Romantic Rod Stewart, 70, and leggy wife Penny Lancaster, 44, put on a loving display as they enjoy a low-key coffee date

They've been a couple for 15 years, and have two adorable children together.

But Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster enjoyed some quality time away from the mayhem of their day-to-day lives as they grabbed a coffee near their home in Studio City on Tuesday.

And the 70-year-old rocker and his wife, 44, looked more in love than ever as they strolled away from their low-key daytime date with their arms wrapped around each other.

Looking like any other couple as they sat outside their local branch of Starbucks, the pair - who raise sons Alastair, nine, and Aiden, four, together - appeared happy and relaxed while sipping on their drinks.

Propping his feet up as the happy couple sheltered from the morning heat, the Maggie May hitmaker looked delighted to be spending some alone-time with his third wife.

Reclining in an all-white ensemble, the rock legend looked at ease as he flashed his chest in an open-necked shirt.

Former model Penny flaunted her lithe and tanned legs in a denim jumpsuit, which she teamed with a pair of patterned espadrilles. 

The mother-of-two wore her long golden locks loose, letting her tousled mane cascade down and around her shoulders. 

After dealing with a couple of phone calls, the husband and wife looked the picture of domestic-bliss as they strolled off into the sun together. 

Enjoying a break in his performing schedule, Rod has also been spending some quality time with the rest of the Stewart clan as well as his glamorous wife.

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Rod Stewart has FOUR-DECADE ban on staying at Holiday Inns lifted

BOSSES at the chain say that the rocker – barred in the 70s because of his room-wrecking antics with his Faces bandmates – is now welcome back.

Rod Stewart has had a four-decade ban on staying at Holiday Inns lifted.

Bosses at the chain say that the rocker – barred in the 70s because of his room-wrecking antics with his Faces bandmates – is now welcome back.

They tweeted him to let him know about their change of heart after he talked about the ban with actor James Corden on the US’s Late, Late Show.

They said: “We’re not one to hold a grudge. You’re welcome back any time.”

But if they thought Rod had mellowed at 70, they might have had second thoughts when he tweeted them back. The cheeky star wrote: “Careful what you wish for. Afterparties at Holiday Inn on tour this summer.”

Talking about the ban, Rod said: “We’d empty rooms, stick furniture in the lift and send it to the lobby.

Rod Stewart snags bar stool from P.E.I. festival worker

Rob Gillis' bar stool is now travelling North America

Rob Gillis works construction every year at the Cavendish Beach Music festival site, and this year he also helped to supply some furniture for Rod Stewart's tour leaving him short a bar stool at home but with a great story to tell.

Gillis says he and his company, Built-Rite construction, have been providing setup and teardown service for the festival since it started seven years ago.

He didn't expect the job this year to be any different until a chance meeting backstage with the show's production manager, who was scrambling to find a stool for Rod Stewart to sit on during his set the next night.

Gillis offered up one from his bar at home and even offered to paint it white to match the set.

His wife was hesitant at first to break up the bar set, but Gillis said she came around.

"It didn't take us long to convince her this was the proper thing to do," Gillis said. "Not everybody has the chance to give a piece of your furniture to Mr. Stewart."

Next night, the stool supported Rod on stage in front of thousands.

"It was pretty surreal, I would say, unbelievable," Gillis said.

Gillis assumed he would get the stool back at the end of the night, but the production manager had some news for him the next day.

"They loved it so much, it's gone on to Newfoundland for this tour, then back to Atlanta, then six weeks in Vegas," he laughed.

So now, Gillis is the proud owner of a jet-setting bar stool.

"My thoughts originally were when I got the bar stool back, I would have three nice silver bar stools at my bar with one white one beside it and it would be a conversation piece," he said.

Instead, Gillis is getting a professional photo taken of Stewart performing with the bar stool. The photo will occupy the space at home where the stool once was.

Rod Stewart And A$AP Rocky Sing “Carpool Karaoke” With James Corden On ‘Late Late Show

Rod Stewart and A$AP Rocky joined James Corden for some “Carpool Karaoke” on Tuesday’s “Late Late Show.” In between the singing, there was also plenty of talk about “shagging.” See the video below!

Corden’s popular musical comedy bit has a musician answer questions from the talk show host in between singing the artist’s biggest hits. Stewart and Corden began their drive by singing Stewart’s song, “First Cut Is The Deepest.” Corden then asked Stewart about his craziest “rock and roll moment,” but there were too many for him to remember. Mostly, Stewart said it was the “drinking and shagging and the drinking and the shagging.”

During their ride, Corden got Stewart to admit he would often “smash up hotel rooms” as a young rocker, mainly because he didn’t feel his band got the respect it deserved when first starting out. Stewart also told Corden that his old band “The Faces” would often announce onstage that they were having a party afterwards, and then have hundreds and hundreds of random women come to their Holiday Inn hotel room. After the group got banned from that hotel chain for their wild behavior, Stewart said they would simply check in under a different band’s name.

Next, A$AP Rocky popped up in the backseat of Corden’s car to sing “In A Broken Dream,” which the rapper samples on his new track “Everyday.” After A$AP Rocky seemingly left the car, Stewart and Corden sang “Do Ya Think I’m Sexy?” and finally “Maggie May,” which is about an older woman with whom Stewart had sex. Corden jokingly asked, “Is that the last time you slept with an older woman?” The talk show host also called Stewart’s hair a “work of art” and touched it. Apparently, it only takes Stewart 10 minutes to style it.

As Gossip Cop has previously reported, Justin Bieber, Iggy Azalea, Jennifer Hudson and Mariah Carey have also taken part in “Carpool Karaoke” segments. Check out the video below of Rod Stewart and A$Ap Rocky doing “Carpool Karaoke” with James Corden on the “Late, Late Show,” and tell us what you think.

Opening act set for Rod Stewart concert

Runaway Saints, a Nashville, Tenn.-based trio, will open for Rod Stewart on July 16 at the Tuscaloosa Amphitheater.

The members of Runaway Saints, Johnny Gates, Jamie Jarbeau and Matt Scanlon, are originally from Rhode Island and have been performing together since high school.

The band is preparing to release its debut album next year. To hear samples of their music, go to Facebook and search for Runaway Saints.

The July 16 concert will start at 7 p.m. at the amphitheater, 2710 Jack Warner Parkway NE. Tickets range from $55 to $144 and are available online via Ticketmaster, at the amphitheater box office or by phone at (800) 745-3000.

Other upcoming concerts at the amphitheater include Phish on Aug. 2 and the Alabama Shakes, with special guests the Drive-By Truckers, on Aug. 20.

Opening opportunity for P.E.I.'s Irish Mythen

Rising popularity leads to a gig with British rocker Rod Stewart at the Cavendish Beach Festival July

P.E.I.'s Irish Mythen is a popular P.E.I. artist known for her powerhouse voice and positive stage presence.

And she's enjoying one of most successful years of her performance life.

"It's the first time in my career that I've felt like I've had a real career and I'm not just knocking on the door all the time," says the Charlottetown-based singer-songwriter.

Starting with an official showcase at the 2015 Folk Alliance in Kansas City in February, her good fortune followed her to the East Coast Music Awards in St. John's in April, where she picked up the award for traditional solo recording of the year.

Mythen's lucky streak continued when she received three nominations for Music PEI awards for her self-titled CD and gave performances at the Credit Union May Run Festival in Charlottetown in May.

As her good fortune continues, it's not something she takes for granted.

"It's the old saying, luck is when hard work meets opportunity. So, it's been a 20-year overnight success for me," laughs the singer-songwriter who, after finishing a run at the P.E.I. Mutual Festival of Small Halls, is performing at the Mariposa Folk Festival in Orillia, Ont., this weekend.

Her winning streak will continue on July 9 when she opens for mega rock star Rod Stewart at the Cavendish Music Festival.

"It's a big one," says Mythen, who has been a fan of the British rock star for as long as she can remember.

"It's not just his voice, it's the way he entertains on stage that I've always loved."

There might be thousands and thousands of people at one of his concerts, but the British performer will pick out one person in the crowd to joke with, says Mythen, who aspires to a similar performance style.

"When I'm on stage I'm not a singer-songwriter, I want to be the entertainer. They're giving it to you. You're giving it to them. It's a wonderful experience. And Rod Stewart is very much the master of that."

As she masters her busy schedule, Mythen attributes her career success to two things.

"Moving to P.E.I. was the best thing ever. There's a great musical organization here and a great vibe. The level of talent is off the charts."

Also, securing Gardiner Neill as a business manager allowed her to return to her passions: writing performance and recording.

"Convincing the poor man that it would be a good idea to work with me was fantastic," says Mythen with her trademark wry humour.


Rod Stewart Sued for Copying Early Blues Musician's Song

A famous blues song, “Corrine, Corrina,” is the subject of a new lawsuit filed in Georgia against Rod Stewart, Universal Music and Capitol Records.

The song was written by Armenter "Bo Carter" Chatmon about 1928 — long ago enough that it borders on being in the public domain. Since being recorded, the 12-bar song has become somewhat of a standard with covers by Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Willie Nelson and Conor Oberst, among others.

Now, the heirs of the Chatmon estate are coming forward with copyright claims against Stewart over his inclusion of the similarly titled "Corrina, Corrina" as a bonus track on the 2013 album Time. The complaint asserts that the two songs are "nearly identical" and "contain substantially similar defining compositional elements, including, but not limited to lyrics, melody, rhythm, tempo, meter, key, and title."

The lawsuit injects a bit of a racial dimension to musical appropriation by noting Chatmon was the son of an ex-slave and says that the song is protected by copyright registrations in 1929 and 1932 on two different versions of “Corrine, Corrina.”

"Defendants had access to the Carter Songs at the time they recorded and produced the Infringing Song due to the Carter Songs’ popularity and fame as well as its prominent publication since at least 1929," states the complaint demanding statutory damages, actual damages and an injunction.

Rod Stewart's Time success is noted — the album reached seventh on the Billboard charts in the U.S. and the top spot in the UK — as well as his performances of the song in concert. (Here's the Stewart song.)

Curiously, besides nodding to the longstanding fame of "Corrine, Corrina,” the lawsuit makes no mention of whether the many musicians who have covered the song over the years have made licensing payments. In fact, the lawsuit avoids the word "cover" altogether, maybe because the law provides a compulsory license for those making cover versions. (In other words, no permission required, just a set royalty.) Then again, it's not clear whether Stewart considers this to be a cover song.

The history of the old country blues standard and Stewart's new song will be detailed in greater length as the case proceeds.

Contactless micro-donations raise £30K for London youth charities

The Penny for London scheme has announced the first ten charities and projects that will benefit from the contactless payment donations made by Londoners since the charity's launch in October 2014.

Supported by the Mayor’s Fund for London, a total of £30,000 has been awarded to the 10 chosen recipients: the Evening Standard’s Dispossessed Fund; Magic FM’s Cash for Kids; the Mayor’s Music Fund; The Honeypot Children's Charity; Urban Development; Camden Arts Centre; Barnet Community Projects; Dallaglio Foundation; Friendship Works and Farms for City Children.

Penny Lancaster, a Penny for London ambassador, visited the Dallaglio Foundation, one of the charities in receipt of a grant, to present the first cheque to the charity’s chief executive, Rachel Roxburgh, and 30 of the 14-16 year olds in Wandsworth who will directly benefit from the money.

The Dallaglio Foundation works in twelve London boroughs, using rugby to help change the lives of young people for the better, leaving them more employable, socially responsible and helping them to make positive decisions about their futures.

Speaking at the presentation, Lancaster said: “It was such fun seeing some of the kids today who are benefitting from Penny for London. We really can help young people like these escape the threat of poverty.”

Lawrence Dallaglio, founder of the Dallaglio Foundation and former England captain, added: “Our programme gives self-belief, opportunities and support to young people from some of the most disadvantaged London boroughs. We’d like to thank Londoners for donating their pennies via Penny for London. It is a fantastic scheme that really is making a difference.”

Urban Development is another of the ten charities benefitting from the first round of grants. Based in Newham, the charity uses music to help 14 – 25 year olds to get a better start in life. They have previously helped and worked with artists such as Labrinth and Wretch 32 at the beginning of their careers.

Now a number-one artist, songwriter and producer Labrinth said: “Urban Development made a massive impact on my development as an artist at the beginning of my career. They help so many young people, many from disadvantaged communities, through supporting and encouraging their interest in music and doing it in a way that is accessible.

“It's so sick that some of the money raised by Penny for London is being given to the scheme in Newham. Big shout out to those Londoners who have signed up to the scheme for their valuable contributions. You are investing in the creative future of the city!”

Speaking for the Mayor’s Fund for London, which devised and operates the Penny for London scheme, chief executive Matthew Patten said: “Thanks to all those Londoners who are giving their pennies, we are delighted that funds are now flowing to projects that are making a real difference to the lives of young people from disadvantaged backgrounds.

“So far, 2,500 people are donating a penny or so when they use their contactless card to travel around London or pay for a coffee or sandwich with one of our partners. Just think how much more we do for disadvantaged kids if we could get 50,000 Londoners to register with Penny for London.”

The Penny for London micro-donation charitable scheme allows Londoners to donate as little as one penny (1p) every time they make a payment using contactless technology on the Transport for London network and in Caffè Nero or Leon cafe outlets. Every penny donated by the public is used to benefit young people from deprived areas of the city.

The handling of the contactless payment donation transactions is managed by Barclaycard, which has funded and developed the micro-donation back-office technology that makes Penny for London possible.

Celebrities such as Pixie Lott and JJ Hamblett have lent their support to the charity and some of London’s biggest employers, such as Visa, Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley, are match-funding every employee’s donation.

Londoners can register their contactless debit or credit card at One million pounds will be raised if registrations reach 100,000 this year, with that figure set to rise to £25m a year if one-in-ten Londoners sign up.

Feeling agile? Penny Lancaster exudes elegance in glamorous plunging dress... as husband Rod Stewart playfully leaps into the back of their car


Daily Mail 2/07/2015

The British music icon, clad in a smart grey suit, clearly didn't feel like getting into the back seat of the luxury motor using the door on his side.

Instead, he opted show off his agility as he climbed across the large back seat, giving him a somewhat child-like demeanour as he clambered his way to his preferred position.

They're a couple with rather sizeable age gap between them.

But Rod Stewart, 70, proved he's as young as he feels as he went on a night out with his gorgeous wife Penny Lancaster, 44, on Wednesday.

After the couple had put on a stylish display together as they dined at C Restaurant in Mayfair, the ageing rocker was seen attempting to climb into the back of their Rolls Royce, and it was quite the performance.

As he did his best to make his way into the right-hand side of the car, he revealed his rather humorous choice of socks, which were brightly-printed purple paisley numbers, clashing against his gingham checked suit.

Meanwhile, Penny had put on a chic display earlier in the evening as she stepped out arm-in-arm with her man.

She dressed to impress in n a plunging flesh-coloured dress with embellishment on the chest and straps.

Her frock flowed to just above her knees and she wore a pair of matching heels. 

Penny's and her spourse had looked the epitome of any classy couple as they made their way to the Italian eatery in the upmarket area of London.

The couple had also been to see Bradley Cooper perform in his London production of The Elephant Man in the West End.

Penny recently caused controversy when she said she keeps husband Rod out of the kitchen because cooking dinner would 'take his masculinity'.

But clearly she wasn't in the mood to cook on Wednesday night as they enjoyed their dinner date together.



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