up and says it's a Newfoundland Ugly stick asking if anyone is from Newfoundland. Rod says it's the silliest instrument he's seen in 50 years of show business. (I looked this up and it's an instrument made from household and tool shed materials like a broom handle with bottle caps, tin cans and little bells attached to it to play music with by hitting it with a drumstick.) Chuck returns with the instrument and Rod then asks the crowd how is the show so far, to which there is applause. He says very well, as You Wear It Well begins. 

After the song, Rod says it's a good crowd for a Wednesday night, usually it's a bit slow on Wednesday night (Tuesday, lol!) He says no doubt we've had a drink, a little refreshment. He asks if it's been hot here, saying it's hot for the British. He says this next one is on the album he made in 1970-71, Every Picture Tells A Story and it got him going. A man in the crowd then yells out, "Maggie May!" Rod replies, yeah he'll play Maggie May, we're here for another hour and ten minutes, to which the crowd bursts out in laughter! He says this one is off the same album, a wonderful song by the Temptations, mentioning David Ruffin who use to wear the big glasses and sang My Girl, he was a pal of Rod's, and he would come up and sing with Rod whenever they were in Detroit and he could really blow Rod off the stage, you couldn't compete with this guy. He says the song is Losing You. What I really love in this song is that Rod picks up the microphone stand and starts throwing it about like the old days. Fantastic!

Afterward, Rod says what a job he's got! He then gives recognition to David Palmer on the drums, asking him to stand up. He says Dave also takes care of the groups planning and washing of socks. (Lol!) Then he says also on drums is Matt O'Connor, who he tells us Matt not only plays drums but he's a wonderful road technician, he's a roadie but he doesn't want Rod to tell us that, and he thanks Matt. Then he says the next song is a tremendous song by Tom Waits, and Downtown Train begins as Rod right away comes over to the steps at center stage and sits down to sing the song. I couldn't believe that at this show, no one came forward to sit on the step with Rod, and boy was I half out of my chair just itching to! People came forward to take pictures as he sat there and occasionally laid backwards on the stage floor. Jimmy Roberts performed his wonderful saxophone solo and when Rod returned, now in red pants and a colorful jacket, he says that Jimmy use to work in a factory making sausages and he came back to join the band. He thanks Jimmy saying they missed him. 

Rod then sits down and tells the crowd that we're going to do some acoustics stuff now. He then says there use to be a rule before he came here to Caesar's salad for Elton and Celine and some of the other acts that they didn't allow anyone to come up to take pictures. Then he came along and said come on up and take pictures and since then people can come up and take pictures of Elton and Celine, not as pretty as him, of course, he joked to audience applause, but he sort of broke the house rules and says it's nice to be able to come up and take pictures, isn't it? He jokes, saying his double chin and hairs coming out of his nose and face, then says, no, he's well groomed, trust him, his wife makes sure he's well groomed before every show. He introduces the next song from 1969, Gasoline Alley. He then asks Julia on the harp to bring in the next song, First Cut Is The Deepest. 

Rod then revels in the applause, motioning for more, then says he's going to get up to have a little refreshment, saying it's his first one for the evening and if you believe that, Donald Trump is going to become president. He takes a sip of his drink then puts it down and says not on his watch. He then asks his sunshine to bring in the next song, Have I Told You Lately, which Chuck starts on the keyboards. At the point where Rod gets up out of his chair so that Jimmy can have center for the sax part of the song, Rod places himself in Bridget's lap! After the song, he gives credit to Jimmy on sax and then Conrad on the bass. He says one more acoustic song. Then he says just out of interest, if Donald Trump does win the republican nomination, (to which the audience laughs, presumably at his return to this subject) because he knows Donald Trump, he's been to his house several times, and he's really a lovely fellow, sometimes he doesn't come across that way, but if he wins - who's going to vote for him? There was a lot of applause and then Rod asks the same thing if Hillary Clinton was to win for the Democrats, who would vote for her. There was applause but there were also some boos. Rod said wow, and hold on, let him get CNN on the phone. He says he doesn't know what kind of a leader Donald would be but he's a damn fine fellow, most generous, he's looked out for a lot of Rod's friends on his golf course, not a bad bloke. He says anyway, shut up Rod and introduces the next song saying he wants to hear us sing on this one and that this is a guys song, you know, football, and You're In My Heart begins. 

After that, the chairs are removed and Rod says Di Reed is going to lead the charge on this wonderful song. Di, the ladies and band do another fantastic performance of Young Hearts. Great dance moves from the girls as Di sings the song moving from one side of the stage to the other, with everyone up on their feet. 

Afterward, Rod comes out thanking the band. He picks up a little slip of paper on the stage behind him and then comes to the microphone saying this next song is not on me last album but the one before that called Time and that a lot of British people might know this because it was on the radio a lot. He says it was a song he wrote about his career when he first started in show business when he was around 18 or 19 and the rejection he got, no one wanted to sign him, the record labels didn't like his hair, his nose or his clothes. He was inspired by his father, he was a Scotsman from Edinburgh, who told Rod keep going son, he nearly gave up on Rod at one point but Rod made it in the end. Someone near me said, "Yes you did!" Then Rod looks at the paper in his hand and said his son Sean wanted him to dedicate a song to his friend who is the owner of a car wash in L.A. He asks where the friend is, and there's no response. Rod then said she had to work overtime and couldn't make it, lol. Then he says the next song is You Can't Stop Me Now. 

Next is Rhythm of My Heart, and Rod mentions the dedication to all who have served as the music begins. After that, someone in the audience again calls out Maggie May. Rod says we're getting around to it, still have a little bit to go. He says when he was growing up, then jovially says he's still growing up, that he used to listen to Muddy Waters. He asks if we've seen a film called Cadillac Records. He says he strongly advises it, saying it's the best rock 'n roll film ever made and for us to look it up. He says the next song is by Muddy Waters, a song called Rollin & Tumblin. He says this is really exciting and he wants a big round of applause when it's finished, lol! I love this song and Rod's fantastic choreography to it, but I also had the thought that I was glad I had taken in my earlier "bonus" show or I would not have heard Love Is on this trip since Rollin & Tumblin has since taken its place on the set list.

At last the man in the audience gets his wish as Maggie May begins and Rod starts out into the audience, shaking hands, signing an autograph and even getting a kiss from a woman. He skips back onto the stage to finish off the song. Next it is time for Stay With Me and the footballs being kicked out into the audience. Then, the curtain goes down and then back up for Do You Think I'm Sexy. Rod tended again to stay more center stage and he signed something for someone who was in the center section during the song. 

This was a particularly fun show for me as one time early in the show, Rod was right in front of me and bowed at the end of the song smiling right into my camera. Another fun moment was when he saw my friend Sharon taking a of our friend Gayle, he posed for the picture in the background with a big smile and his arms out! Those special moments sure send us home happy! It's so much fun to come out to Vegas on these trips, spend time with good friends and make new ones, all due to our common bond of Rod.

In conclusion, I thank Rod once again for four fantastic shows of great music, laughter from his jokes and humorous personality and even the cock-ups. See you next Time!

Rod Stewart in Conversation review by Cara Trombino

What a fun and interesting day in NYC! Besides seeing old friends again we got to see an intimate 90 minute discussion with Rod being interviewed by Hoda Kotb from the Today show! It started promptly at 7:30pm. When we walked in mom and I got our Rod CDs and the signed insert with Rod’s autograph on it! We also got a white blank card where we can write a question down if we want to. A woman comes on I forget her name and describes Hoda & then talks about Rod  that he sold over 250 albums worldwide and has his new album out now Another Country and tells us to watch something on the screen. They show a video montage of Rod’s songs that he sang over the years. First was Maggie May from Top of the Tops from 1971 then You Wear It Well in 1972 on TOTP. Then they showed the music video clip from Tonight’s The Night from 1976. Next was Hot Legs music video clip from 1977. Da Ya Think I’m Sexy MV clip from 1979 followed by Young Turks MV clip from 1981 then they showed clip of Rod singing Infatuation from the 1984 MTV VMA awards.  Next they showed
a clip from Lost In You MV from 1988 then Rhythm of my Heart MV clip from 1991 then Ooh La La MV clip from 1998 then Great American songbook Can’t Take That Away From Me from 2002. Then the woman introduces Hoda & Rod and the whole place applauds cheers and stands up! When everyone calms down Hoda says that that’s the best response that Rod has gottenmore then anyone else who has been at the venue for an interview. Rod then says that everyone can take as many pictures as they want. Mom tooka few not a lot cause I didn’t want us to get into trouble or get the camera taken away.

Hoda asks Rod what inspired him to do Another Country. He mentioned that the fans made a book for him on how much they enjoyed the album TIME and he was so deeply touched by it that he wanted to do an album to thank them and pay tribute to them. Hoda then says that his fan club is quote “The best fan club on the planet” me and a bunch of others applaud. He then mentioned that when he was a lad they would have partys in theirhouse late at night and he would creep down and watch them having fun and dancing. She then talked to Rod about his parents and Rod said that his dad always supported him and he mentioned that for his 14th birthday his dad gave him a guitar instead of a station for his model railroadand Rod goes what the F*** is that! Rod said his parents never swore and said when they would come and see him in concert he couldn’t swear or he would cut back the swearing!
Hoda then asked him about him being agravedigger and Rod set the fact straight that he didn’t really dig graves he measured out the plots.
Hoda then asked him when Maggie May took off was that the turning point or sign that you made it? Rod said definitely. It almost didn’t make thealbum of Every Picture Tells A Story. The record company didn’t think it had a great melody. It was the B side to Reason to believe and a DJ in Cleveland turned it over if it wouldn’t have happened I wouldn’t be here today! Everyone applauded. Then when Rod heard on the radio that it went to #1 both times in the UK and USA he turned the car around and went to his parents and they hugged and were very happy. His parents were always so supportive of him especially his dad. Rod then mentions the Faces and years after he and the Faces broke up his mom would ask How’s Ronnie and the faces Rod? Dementia was setting in. Hoda asked Rod about his dadthat what advice he gave him. Rod said a good job, and a good lawyer.
Everyone had a good laugh at that! Rod’s dad was the main Scottish person in the family and they would always talk about football and Rod does the same thing with his sons.

Next Hoda mentioned to Rod about Britt Ekland. Rod said that she got him into wearing straw boaters and makeup and he said what’s a London bloke doing with a Bond girl? She doesn’t have nice things to say about me now. He then talked about going on tour a lot in the 78/79 era when he married Alana and became a dad. He mentioned he was ready for fatherhood but he had to go on the road because Billy Gaff his manager at the time Rod wasn’t making enough money or there were issues going on when Billy was his manager then. (I don’t know too much about that era cause I wasn’t born yet) So that’s why he was touring a lot and missed out on their childhood a lot but they’re not mad about it or anything. Theyunderstand now. Next Hoda starts talking to him about Rachel Hunter and Rod said he saw her doing a Sports Illustrated ad on TV and he does imitations of lifting weights and says Iapproached her that same say at a bar in LA. Hoda goes “what did you say to her?” Hi love what do you have in the basket? Hoda and everyone cracked up! He goes “I don’t know what do you say to a girl?” Rod then mentions that his dad had gone the time he met Rachel and he’s sad that his parents never got to meet her or Penny. Rod mentioned that he didn’t start mourning his fathers death was 10 or 15 months later because he just met Rachel.

Hoda then mentions the scene on Unplugged when he sings Have I Told you lately to Rachel and he’s crying. Rod mentions cause I was so happily in love and she was too young cause she hadn’t spread her wings yet. When we were walking down the aisle my sister Mary leans over to someone and says “You know she’s going to leave him one day!”  Penny was 28 when Ifirst met her so she spread her wings already. I should have known better!

Then Hoda says “Lets talk about Penny! Rod agrees and goes “Yes let’s talk about Penny!” Hoda asks when did you first meet Penny?  It was at the Dorchester Hotel. I had just broken up with Rachel and Penny’s friend was a  fan of mine and she was too shy to ask me for an autograph so Penny got it for her friend. She also mentioned that I’m a photographer so I invited her to Earl’s Court to take pictures while I was on tour. We haven’t spoken to each other for 6 months because when you’re going thru a divorce you want to avoid contact or romance until the time is right. My bassist in the band (who was Carmine Rojas at the time) wouldn’t give me her number till he knew the right time and moment and unless I knew when it was the right moment in my heart. It was 6 or 8 months later he finally gave me her number.

Hoda then asks if any of the kids are into singing. Then Rod talks about the kids Kimberly is enjoying mother hood, Sean wants to open a bar somewhere, Ruby is the only singerrightnow,Rene is studying dancing and Liam is on a hockey team in the UK. Alastair is 9 and Aiden is 4. Healso mentions Sarah who is in her 50s and then he stands up and does a rowing motion with his arms and the crowd cracks up!

Someone gives Hoda the index cards with people’s questions and someone asks Boxers or brief’s Rod? He says briefs. Another question that someone else asked was who’s your favorite female singer? Rod answers Tina Turner & Adele. Next question was what singer would you love to sing with who is passed on? Right away Rod says Sam Cooke. Another
question was what was it like touring with Stevie Nicks? Rod responded saying that she doesn’t move around much but she would do this. He imitated her spinning around and the audience would go wild! I can’t remember too many of the other people’s questions. I was sad that my questions or mom’s didn’t get answered. Mine was if Rod saw my birthday video tribute I made for him and mom’s was do you know how happy you make me and my daughter?

As soon as the conversation with Rod was over Rod then gets up and goes to the stage and starts signing things! I couldn’t get out of my rowbecause I was against the wall! I was happy for my friends Mike, Jill, Barbra Holland, Maureen, that they got something signed from him.

The evening went by so fast! It was great seeing Ruth, Dan & Paul Diaz, Marcy & David, Madeline, Barbra Holland, Madeline,Maureen, Doreen, Cathy, Joanne, Gayle, Sharon, Vicky Marrow, Karen Chande. Also meeting new fans as well  Barbra Maher and Sara & Mark.

It was so great seeing everyone again! I’m sad that it went by so fast!

Now all I can say is BRING ON VEGAS APRIL 2016!

Hyde Park review by RSFC team member Antonio Espana

Ladies and Gentlemen, we just witnessed history.
Few bottles of coca cola zero, pack of ciggies, a delicious classic mexican meal my sister just had cooked, the usual bottle of tequila by my computer, the fan on my back at the max since it was so hot at 3 pm. After a few try outs to get access to the “just within UK” restriction at the BBC Radio 2 website I finally managed to watch the broadcast, which was broadcasted at a very low resolution. Set up the screen capture software, made a test, worked fine. Amplifier for the 4 speakers at the top on, new amplifier for the 2 bass speakers at the bottom on. Giorgio Moroder DJ’ing Blondie’ “Call me” and I cranked the volume up… boy, it was LOUD!!! I even took a video of me infront of my set up to share it on our Facebook group, but suddenly I heard the presenter interviewing Rod – so I just hit the record button and didnt had time to verify that the recording software was working properly and just opened my coca cola, got a ciggy and stood on my seat.
Great that on this time of the year it was already dark in London – I hate the concerts with daylight. Presenter teasing the crowd , a fantastic crowd!! Matt doing final minute adjustments to David Palmer Tartan kit which havent seen (or noticed) in a while, Conrad taking a photo of the audience; Lucy, Kimmy and Di came across the stage wearing the white dresses with the leather jackets. Chuck and Emerson at their usual spots, and some seagulls appeared on the screen and Chuck started the first unmistakeable chords of Every beat of my heart. .. And our Rod walked in with unnusual outfit for the starting section of a gig: leoppard shirt, black leatherjacketand the trousers he wore at the Faces concert last week, and the Puma trainers he used on Love is and Please videos. Familiar faces on the crowd, Emerson doing an amazing solo with his Les Paul gold top, and for the first time ever I could listen clearly Julia’s harp with at first I tought it was keyboards… wow, how the hell did they mic that harp?? – cristal clear sound. All the boys with mint hair: Conrad with his hew haircut which makes him look younger, David with his hair combed to the back, Lucy curly. Jean, Manny, Gary, Pat, and many more on close up to the TV waving proudly our RSFC flag to the World to see – camera crew and the editor just loved our flag, they put it on pleanty of times.
Rod a little insecure about how the crowd will receive the set list stated for the 100th time that this was not a regular Rod gig since it will not have the usual set list. Emerson changed his Les Paul for his cream Stratocaster; Gillian, Julie, Adriana and lot of the people by the barrier singing The Motown song. Rod voice is in great shape and whenever he feels it could fail he just change his phrasing to avoid anything to go wrong – boy, he really has improved the way he manage his voice since his troat surgery – and he even get a moment to shove his mic stand over a camera man by the side of the stage.
1983 and YES!! What am I gonna do? And people by the barrier jumpin - and Beatriz was caught by the camera singing so loud!!!what a moment. J’anna was more beautiful than the previous day as she allways is, providing aditional chorus trough the mic intended for her percussion, and Don has changed his sunbusrt stratocaster for the red one, since it might be tunned in a different key according to the song. Now that I can listen to the soundboard mix I notice that the song sounds more powerful tan the footage I saw from Las Vegas. Conrad is singing the chorus to himself, and the girls have presented specific coreography for each song – and Rod points that out saying that they all just had 2 weeks to practicise the songs. I know Im losing you and everyone take the leather jackets off. Don get a GIbsonwith hollow body (the one he use for Sweet little rock and roller) and of course Emerson get the Les Paul again – thats the only way this song gotta be played, andthey take the chance to make a slightly longer intro to the song. Chuck adds piano figures here and there, and Julia is playing her percussion with drive and passion!! I so love Julia stage prescence, she is a total rocker. Emerson look at Rod and and Don to see how is the drive going, then he turns to David and they both agree that the drum solo is about to start. A new solo for this song which is longer than the one performed in previous dates, and Juliahave that fierce look in her eyes while slamming her kit.
1974 and I just knew it will be You can make me dance, sing or anything – and now all the band went from a fierce rocking expression to happy smiles, so in tune with the song. Rod is singing it with the same phrasing of the original recording and the song overall sounds amazing!! It sounds fresh, up to date. Don has now his Telecaster and Emerson kept the Les Paul; Rod miss a beat but recover as he allways do – and the RSFC flag again on TV.
Stool and chairs cameo ut and Rod jokes about the next song will be Baby Jane while holding his package – gotta love this guy!! Gasoline Alley and Emerson get the cream Stratocaster again, Don with an Acoustic, Conrad with his usual upright acoustic bass, an aditional violin player and finally J’anna with her violin… and then again Julia with a rocker face pounding her percussion!! Thats what caught my eye when I saw her more than 10 years ago on a Roxy Music concert. Conrad enjoying Rod’s singing and so into the gig – the girls doing lovely backing vocals and the crowd singing along.
1976 gotta be Georgie – yes!! The killing of Georgie!!! I just hope he does not mess the lyrics as he did when I saw him in London 2012 doing this marvelous song. The smartest move of the night: J’anna and Don with acoustic guitars and the aditional violin player with the violin. Emerson keep the cream Stratocaster and Julia moves to her harp wich then again sounds like a piano when she hits the higher notes, and Di and Kimmi help out with shakers while Lucy has a tambourine- a sweet (but yet so close to the studio version) rendition of one of the most beautiful Rod songs ever – and the crowd knows. Yeah, the crowd knows and sing along – perfection!! and Rod points out that the song was banned in the 70’s at the BBC.
Ronnie Lane’ finest compositions - 1973’ Of course is Ooh La La. J’anna gets her violin again of course, and I anticípate the jig dance she and the aditional violin will perform at their solo, and Emerson get an acoustic. Rod stops the band to give the audience a spot since they are singing along, and J’anna and the other girl stand up to do the jig – goal acomplished, I could turn off the computer now, but I really want to see what else is in the bucket. Audience get a spot again and thats it, the song ended so fast!! Good things happen to look shorter all the time, dont know why.
Waltzing Matilda??damn, I dont like this song!! Still I preffer this or ANY other slow Rod song for the acoustic segment other than I dont wanna, First cut and Have I told you lately. Shots of selected crowd persons singing along quietly, and Rod nailing the song perfectly – even when I dont find anything interesting on this song I can tell if Rod is doing it well or dont, and surely he sang it with passion – at some point we can hear the crowd singing along. Conrad is playing his upright bass with an arch, providing a special colour to the song.
Chairs and stool go out of the stage, Rod get the leather jacket again and announce a song from Another Country which I smelled would be Please… and yes: Guitar arpeggio by Don with his sunburst Stratocaster and the girls start the chorus of Please while Emerson adjust the volume, tone and mix of his sunburst Les Paul. .. and I got a panic attack: will Rod could reach the scream properly? I dont want him to fail on a broadcasted show, please reach the tone My Bhoy!!! And he did: he reached the scream EVEN BETTER THAN THE STUDIO RECORDING.
A song which I certainly do not like too much, but I sort of like it better live than the studio version. Girls coreography as on the promo video which i son the big screen, and Rod nails the scream 3 times a row in a perfect way, while looking at David Palmer – and then a final “pleeeeeeeasee” facing the audience after he checks out the end of the song with David.
First chords by Don on his Duesenberg Gold Top and for no reason (in my humble opinion) Rod asks Don to start again. Conrad swap his 5 string for a classic Fender with 4 strings, and Emerson get again the cream Strat and Angel starts. I really cant recall right now if Angel was played during Rods solo career, please correct me if I am wrong. Now how will Angel sound now? Beautiful percussion accents by Julia, the song in perfect pitch by Rod and The Band. Of course it has background vocals,which fit perfectly. Rod swings the mic stand and mark the rhythm with his hand, and Emerson take a step to the front of the stage and being a Hendrix fan of course had his cream Strat for this song, couldnt be any other way – and boy, he delivers the cleanest and best structured solo I have heard of him live so far!! Then the camera have a close up of Rods face while he stood quiet singing with his arms up and its a moment of pure Rod perfection: the look in his eyes is deep, he is into the song TOO much. Then he allows the crowd to sing along and again we see familiar faces by the barrier, like Johanna – and again our RSFC flag.
Rod finally go backstage to change his outfit and the girls hit the stage with Im every woman which was performed on the last Vegas season. I like the song, and the version they are doing is very disco – be honest, we all over 40 love disco. Oh my, I soooo love to see J’anna dancing and singing on the girls song, its a highlight for me at every Rod show.
Have you noticed that the girls havent changed their white dresses? And more important: have you noticed so far that this night there is no brass section? Anne, Jimmy and Katja stood at home. I gotta review my archives, but Im pretty sure that Motown Song versions performed in Las Vegas did have horns – otherwise all the songs performed so far certainly do not needed horns. Please do not have horns either as far as I recall.
J’anna grabs her violin and I expect Love is to be the next song. Rod comes out wearing a tartan suit and announce a song he used to do with Long John Baldry and I just didnt had a clue. Then the camera shows the auto cue monitor and I see “Rollin’and tumblin’” there. Rod hands the mic stand in that position of “ready, steady, go!” he does when it will be an up tempo song, and then percussion. Then slide. And holy freaking cow, what a motherfreaking killer track!!! The highlight of the show for me!!! a song which actually havent been performed ever since the VERY early days, a song which to my little knowledge of Rod bootleg recordings of the early days havent ever been recorded. A blues song turned into a powerful rocker that could have got my socks off if I were wearing any at the moment. And J’anna killing her violin, Don with a slide over his Stratocaster and Emerson providing a great rhythm. A huge shot of tequila and cracked the volume even higher and louder while I was pulling my hair histerical and jumpin in my chair like if I were watching the actual second coming of God live on tv or a UFO landing over the grass of the White House. The girls doing a choreography based on what they do for the drum solo. David killing it, Julia with that fierce expression again, Conrad doing figures up and down, Chuck killing his organ, the girls with “ah-ah-ah-ah” chorus. Am I listening to Foghat? or Bachman,Turner Overdrive?? The Guess Who?? No, its freaking Rod and Band in 2015 live on TV!!! Damn, they all are rocking hard as if there is no tomorrow, never have seen them doing that!!! And Rod turns to David and Julia and ask them to play louder, and suddenly Rod says to someone backstage to “Fuck off” – the most and finest rock and roll thing we have seen on Rod in years!!!
What the hell with this song?? What was Rod thinking of when he decided to play it?? Might this song have been in the can from the recording sessions intended for the blues álbum with Jeff Beck 4 years ago? Remember that some of those songs are the extras on the deluxe edition of Time, so… is there 21st centruy’ studio recording of this song in the vaults??
In a broken dream, no surprise – and Rod and band keep the drive and energy from the previous song, and Rod says that the BBC have asked to cut short the set list and he is not pleased at all – that might have been the “fuck off” thing.
The aditional violin player enters the stage again and Love is start, and everything comes back to normal. Love is still my favourite track out of the seven we alrady know from Another Country, and Im very pleased to see that it actually sounds great live – I had the impression that the song sounded weak on the fan footage we have, but boy how the sound changes from what it is caught with a hand camera or a phone compared to the soundboard source. Our RSFC and familiar faces again on TV, violin solo by J’anna fantastic, amazing performance.
Cant stop me now and again no surprise since it was a big hit in UK – so far the only regular live track on the set list and there is no surprises on this performance.
Some of us knew since days ago that Jim Cregan would join the stage at Hyde Park, but no clue on which song or songs he will be. I was only joking was expected for all of us, so no surprise – but its was special because of Jim. As Mike previously said, some of us bursted a tear or two or many when we saw Jim Cregan on stage – damn, he along with Kevin Savigar and Tony Brock where my idols when I was 13 years old!! I was able to keep it during his solo, but bursted in tears when Rod played with his hair – and just couldnt believe how beautiful they both look when they knee on the floor – wish I knew at that moment that it was the very end of the show.
And yes, it was the very end. I was hoping for an encore, but it didnt happened.
No soccer balls, no horn section – I missed that. Killer set list, but I dont think Every beat of my heart and I was only joking were the best choices to open and close this spectacular concert.
Now I have to work on get video of this concert in the best quality available, even if there was a rumor from an insider of the BBC that the concert COULD be an oficial relase – still just a rumor, so Im not holding my breath for it.
We have some classics: Faces final concert, Christmas, LA Forum 81, San Diego 84, the bootlegs from 1988/89, maybe the Vagabond heart, Hampden Park 99… and Hyde Park 2015: this concert is already a classic, a must have for everyone of us.
Now is the awkward moment when I regret so damn much I havent used the credit card to make the trip and attend this show… look for “regret” on google and the first result will be a photo of my face.
Congratualtions to everyone who was able to attend and live this show, you will never forget.
And a huge thank you for all the band members for the effort on learning all this songs in short time and deliver a magnificent performance – you guys are amazing and I am so proud to be able to call most of you “my friends” –you girls and boys rocked Hyde Park!!!
Ladies and Gentlemen, we witnessed history.

A dedication/ review by Sue Oates

Just a little review on our night on 12th  August 2015. Myself and  two sons Ryan and Matt and his girlfriend Roxanne went to Vegas.This trip had been planned prior to my husband Mick becoming ill and before he passed away on 28th July he told us to go as planned. So we did. Strings were pulled and on the evening of the show my amazing boy Ryan told me we were meeting Rod!! Shocked is an understatement! We all love Rod but I think this shows the true measure of the man he was so lovely we spoke of Mick....the boys and Roxanne thought he was fabulous.We had our  photos  taken and Rod promised a dedication in the show. To have Rod speak of Mick so kindly and dedicate Have I Told You Lately to him made the past awful weeks a bit more bearable x Rod ....what an man and he now has 3 more fans! Plus he sang  You can make me dance .....this was just a truly amazing night. Thank you Rod and thanks to everyone for the kindness shown to us during this time,




A fan review by Cara Marie Anne Trombino

-What an amazing night to end Rod’s 2015 run at Caesars! It started out with my dinner with Jennifer Hopson at the Palms Restaurant. We got there around 5:00pm and finished around 7 ish. We made our way to the Coliseum and I made my way to the 6th row front Orchestra. Promptly at 7:30pm the song starts that goes “You take the high road!” wish I knew the name of the song. I always forget sorry! My friends Ruth and Mike Gregor and Susanna were in section 3 or 4 and were immediately on their feet! Finally the curtain opens up and we see the band and to the left OUT COMES ROD! In a gold jacket, white shirt, and black pants. The crowd is immediately on their feet! He opened the show with Infatuation and then Havin A Party. Rod then spoke saying this was the last night of the current set and that this was his 111th show and it was 111 degrees today in Vegas! Thanks for sending us home in a good mood! Next came Tonight’s the Night and the crowd was singing along. After that Rod mentioned that we were a very upbeat crowd for a Sunday night show. Next was Motown Song! IVE BEEN WAITING YEARS for Rod to sing this one live when I am there. I LOVED IT! They showed the music video clips of him animated on the big screen. Next Rod introduces You Wear It Well followed by Rhythm of My Heart. On the screen Rod showed us touching footage of soliders coming home to their families then an ad for the Wounded Warriors project that he proudly supports. Next Rod introduced a brand new song called Love Is which will be on his new upcoming album Another Country which will be out in October. Can’t wait to get it! Next Rod sings Can’t Stop me Now. Before the song starts Rod said that when he started out with singing a lot of record company’s turned him down cause of his voice or his nose or something. His parents kept him going and so this song is very dear to him. While singing the screen had showed pics of him and his dad and clips from 60s and 70s. Next Rod introduces his daughter Ruby and her friend (sorry can’t remember her name) from her band called The Sisterhood. Ruby came out in a beautiful red dress. They sang a song called Show Me Life I think that was the name with pics of kids from poor countries like Haiti & Africa. It was very beautiful and very touching. Next came Forever Young. Rod & Ruby both sang this together very nicely along with J’anna and David Palmer’s awesome drum solos! Rod came out dressed in an all gold suit for the rest of the song. Then the roadies came out with chairs for the Acoustic set along with the rest of the orchestra (My friend Lydia Ansel too) Before the set started Rod said that Ruby was a little shit (pardon my language) when she was a teen. I would pick her up from school and I would have the hood up and she would go “put it down!” Then I would turn the radio on and she would go “I don’t like that station. CHANGE IT!” “What a lovely woman she’s grown up to be” Everyone clapped. I’m not saying this cause she is Rod’s daughter but she sure is a beautiful person inside and out! We all have Rod & Kelly to thank for it! So Rod then introduces the first song for the Acoustic set. Came out in 1969 and when the music starts I recognize it right away! Gasoline Ally! I was THRILLED to hear this! This was another song this was another song that I’ve been wanting for Rod to perform when I am there! Then came First Cut is the Deepest then when Rod is about to sing Have I Told You Lately and he mentioned that Lucy is about to get married and Don & Julia just got married so if your looking for love join our band! Someone in the crowd goes “Love you Rod!” and he gets up and smiles and he knocks the stool over! And goes “Oh now look what you made me do!” Next was Swet Little Rock N Roller and Rod goes through the crowd near sections 3 and everyone is on their feet! Next came I’m Every Woman with awesome vocals by Di Reed,Kimmi, Lucy, and J’anna! Next came Your In My Heart and I bring out my Celtic flag and everyone was singing along. Rod then mentions that anyone who is wearing a green and white Celtic shirt gets a free beer at the Pub! Next comes Stay With Me and OUT COME THE BALLS! Rod started off kicking them on the left side (audience right) and I waited for him to be in the middle so I can be able to hold up my sign for him to see. It said THE FACES TOGETHER ALWAYS with pictures of Rod & the guys from the 70s and one from Wembley 86 when they did the reunion. Rod sees my sign and a ball rolls over to him and he tosses it to me and I CATCH IT! Everyone was cheering in my section! Next comes Maggie May and as Rod is singing he’s doing a drinking motion with his hand to me,mom and anyone else who is wearing a Celtic shirt. (I thought of you Marcy & David when he did this) Next comes DYTIS and Rod is wearing a orange and white Cowboy hat with the Celtic logo on it in the front (thanks Michael & Jill for getting it. It’s so awesome!) The whole band is there including the Orchestra from the Acoustic set and the big balloons are falling every where! Some kept bopping me on the head! J’anna and some of the violinists even popped them with their sticks! It was funny!
Next mom and I make our way over to Gordon Ramsey’s Pub and we thought we were going to pose in the front for a group photo like the Fan club did last November. It was kind of confusing at first cause we didn’t know where to go. So we stood on the side somewhere near the back and all of a sudden we hear screaming coming from the Coliseum doors and we knew what that meant! Rod comes in the front with 3 or 4 guards surrounding him! Everyone is going nuts and I’m looking at him smiling and he walks past me! I touched a bit of his jacket! He was wearing a blue suit with stripes on it. HES GOT THE NICEST CLOTHES! He’s eating dinner in the back room with 3 guards guarding the door way. Mom and I are standing there for about 2 hrs. My friend Shannon and Jennifer Hopson are also there. There were a bunch of people not wearing shirts that were there too. Finally after 2 long hours someone in a Celtic shirt (sorry I can’t remember who it was) goes “Come with me!” at first we didn’t want to move cause we didn’t want to miss Rod coming out but she goes “trust me come with me!” so mom and I do and we are standing outside the back room room and all of us in Celtic shirts were posing for group pics. Finally HERE COMES ROD! I crotch down in the front cause I’m short and tiny. I wanted to be up front with him. He stands in the front and I hold onto his left arm with left hand and my thumb up with my other hand. IT WAS WELL WORTH THE WAIT! It also made up for me missing out on Last November’s events in Vegas with the fan club!
When Rod left I got to go in the back and talk to some of the band members. I congratulated Don & Julia on their marriage and I also spoke with Katja and Conrad. At midnight Gordon Ramsey’s started to close.
In closing Thanks so much Rod for making this trip so memorable for me and my mom and for one of the best summers of my life! I can’t wait for Another Country to come out and thanks so much Mike, Susana, Jennifer Hopson, Nancy Ortega,Bonnie and David for being so kind and generous and for treating me to lunch and dinner! Ruth you are always so much fun to be around! Shannon Holiker it was so wonderful seeing you! Thanks for buying me a keychain! Also thanks to my guardian angel Rita! I know shes with me always when I see Rod. I feel so loved and blessed to have you all as my friends! I hope and pray I can go back to Vegas in April. Love you all! ROD RULES!
P.S. When ever Rod’s 1986 Wembley show comes to DVD I can die happy!

A fan review by Jeffrie Fulmar Thomas

From my perspective, a review of Rod Stewart "The Hits", Las Vegas, Sat & Sun, Aug 8th -Aug 9th
It's Saturday night at The Colosseum and as I'm waiting in line to purchase my elite bottle of water, I hear a lot of excitement around me. Vic Vega has just passed thru and the people are freaking out.  As I chuckle to myself I think, okay, this has to be a sign for the beginning of a great show night. Once inside the venue, I spot my mom and head for my seat, making note of quite a few Celtic jerseys in the crowd.  Once seated, the gentleman in the row ahead turns to me and says, "is this your first Rod show?" and I'm thinking, sir, if you only knew…this is my 81st Rod concert!  I notice that the woman he is with is rockin' a cute Rod hair style, and upon further inspection when she raises her head fully up, I can see that it's our own Vicki Marrow!  Greetings, hugs and thus my first meet up with this lovely couple, Vicki and Steve.  
Rarely does Rod start late, but it is Saturday night and there is a lot going on pre-show, so we wait and wonder.  At last, the live music starts, not to worry, Rod is in the building! The band members play the intro and Rod appears out of right stage.  Oops, he's expecting a much larger welcome from the crowd, so he turns to go back and come out again. It's a try it one more time people moment, let's greet this man with the same enthusiasm he gives us for the next few hours and success! The crowd roars and Rod is happy.
Rod opens with Infatuation, followed by Having a Party, a great way to kick off the show.  Next from the new recording to release in Oct is Love Is. (I won't post every song title here, instead you'll find the set list posted at the end of the review).  I must comment on Rhythm of My Heart and Wounded Warriors Project. The two mesh together seamlessly, and Rod, as only he can do, can sing a song, show a video clip and speak to commend those who have served the country in times of war. You can clearly see that Rod has a huge heart for those in service.  In addition,  I've also noticed that he is very tender-hearted toward the elderly, and that warms my heart.
Next out is the new duo, The Sisterhood, Rod's daughter Ruby Stewart and Alyssa Bonagura. They grace us with One Light and I have to say, these two sound great together!  What a perfect pairing! Ruby now has a stage presence and confidence level like never before and it shows in her demeanor.  She appears to be happy, relaxed and excited with the new beginning.  Would have loved to have heard Tenderize My Heart live, as I've been singing it in my head since the first time I heard it.  I love it!  One Light has a very special meaning to The Sisterhood, as it marries back to Ruby and Kimberly's trips to Haiti and the trials and tribulations they witnessed there.
Rod and Ruby performed Forever Young together.  If ever there was a proud father of his daughter,  it has to be Rod.  He was beaming from ear to ear as he stood across the stage from her. It truly was a magical moment to see, father/daughter, experiencing together, her hard work come to fruition.
This was also a very special night for Ruby, as her mom, Kelly Emberg was there, as well as her grandfather from Texas.  In addition, Penny was down front taking photos of The Sisterhood (in their ruby red dresses!). Side note, many years ago (early 1980's), my company hired Ruby's mom Kelly to do a photo shoot for our catalog and TV promo.  I was a buyer for Palais Royal Stores in Houston and we used Kelly for my ad campaign.  I pulled the ad slick (yep, still have it), and compared Ruby's photo to her mom's.  She has the same chiseled bone structure and beauty exemplified by her mom at that age.  And yes, she's got a lot of Rod in her too!
Next we were in for a special treat as Rod shook up the set list a bit.  Gasoline Alley, Tom Trauberts, What Am I Gonna Do!!!!  We were truly transported back in time, like never before.  It was a taste of his sound in Houston 1973 to me, a time when we could stand in our seats throughout the entire show!  Rod appeared to be in a complete comfort zone performing these songs, what a plus for the night! It was so refreshing to hear some "newness" added to the set list.
Alastair came up for Sweet R&R, and traveled thru the audience with Rod.  Did not see Rod shaking any hands Sat night, by design-don't know?  Vicki threw "the hat", Rod motioned for Alastair to put it on, and Alastair was delighted to receive it.
The girls sang I'm Every Woman and Di was exceptional.  Love watching Kimmy and Lucy with their sharp and concise movements adding to their superlative vocals. The videos are gone, whether good or bad?  Myself, I would rather hear Rod joke around and ad lib or sing another song.  Of course, it would be interesting to know, how many in the audience are seeing the show for the first time and want to see the videos….
Rod was in a "kick the ball" mood as he was kicking and sending them soaring into the outer zones.  He appeared to be in Rod the "performer" mode on Saturday night, and Rod the "entertainer" mode on Sunday night.  And yes, there is a difference, you can sense it and feel it.
On Saturday night he announced to the crowd, "this will be our last song", not much response, again, "this will be our last song", continues to wait for a response, "I said this will be our last song!", now the audience gets it and up on their feet they go.  Geez, it can be really hard work getting this crowd going, no wonder he gets his panties in a wad as we say in Texas!
Walking to my seat Sunday night, I could see quite a few green/white Celtic jerseys again.  Always a good sign for a true Rod crowd.  I arrived at my seat, turned to the ladies behind me and asked, "will you be standing during the show?", hoping the answer will be yes.  Instead I got, "We've traveled all the way from Australia and we will be standing from the moment the shows starts until it is over!" It was our own Leonie Crowder and what a delight she is!  
Rod hits the floor running Sunday night, he's raring to go!  Loves the crowd and plays to us so naturally and effortlessly tonight. Tonight's set list is another shake up;  different songs from the previous night that we rarely hear anymore: Some Guys, Twisting, Wear It Well,  Broken Dream, Georgie.
When Rod and Ruby reappear for the 2nd half of Forever Young, he's quite enamoured with his new leopard print socks that match back to his gold suit and is sure that the audience makes note also. It's as though he's saying, Look, look, look, my socks, my socks, my socks!  Just like a kid at heart, as Ruby looks on, quite amused with her Rod father.
His last wardrobe change was into a black tank layered with a leopard print shirt, paired with black jeans and he looked ADORABLE!!!  Like the Rod Stewart of years gone by, regressing in time. How does he do that, always looks 10 years younger than he really is.  He says  it's the "Oil of Olay ladies and gentlemen"….Whatever it is, keep doing it, it works!
The band was superb.  Rod was gracious to let each member "shine" on their own accord and I always admire him for that.  He has an incredibly talented group working with him and he's not afraid to give a moment of "glory" to another as it is so richly deserved.  And speaking of glory, have you noticed that Rod is having a few "hallelujah" moments these days?  I played back a few videos and can hear a hallelujah here and there.
In closing, Rod and the band really seemed to be having a good time on stage Sunday night.  Quite light-hearted in word and action, ever the consummate professional,  giving a STELLAR performance to close the weekend shows.

A fan review by Karen Chande

Review of Vegas Shows, July 31 – Aug. 1, 2015

July 31

The show opened tonight with 'This Old Heart of Mine' as Rod entered wearing a white jacket and shirt, black tie and pants. The backup singers wore pretty yellow fringe dresses. Having A Party was next. I love the way Rod comes over to the sides of the stage to greet his guests during the non-singing parts in the song early on in the show. At the introduction to the audience, Rod said it was his 104th Vegas show which means he's sung these songs 104 times except this next one which he's only sung 3 times and the Motown Song began. Tonight's The Night was next and then You Wear It Well. Rod then removed his jacket and placed it on the stage steps behind and started rolling up his sleeve saying he’s rolling up his sleeves, two sleeves, one on each arm. (He’s so funny!) He then says this next song he’s dedicating to the troops our veteran soldiers, God bless them, we wouldn’t be here enjoying ourselves without them and to pay attention to the message on the screens. Rhythm of My Heart begins.

Afterward, the stage hands brought out microphones as Rod said and now a special event, some of us have seen his daughter Ruby sing here and she has her own group called the Sisterhood and they were going to sing tonight. Ruby came out in a long red dress and her hair cut shorter along with the other girl, Alyssa, whose last name Rod pronounced wrong. (Sounded like he said Candelabra) After he left, Ruby corrected him and Alyssa said that was a good one she hadn’t heard before and had a nice laugh. They performed a song called Tenderize My Heart. Ruby walked to both sides of the stage during the song. When Rod came back, he joked saying that Alyssa’s name should have been written on the cue card and he wouldn't have made that mistake. Alyssa left the stage after Rod gave her a hug and Rod and Ruby then performed Forever Young together. When Rod returned after the band/drum solo, now in his silver suit, he had the band stop playing for a second so he could show off his attire.

The chairs were then brought out and Rod said it was time for some acoustic stuff and to use our very expensive seats to sit our bottoms on, or go take a break, have a pee, make a phone call, get a glass of wine, they’ll still be there! He then introduced the first song saying this song was band by the BBC in the mid-70's due to the delicate subject of homosexuality. The band then began performing The Killing of Georgie. After a brief start, Rod had the band stop playing, saying they “F”-ed up and they restarted the song. Afterward, Rod mentioned about a Faces reunion and that there were five of them but only three of them are left, unfortunately. They lost Ian McLagan and Ronnie Lane but there was still talk of a reunion and were in fact going to have a small reunion in London on Sept. 5. They then performed Ooh La La. Next the local orchestra came out and got situated and then played First Cut Is The Deepest. The last song in the acoustic set was Have I Told You Lately. The chairs were removed from the stage and before Rod descended the steps out into the audience, he went over to take a sip of wine wishing us a Merry Christmas saying he won’t be seeing us before then. As he came down the steps in the front, a woman offered him a beautiful bouquet of flowers as he was passing by. He seemed ready to take them but probably realizing he couldn't as he was going to be out among the crowd performing, he said he would get them later. Once he and a few band members were well out to the back of the front orchestra, Sweet Little Rock 'N Roller began and they moved across the back as Rod shook hands and then back up to the stage. Next he introduced the ladies "soul time" for Proud Mary. When he returned in all black attire, it was time for You're In My Heart. As he was on the side of the stage in section 2, someone had put leopard print underwear on the stage. Rod picked it up and held it up to much laughter from the audience. He eventually tucked it into his pant pocket as he walked back over to center stage. When the funny videos began, Rod placed the underwear on the stage floor underneath the screen and was toying with it leaving a hesitation before the start of Stay With Me for the soccer ball kickoff.

I was realizing by now that the greatly anticipated Love Is wasn't going to make an appearance in tonight’s show, I had been so looking forward to hearing it live! During Maggie May, the lady in the front who had been trying to give Rod the flowers earlier as he came into the audience for Sweet Little Rock & Roller threw the bouquet up onto the stage. Rod picked them up and held them during part of the song. After the song was over, the curtain came down and then back up again for Do You Think I’m Sexy. During the song, a lady in the audience came up onstage with a marker asking Rod if he could please autograph her leg. I was glad the guards let her have her moment as Rod obligingly did so and it was touching to see her with tears of disbelief and happiness in her eyes. I think much of the audience was feeling her excitement. Once the balloons descended down to the stage, Rod was having fun hitting them out into the audience. He also posed for a picture a man near me was taking. The man seemed to be struggling with getting the picture and Rod checked with him if he got it. I don't know if he did, but I did!

August 1

Tonight's show opened with Having A Party as Rod came out in black pants, yellow jacket, white shirt with blue and black striped tie. Next up was It's A Heartache. After that Rod welcomed his audience, saying this was the 105th show here at the Palace and that he wasn't in particularly good voice because the dry weather here seems to have taken it's toll, it's very dry here - not dry alcohol-wise of course but he does hope we've had a drink, it is Saturday night, enjoy, and if we can help him by singing along because of his injured voice he would be happy and this next song is You Wear It Well. He got everyone clapping along at the start of the song. After that was Tonight's The Night.

The next song I was very pleased to hear in the lineup tonight was "Can't Stop Me Now" which Rod introduced saying this next one was on the last album about his early days in show business when he was 17 or 18 and how he wasn’t getting anywhere with the record companies because they didn’t like his hair, his nose or his clothes but says he did get there in the end. He dedicated the song to his dear Dad, Bob Stewart who never gave up on him and gave him support. You can see he really enjoys performing this song, with a some microphone stand action in parts like the old days. As he finished the song, he took off his yellow jacket and tossed it on the stage steps behind. The next song I was also happy to hear was Some Guys Have All The Luck. By now, Rod is settled in casually, less formal with half his shirt pulled out of his pants and hanging down, love it! Next was the dedication to all our troops and there's a message on the screens if we watch. Then Rhythm Of My Heart begins.

Next Rod introduced his daughter Ruby - at no expense to our ticket price - saying some of us have seen her sing here and now she has teamed up with a friend Alyssa Bonagura (got her name correct tonight!) and they call themselves The Sisterhood, so to please welcome The Sisterhood. Ruby and Alyssa came out and Ruby took the microphone to welcome everyone saying it was great to be here. She said they wrote and recorded this song themselves. Alyssa said this was their third show ever. They said they felt so lucky and honored to be here. Ruby said the song is called Tenderize My Heart and that her sister has a reality show coming out called Stewart Hamiltons and this is actually the title song from it and they were super excited about it. They did a great job singing it with Alyssa on guitar, some of Rod's band and Ruby free to sing and walk over to each side of the stage engaging the audience as her dear 'ole Dad does.

Afterward, Rod came out, Alyssa left and Rod and Ruby sang Forever Young. When they returned after the drum/band solo, Rod is now changed into a bright pink jacket and pants and white shirt with black polka dots. After they finished the song, Ruby left and Rod said it's acoustic guitar session now. The stage hands set up the chairs and as Rod sat down, he said we could sit now and that oh we were already sitting. He said the one thing he wishes - he loves Caesar's Palace but he wishes the seats weren't so comfortable and that they’ve been out on the road and the people are up standing, singing, shouting, dancing and having a good time but we are always sitting. He asked if the heat had gotten to us in the day (in a kind, caring way) and said it's hot here. Just as First Cut Is The Deepest begins, a man in the audience shouts out, "we love you, rocking Rod!" After the song, Rod says there must surely be some British people in the audience (to which there was some cheering) and that he usually doesn’t do this next song but they love it and he does it for his fellow countrymen. Rod says, "Take it away Ginger!" as “I Don’t Want To Talk About It” begins. Rod says the next song was one of the best love songs in the rock & roll era and says take it away...whoever brings it in, and then turns to Chuck on keyboards and acts embarrassed at his forgetfulness. Have I told You Lately begins and is the last song in the acoustic set.

As the stage hands begin removing the chairs, Rod says he’s going to go on a bit of a wander and starts out tonight on the other side in section 2 into the audience with a fan right away getting a picture taken with him. He worked his way around the back and across to Sweet Little Rock & Roller and back up onto the stage. Then the ladies took over with Proud Mary. Next Rod comes out in all black attire and the ladies in matching black fringe dresses. You're In My Heart is next to a great audience response, especially from the Celtic supporters present and great singing along. After that, the funny videos on the screen and then Stay With Me for the soccer ball kickoff. It's fun to see Rod at close range kicking out the balls as well as handing them to people up against the stage and see the joy he brings with his special gift unique to him as a performer. Afterward he said they had one more and it was the always popular Maggie May. There was great audience response with people on their feet singing and dancing. The curtain comes down and quickly back up for Do You Think I'm Sexy. Rod works his way to both sides of the stage to engage audience members and even got down on the stage floor to sign a picture. Conrad and Jimmy had their solos in the middle of the song and there was lots of fun with Rod and the band tossing the balloons out to the audience. It was a great two shows and again I say thank you Rod, especially for coming out to do the shows when he felt he was having trouble with his voice. See you next "Time"!

A fan review from two nights in Vegas by Ann Hedgpeth

Vegas 31/07.2015


What a great night for a birthday treat...  My friend and I travelled from North Carolina to see two great Rod Stewart shows at Caesars in Las Vegas. We had a bite at the Gordon Ramsey pub and joined several other green and white clad fans to await the man himself.  Little did we know a few surprises awaited.  One of which was the Sisterhood  act  which was Rod's daughter Ruby.  Then Rod and Ruby did Forever Young together. Ruby was beautiful in a gorgeous red flowing gown with a cape feature in the back. Her hair looked like it had a recent cut and she looked and sounded great.  The security was tight and didn't allow you to even stand beside your aisle seat in the aisle, as I got called out a few times.  Rod sang the hits  as well as Killing of Georgie which is not often done..  Rod was in great voice and seemed to enjoy himself immensely.  The other surprise came at the very end when a fan in a green and white shirt managed get onto the stage at the last minute and got Rod to sign her leg..  It was over in a flash and I don't know who she was.  She came down from the stage right beside me and was shaking and crying.  I asked her how she managed it and she said I've got b......!  Someone said the security guy had her by the ankle but she broke free.  She told me her husband said to the security guy to let her go she wasn't going to hurt anyone..  All in all a very memorable and magical night.

Vegas 1/08/2015


What a wonderful way to spend a Saturday night.  Everyone leaving the colosseum at Caesars in Las Vegas had a smile on their face and some had a soccer ball under their arm!  It seems that should be the objective of every entertainer and Rod certainly filled the bill.  You wanted to say a kind word to the person next to you and no one seemed to want to leave the balloon flooded venue.. The hits came quickly and despite a "dry throat"his voice sounded great. We all helped out as requested and sang along. Ruby Stewart sang with her partner as Sisterhood.. She is gaining in her stage presence nightly and you can certainly see the presence of her father's genes.  Great violin by Katja and Proud Mary never looked or sounded so good. Miracles also sometimes happen at Rod Stewart concerts and a 5' woman can end up with a soccer ball thanks to an Angel in the crowd disguised as a fan. My friend who attended the concert with me gave me her football as it was my birthday.


A fan review and photos by Tammy Hyde

I waited 3 long months before our hero came to Sioux Falls. But, MAN, was it worth it! His band came out, the "Virgin" S.F. Fans Cheered. Then, Rod casually came out, and the Crowd REALLY Cheered! (I Screamed Like a little girl!) This was the first Rod concert for Brian, my hubby.
And then the magic, fun, and music as only Rod can give began. Rod, for a 70 year old musician, did not dissappoint. I noticed his voice was as clear as when I first saw him in 1980? He sang the big  favorites, Maggie May," "Tonight's the Night," "First Cut is The Deepest," and introduced an old Faces tune from "Longplayer" album, of 1972, called "Had Me a Real Good Time." And he didn't miss a word or note - And the back up musicians were ALL OVER THIS SONG!!! Made me wonder, hhmmmm, FACES Reunion, IT COULD HAPPEN! I wasn't real close to see  Rod's face, but I know he loves his Ronnie Wood! So, other songs on this last leg of the "Hits" Tour included "Have I Told You Lately That I Love You" and, Of Course, "You're In My Heart," A HUGE favourite of Rod's and RSFC fans alike. And Footballs were everywhere! That man, who I call a friend, still has SOME KICK!! IT didn't matter to me, whether I caught a Soccer ball, cause I felt pride in the fact that we GAVE ROD a FAN-O-GRAPHED ball from his loving, loyal Fans. AND I know He got it, God put a nice Driver of Rod's in my path. He took it, with Souvenir writing & 15 some fan Greetings on it to My oldest, Best R & R friend. And, for stats, the Denny Sanford Premier Center holds about 13,000 fans. I asked my friend in security how many seats sold, bout 8 - 9,000. But what does that natter. Rod, his musicians, and Fans had ONE 'ELL OF A REAL GOOD TIME!!!
Be Well n Happy, Rod. WE LOVE YOU SO MUCH!!!

A fan review and photos  by Marcy Braunstein

Friday and Saturday, July 24 and 25 in Iowa and South Dakota


On Friday July 24th Rod graced the stage in a wild yet tasteful animal print jacket at the U.S. Cellular Center in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.  It reminded me of what someone posted on FB comparing the suits Rod's wearing now with those of 20 or so years ago.  This one was different for sure but I compare his stage wardrobe to his hair--they both have been a variation on a theme over the years.

Rod opened to "Having a Party", which was more appropriate than "Infatuation" from nights before because America's heartland loves Rod and the entire audience was having a party during the entire show.  Lots of audience participation-it reminded me of the first show I attended in England where they sang every word to every song. It continued to remind me of the shows across the pond when Rod sang "Every Picture Tells A Story" and then during the sit down "The Killing of Georgie".  Kimmie did a great job on backing vocals.  What a great night!

Before he sang "Tonight's the Night" he said that a lot of unwanted children were born because of this song.  (I think he meant unplanned children.) I noticed a lot of Al Jolson moves down on one knee or at times both knees.  He also sang "Love is" and the banjo player who I believe was in the video accompanied it. 

It was more of the party-like atmosphere on Saturday night too at the Denny Sanford Premier Center in Sioux Falls, South Dakota. And just to give an update on his suit, Rod came out in the tightest pair of black pants I've seen since the days of spandex, a white jacket and blue tie.  He was right in front of us in the front row a lot so I was able to take particular notice. 

When Rod introduced Jimmy Roberts, he talked about the fact that Jimmy was in the band years ago, left for awhile and then came back.  On Friday night he said Jimmy left to open an omelet shop and then on Saturday night he said he left to open a sexy lingerie shop called "Jimmy's Secrets".  At the end of the show someone threw up a very padded bra which ended up on Jimmy's head. 

Rod also said that he has many beautiful women in his band and said that's why he was going to sing "Some Guys Have All The Luck".  He applauded Katja and said she is looking for love and came all the way to Sioux Falls to find it. The crowd loved it! 

Lucy woke up with a cold on Saturday and before they sang "Rhythm of my Heart, Rod and Lucy appeared to be having a conversation which I thought might be about whether she felt well enough to do her solo part.  She must have because she did it beautifully. 

I've saved the best to last:  Rod sang "I don't want to talk about in" which he rarely sings in the states and then he said they were messing about during the sound check and decided unbelievably for the first time ever to sing the old Faces tune "Had me a real good Time".  I know I should have videoed them but I was so much in awe of both of them, I simply enjoyed them without being behind a lens.  I sure hope someone did!

What a perfect way to finish off seeing five shows in a row and the last night of the U.S. Tour.  Rod has said that his audience will tell him when it's time for him to retire and as long as he has air in his lungs he wants to do the live shows.  Based on what I've seen, the audience his telling him to keep going!  He's on his way to Vegas and then to Hyde Park and of course the new CD in October. I don't know how he does it.  We're heading on to Mount Rushmore for some sightseeing and much needed R & R.  We might be getting too old for this but I'm delighted that Rod is not!  Had me a VERY good time!

A fan review and photos by Marcy Braunstein

Bloomington, IL July 22, 2015

It turns out that Johnny Gates, lead singer of Runaway Saints, the opening act for five of Rod's July shows, is a huge fan of Rod himself.  I had an opportunity to talk with him prior to the Bloomington, IL show and found that Johnny's mother isn't the only one in his family that is a Rod fan. He said Rod was always on the radio when he was growing up and their band used to cover "Maggie May".  In fact he's also a Faces fan and loves to hear Rod sing "Ooh La La".  When he received the phone call about opening for Rod, he "very calmly flipped out". He also said its been an "unforgettable experience" to hear the support of Rod's audience when they come out on stage.  He admits they snuck out in the crowd in Toledo to watch the show and had the chance to meet fellow Rod fans, share stories and hear some favorite memories from past Rod concerts. I got the impression Johnny might be looking forward to these remaining shows as much if not more than I am!

This was the first of three Midwestern shows and the folks in these parts love Rod.  It appeared to be a sell-out crowd of 8,000 or so at the U.S. Cellular Coliseum in Bloomington, IL which is about 100 miles south of Chicago. Rod asked the crowd if they had been drinking and said he loves the sing-a-longs that he thinks started back with the Faces.  He really appreciated the response and said "you should be up here and hear what it sounds like."

As a part of Rod's support for wounded warriors (which is outstanding) during "Rhythm of my Heart" he said "Donald Trump is right, we should take better care of our veterans".  He didn't endorse The Donald's presidential bid but did give him a shout out.  I believe they are friends and have homes next to each other in West Palm Beach.  I don't think the media will pick up on this comment though as they are still wasting time talking about Rod's time in Canada having his picture taken in a coat made of Seal and lunching with a long-legged blond beauty who turned out to be a member of his management team. 

During the acoustic set, Julie did a wonderful job opening "First Cut" on the harp. I was watching her up on the screen and she's very serious about her work.  And it wasn't long before her newlywed husband, Don was highlighted also. 

Rod dedicated "You're in my Heart" to "those two girls in the Celtic shirts" and it turned out he was pointing at Deb Anderson and her daughter Genny.  I love when he does that---we all know that you don't really see Rod until he sees you.

During "You Wear It Well" I held up my obligatory "Lost in You Since '72" sign and the cameraman was nice enough to put me up on the screen.  Rod probably regrets writing on my sign "Always hold it up" as I do at every show.  Awhile back I was surprised to find an envelope in the mail with a photo that Penny took of me years ago holding my sign with a personal note from Rod saying "Look what I found!"  I love that man!

We had a fantastic time seeing Rod friends in Bloomington.  If you haven't met or spent any time with Bernie Brennan and her husband Mick you are missing an experience you'll not soon forget on a Rod trip.  Bernie is an absolute delight and made our hotel stay and time before and after the show really special.  It's been a very long time since I've laughed that hard.  You have to have her sing one of her Irish drinking tunes!  Dave loved chatting with Mick and how little Kevo took to him.  And we finally met Sara Drehfal Vila's husband Mark and if there was anyone there who had to call in sick from work and therefore I can't mention them by name--it was absolutely wonderful to see you.  I've missed you so much. 

I hope Rod knows, and I think he does, that his fans are so dedicated that they literally count their lose change, call off sick from work and buy plane tickets at the last moment to attend his shows. They also would wait in line for hours at the prospect of getting their picture taken with him.  And his smile and a mere "Enjoy the show ladies" is enough to mark that bill paid in full.  Thank you Rod!  Stay tuned for nights on the town in Iowa and South Dakota. 

A fan review and photos by Marcy Braunstein

Toledo, Ohio July 18 and Soaring Eagle Casino July 19


At the Saturday, July 18th show at the Huntington Center in Toledo, Ohio, Rod apologized for a "virus" he has been dealing with for the past 10 days.  He said he wasn't contagious and the ladies could still come up and kiss him.  Which of course wasn't possible because although it was an intimate venue with every one of the 5600 seats filled, the stage was high and a good distance from the front row where we were seated.  If it would have been Vegas, we all would have gone home sick.  Other than Rod wiping his nose a few times and an occasional slip-up on a high note, you wouldn't have known he canceled a show two nights before in Alabama under doctors orders.  But without a doubt he looked and sounded great. 

A band out of Nashville and now in LA called the Runaway Saints opened the show with 4 songs.  I wasn't familiar with them but their one song, "We Got Love" was a very catchy tune and one you could imagine Rod singing.  The lead singer, Johnny Gates, said his mother is a Huge Rod fan and she was there tonight and he knows she wasn't there to see them.  They were a great prelude to Rod mentioning his name a couple of times to outrageous screams from the audience. 

The set list was pretty much the same as you've seen with two exceptions: he sang "Young Turks" early on and surprised us with what he said was the first time he sung it, if at all--"In A Broken Dream".  The crowd loved "Love Is" which I hope is a sign that "Another Country" will sell better than "Time" did in the U.S. which I still don't understand.  He kicked the soccer balls during "Stay With Me" foregoing "Hot Legs".

It was like the old days with several pieces of sexy undies thrown up on stage and one pair made its way to the tip of Conrad's guitar----he didn't miss a chord acting as though they belonged there.  Something I've never seen at any concert before was off to the one side of the stage were two gentlemen seated with the one holding two Paris Hilton-like small dogs.  When introducing "Sweet Little Rock and Roller" he said we would see a very pretty but very straight version of him when he was 19. During the first curtain drop Lucy found herself outside of the round-shaped curtain and while laughing uncontrollably had to crawl up under it to get in.  At the end of the show during DYTIS, when the local string section joined them on stage, Rod was poked with one of the violins and grabbed his crotch right in front of us.  It was quite enjoyable, I must admit.  I love those "cock-ups"--no pun intended.

The next night in Mount Pleasant, Michigan was at the Roaring Eagle Casino but the only thing that resembled a casino show was that they held to the 90 minute limit. The set list was trimmed leaving "Love Is", "Broken Dream" and "Young Turks" out. John Waite opened and other than a few technical issues was fantastic. A special treat was when he did "Missing You" which Rod covered on his rock classics CD.  Don Kirkpatrick used to play in his band and you could see Don watching some of his set from the sideline. It was an outdoor venue which I haven't been to one in years.  It was the perfect night for it---warm but not hot.  The sky was blue and when Rod (and most of the band) came out in sunglasses, it reminded me of the opener of the Cigarettes and Alcohol Tour.  Rod said the "f_cking sun" was in his eyes and wished the sun would go down so he could take his sunglasses off.  I can't remember exactly what else was said but more than a couple F-bombs were dropped before the night was over. Once the sun did go down and the sunglasses were off, Rod said he was cold and put his jacket back on.

Seeing Rod is always the main focus of these trips but we also love seeing friends we haven't seen in awhile and putting faces to those we've only met on line.  We spent some great time with our good friends, Kathy and Gary Hurd.  And it was so good to see Sara Drehfal Vila, Dave and Deb Anderson (aka soccer ball head--who caught a ball) and Sandy Jendrusina, her husband and her son TJ, who also caught a ball.  Sara's good friend, Eduardo, who loved Rod's music in the early '70's was there to see Rod for the first time and did so from the third row. His opinion of the show was no surprise.  He said it was so well done.  He loved Rod and thought the band was great too.  He gave Rod the ultimate compliment in saying it took him back to 1972.  He got a couple of fantastic pictures too. 




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