Toledo review by Bonnie Johnson

Our adventure began around 3:30  Saturday afternoon as we like to leave early to allow for traffic road construction and weather . Plus we were also picking up another fellow fan on the way from her hotel in Toledo .

We arrived  safely needless to say around 7... Got parked , hit the restrooms got a beverage after that and found our seats

The opening act was Run Away Saints. Never heard of them.  I can't tell you much more about them other than they were three young guys and  only played for like 30 or 40 mins.

Then a brief intermission till about 8.30. Rod likes to tease us like that I think
Make us wait just a little longer ..

Show starts he opens with Infatuation.  He's  styling his bright yellow or gold jacket with a white shirt and blue tie and black pants and shoes and his matching bright yellow socks . 
Next song was Having a party , It's a Hear ache , followed by Rythm of my Heart, Forever Young, You  wear it Well , and Young Turks maybe not necessarily in that order after the first three.
Then he spoke of this new album coming out in October called another country and that yes he had a couple songs from that album for us
tonight , this is where I swear he made my knees weak he goes to tell us that the name of the songs one being Love Is ,the other song he had in mind was one that he hadn't done live and that he didn't write it but he was the only one that can sing the song the way it should be sung so first time ever live was . In a  Broken dream  which I love !!  I have heard the album version and fell in love but to hear it live was IT for me !!

Rod sounded pretty good to me but then again he always sounds good to me

He did apologize that if he missed any notes it was because he was getting over a virus he had had for the past 10 days and that he wasn't contagious or anything so if any of the girls would like to come kiss him gotta love Rods sense of humor. Then it was time to slow the pace down a bit more and wardrobe  change to his silver suite and polka dot shirt.  The songs were Have I told you Lately,  First cut is the Deepest and Ooh La La .
I was surprised He didn't sing Reason to Believe here that's a favorite of mine but no not tonight.

Then from there he went to Tonights the Night, Your in my Heart and Sweet Little Rock -n- Roller and on to the girls Proud Mary and another out fit change to some black jeans and a hawaiian shirt.Next songs were  Can't Stop me Now, where Rod also took a moment to speak of the song and of his Father who had always encouraged him then came Love is , Maggie May and Stay with me and Footballs !!!!!!  Or soccer balls.   He  also spoke of his days with the faces and how there is only 3 of them left ..He guaranteed there would be a Faces  tour again in the near future  by the way, Then the curtain comes down for a brief moment before the encore  of Sexy and hei s wearing his black hat and a ton of balloons fall from ceiling and some big ones too mixed in the show is coming to an end I myself hate that feeling at a Rod Stewart concertbut he never disappoints his audience.

He is a true Showman and legend.


Atlanta review by Gabriel Garduno

Yesterday my day begins at 3 am, I was in Mexico City international airport at 4:30, my flight left at 7:30, I was really excited and nervous. 3 hrs later I arrive to Atlanta, nice city but I really don't care about nothing, I run to my hotel and change my clothes and run to the venue, it's a nice place, I was so nervous by the moment, I didn't saw Richard Marx, it was 9:05 the place was totally full the lights came off, the band started playing, the girls walked in,  and 6 months after my last show I was was there in front of Rod on my 45th show in 27 years, he saw me and immediately he pointed me with his left hand and put his head down, I said thank you, the audience was good!! Immediately recognized Infatuation, Rod was fantastic with lots of energy, the voice was strong, very good, he changed clothes 3 times, he opens in silver jacket and black, then after the drum solo he brings out the golden suit and fantastic black shoes and he stops forever young for a moments giving the possibility to the people to appreciate and think about him. at the end he brings a nice white shirt with flowers and a blue pants.


Complete set list was this way:

1 Infatuation
2 Having a party
3 It's a heartache
4 You wear it well
5 Tonight's the night
6 Some guys have all the luck
7 Can't stop me now
8 Rhythm of my heart.
9 Forever young
10 The first cut it's the deepest
11 Ooh la la
12 Have I told you lately
13 Love is
14 Sweet little rock 'n roller
15 Proud Mary
16 you're in my heart
17 Stay with me
18 Maggie May
19 Da ya think I'm sexy.


The show was really good, the most exciting moment of the night after Maggie was Love is, that's the first time I hear it live, I like very much the song and he performed great.
Di was fantastic, as on every night.
Great show, but the most important thing of the night is that I share this great moment with my older son Luis Daniel, thank you so much. 

Cavendish, PEI- July 9th, 2015
Fan review by Kathy Martin

Rod was absolutely fabulous but I'll get to him later. First off, let me say the weather was just perfect for this outdoor concert. A very calm night, no wind at all and no mosquitoes! there were two opening acts, Irish Mythen and Dave Mason. First up was Irish Mythen. She was just incredible. I had never heard of her before. She comes from Ireland and I believe she immigrated to canada in 2008. What a beautiful voice this lady has. When Rod came on, she was standing next to us enjoying Rod and we were able to speak to her. We told her that she had a beautiful voice and she shook our hands and was very appreciative. Dave Mason came next. He was ok, lots of guitar lifts and the like. Not really my cup of tea. The of course came Rod! That few minutes waiting for him to come on was very exciting. When he came out in his shiny silver jacket, I was so overwhelmed and excited that I cried. He started out with Having a Party. The crowd just roared with pleasure and happiness. He sang his usual favourites and we all sang along. For his ballad set he changed into his gold suit. Rod was in fine form enjoying all of us singing along. He also did Can't Stop me Now. He plugged his new CD Another Country and performed Love Is. He said, oh gotta do a new song, you won"t know this one! He also said its new and that we had better fucking like it! Lol, gotta love Rod's humor! By the way, I sang along! He changed again into an all black outfit, kicked out the soccer balls to Stay With Me. I didn't get a ball unfortunately but I did have a ball! Rod was as fabulous as ever. The final song was Sexy. Thank you Rod for giving me a most magical evening, one I will cherish and never forget!

Cavendish Beach Welcomes Rod!

Fan review by Gary Macloed

Wow! Rod Stewart returned to Atlantic Canada and he didn't disappoint. 15000 fans were treated to the history and the legend. The night started off with Having a Party and the mood was set. He quickly followed with It's a Heartache and You wear it Well. At this point, most were on their feet dancing. This was followed by, as Rod stated, "A song we were all probably shagging to", Tonight's The Night. This was the first official sing along of the night.

Can't Stop Me Now was his next offering. I don't know exactly how well Time sold in North America, but I guess Rod still thinks we don't know songs from this album. Any true Rod fan knows about Time. But we all definitely knew Some Guys Have All The Luck.

One of the first highlights of the night for me was "Losing You". After all these years, you can still hear the youthfulness and soul in his voice as he belted out this tune. He then dedicated his next song to our troops. Rhythm of My Heart always brings a tear to my eye.  And then Forever Young was another crowd pleaser with the tribal drum solo.

Next came his acoustic set. A beautiful rendition of First Cut is The Deepest had people slow dancing in the aisles. This was followed up by Rod stating that we had loss three members of the Faces but rest assured, there will be a reunion this year. My second favourite song of the night, Oh La La was performed. He then played "Have I Told You Lately". I love being able to hold my wife's hand as he sings this song. And that was it for the acoustic set. A bit shorter than previous concerts.

We immediately go into the Sam Cooke version of Twisting The Night Away. I believe this is the first time I had seen 15000 people try to twist. Now we come to the highlight of the night. Rod mentions that he has a new album coming out in the fall. He wanted us to "cheer and f##ing clap our hands like you know the song!" Love Is! He kept the party going with Sweet Little Rock and Roller.

Rod disappears for a quick costume change and we are treated to the traditional Proud Mary interlude. Man, that lady can cover Tina Turner!

Rod returns and it's time for another sing along. You're in My Heart is always a crowd pleaser. Next came the kicking of the soccer balls while singing Stay With Me. I still didn't get one. Guess it wasn't meant to be. Next was Maggie May. She turns 44 this summer and still sounds fantastic! Rod thanks us for coming and says goodnight. Very quickly, he comes back for an encore. Do Ya Think I'm Sexy. The crowd dances to the final song with much enthusiasm. Again Rod thanks everyone and leaves the stage. The crowd wanted more, but show was over.

I guess this will probably be the last Rod concert I see. The touring can't go on forever. But then again, I believe I said the same thing after Montreal in 2013. Hmmmm....I wonder what my wife thinks about going to Vegas?

Photos by Gwen Colbourne

RSFC  member Gwen Colbourne gets a ball!

Rod Stewart Vegas 10th & 14th February

Review by Barbara Holland


The first show of this set that I attended was February 10 2015. My second show was February 14, 2015.  The weather was beautiful about 75 degrees. The sun was shining I know that this day would be a great one for me.  I went to Caesars early to find our special gathering place was all ready. It looked great. Many fans meet here before and after the show to socialize.  Due to the weather many flights got cancelled so fans were not able to make the trip. We all are planning to meet here in Aug around the 8 and 9. If possible hopefully we can have our fan club party then. It is so nice to see all the people who have the same feeling for Rod get together. We all have such a great time. We look forward to seeing each and everyone at the shows. Thanks to Rod he hasbrought us all together.

The show started the arena was full. The crowd was now waiting for Rod Stewart. The curtain went up and the audiencestarted to stand up and sing along. Rod was singing “having a party”. Rod seemed to be in a great mood .He was making a lot of jokes and he kept saying this is a great crowd for a Wednesday. We all said Rod today is Tuesday But, to Rod it was Wednesday. It was all right with us it was so funny. Rod made a joke he said “he checks with the Caesars bartender to see how much the fans are drinking so he will know how the show will go.  He then told us that he will be singing 19 songs, so sit back and enjoy the show. After the opening of the show Rod’s daughter, Ruby came onto the stage to sing a song that she wrote for her dads 70th birthday. The song was called “Given me Mine”. She walked over to Rod and handed him a red rose and kissed him it was nice. This day was Valentine’s Day of course. As Ruby was performing, I was dancing by my seat on the isle. Then I looked back into the audience and noticed that Ruby was standing right next to me, I asked her if I can have a picture with her she said “yes” I told her she was fantastic. She is beautiful. She is a tall blonde with a nice voice. I hope to be going to see her someday on her own tour. Looking back behind me, I recognized that Penny was dancing and clapping, as Ruby sang the song to her dad. Then I waved to Penny. She seemed to be very happy. Then Rod and Ruby sang “Forever Young” together that was incredible. This  show Rod was

Rod at one point had the girls singing “Proud Mary” which is one of Rod’s favorite songs. Dee was so amazing; I couldn’t wait for this part of the show to admire her dancing.  She has such a great personality for this profession. She energizes the crowd to get up and sing and dance with her. I was pleased to have met her before. She has taken pictures with many of the fans. We all adore the band, they all are grand.  It was now time for Rod to do some slow songs. This Included “First cut is the deepest” and “Have I told you lately”. And a few more as well. After sitting, it was time for Rod to take a stroll into the audience, with his band playing “Sweet little rock and roller”. He was greeting fans and shaking some people’s hands, he came through in his gold suit. Yes we love it Rod! Plus his leopard spotted socks.

“What next on the agenda “like Rod always says it was Hot Legs. This is what I have been waiting for. Rod then started kicking soccer balls out into the crowd. About 5 balls later it was my turn and I caught one. I was jumping up and down and I was so very happy. Now it was time for “Maggie May” and someone through a scarf on the stage and Rod took it, and tied it around Janna’s neck as she was playing the violin; which she does fantastically. The curtain went down. Then Rod comes out “Do you think I am sexy“with a black hat on, black pant and a black shirt he looked great. As he was singing, I had a Rod Stewart book and was trying to get him to sign it for me but, he was bouncing all over the stage so it was hard to get his attention. Di saw me as the curtain went down, she said open the book to the page and give it to me; so I did a few minutes later she came out with the book signed with a full page signature. Di is not only Rod’s backup singer but, was my back up assistant for me in a time of need thank you Di from Barbara Holland. This is one show I will never forget.

February 15 2015

This was the last show of the set for February the doors opened at 6:30. I started walking over to the theater and noticed an usher standing at the box office handing out papers. I asked himwhat was going on, he said that the Rod Stewart show was canceled because, Rod was ill. I was not as upset as other were.  I understood we all are human and get sick. I am very happy that Rod is making sure his voice is good to go for many more years. I hope you feel better Rod thanks for Tuesday night for my book and ball. Di I owe you one thanks!

Barbara Holland NY forever fan


Review of Vegas Shows, Feb. 6, 7 & 10, 2015
By Karen Chande
Feb. 6, 2015

The show tonight was Rod's 100th show at Caesar's Palace. When I realized the first of my three shows on this run was this special milestone for Rod, I wanted to do something special for him so I made a sign wishing him a Happy 100th Las Vegas show made in the shape of the Las Vegas sign. The show opened with Having A Party as Rod entered in the silver jacket, white shirt and black pants. Next song up was It's A Heartache. I found the perfect moment to show him my sign early on when he was heading over to the side I was on while not singing. He gave a nice reaction thanking me and bowing and coming up closer to look at it. After the song finished, Rod welcomed everyone, saying tonight was special because it was his 100th show and he would play longer tonight and do some extra songs. He told the audience to feel free to come down to take some pictures and that he was sure security wouldn't be too tough tonight. You Wear It Well was next and then Tonight's
 The Night. Can't Stop Me Now was introduced as the song about his father's support of his career. He introduced I'm Losing You, saying the fans in Britain know this song well because it was from the Faces days before he became solo. Then he also mentioned that audiences in America knew it, too. Afterward, Rod catches his breath, saying this isn't easy when you get older but he still loves it. (He joked at one point during the show saying it was his 100th birthday!) Rhythm of My Heart was introduced as the song he dedicates at every show to the troops who are fighting on the front lines for us and that there would be a special message at the end of the song, which was the Wounded Warriors Project.

A single chair was brought out as Rod introduced his daughter Ruby, to sing a song she had written for him. After Rod left the stage, Ruby said hello to the crowd and mentioned that she was a bit under the weather with an infection, but we would get through this together. She gave a heartfelt touching performance, first from the seated position on the chair, then got up to walk over to each side of the stage. Once she finished, the audience stood on it's feet to give her a warm response to the song. Rod came out and hugged her and together they began Forever Young. Ruby then left and the chairs were brought out for the acoustic set - First Cut, then Ooh La La, which had a new move in it where Rod gets up from his chair in the middle of the song, turns around and does a bum wiggle. After Ooh La La, Rod tells the audience that there is no miming here, it is all live music, unlike what some people in this town do, and that's what you pay to hear. Have I
 Told You Lately finished off the acoustic set. As the ladies in the local orchestra were leaving, Rod joked with them saying he would see them later in the bar. Rod introduced the next song saying he was going to sing in the Sam Cooke style, noting how he has always loved Sam Cooke. Suddenly show girls dressed in fancy feathers of pink and orange took over the stage with big head dresses on. Rod said he did not know this was going to happen. The screen behind lit up with "100" and fireworks for his 100th show. The ladies did a great job twisting the night away with Rod to his song. When the song was finished, he thanked the ladies for that surprise. He then headed out into the audience for Sweet Little Rock & Roller. When I turned around it was then that I noticed a sign lit up in the back above the top level section saying, "RODS 100". A nice touch to his special night! Once he came back onstage, the backup singers took over with Proud Mary. Change of
 clothes after that brought Rod back in black pants and a yellow flowered shirt. Rod mentioned that he didn't know those ladies were going to come out during Twisting The Night Away and he joked about one of them looking like Bruce Jenner, lol! Next song up was You're In My Heart. After that was Stay With Me for the football kick off. Then Rod said he was only allowed to be up there a certain amount of time because they want us out there gambling, so he said goodbye as Maggie May started. During a point near the end of Maggie May he came down the steps a bit on the side I was on and was engaged in a small conversation with a man from the audience and the guard held people back from flooding him. The curtain came down after Maggie May and then quickly up again for the finale of "Do You Think I'm Sexy" with the Magnificent Seven orchestra included in the lineup. At one point in the song when he was on my side, he knelt down and posed for pictures for
 people, then giving a thumbs up to check that they got it okay. I got several nice pictures of him posing for these other people, lol!!

February 7

Tonight's show opened to a warm audience response with the song Having A Party, then It's A Heartache. When Rod welcomed everyone, he said it was going to be a good night, he could feel the love! He said last night was the 100th show so tonight is "one hundred and one" so make it something to remember, enjoy ourselves, it's Saturday night! Next song up he said was from way back when we were all younger, You Wear It Well and then Tonight's The Night. After that was what he was calling a new number off of his last album which he said was amazing (yes, it was Rod!). This song he wrote about when he was a teenager about 18 trying to break into the business and the rejection he got because of his nose, his hair and his clothes. They weren't concerned about his voice, didn't give a "F" about his voice - which brings much laughter from the audience! But there was one person who stood behind him and that was his dear old dad who we'd see up on the screens and a
 very cute 19 year old Rod Stewart. Then Can't Stop Me Now begins. Oh how I wish the audience would get up on their feet during this wonderful upbeat song and wonder what Rod and the band think to see a seated audience!

After the song as Rod wipes his brow with a handkerchief, someone in the audience yelled out, "I love you, Rod!" to which he responded back, "I love you, too, darling" then said his wife was in the audience so he had to be careful, lol! The next song he introduced saying it was an old Temptations song he did with the Faces on one of his albums that he hadn't sung in 20 years and they'd done it at the last couple of shows and people liked it so they decided to keep it. I'm Losing You begins. Afterward he says "Now I'll take me jacket off," which he placed on the stage steps. Next up Rod says is the song he always dedicates to veteran soldiers, those who have fallen, those who are serving tonight while we are enjoying ourselves in this theater, and how he always felt a great debt to those guys who died for our freedom all over the world and who are still fighting and how we must take care of our veterans. He says to watch the screen at the end and let it
 sink in, it's very important. And then Rhythm of My Heart begins. Afterward, Rod says he will now take his jacket away because he'd left it there a year ago and someone nicked it. He introduced his daughter Ruby who would now come out to sing for us. Ruby came out, sat in the chair at center stage and told us how her dad had recently had a birthday in early January, he is 70 but it's a secret he didn't want her to tell us (lol!) and how he'd had a big party at his house. Since this was an important birthday, she didn't know what she could get him so decided to write him a song. She then sang her song, "Giving Me Mine" as the night before, getting up to walk to each side of the stage and down the center steps. Afterward, Rod returns with fluffed hair, white shirt with black polka dots and black pants as they begin Forever Young. I was sitting at side stage and during the drum/band solo part of the song, took some pics of the band members near me and to
 my pleasant surprise the wonderful Jimmy Roberts tossed me his drum stick when he was finished!

Rod and Ruby returned to finish the song and then it was time for the acoustic set. After Ruby left, Rod tells the audience she is wonderful now but she wasn't always that way, she was a little s**t growing up, wouldn't get out of bed for school and he couldn't do anything right. He then points out that we have a pregnant lady in the front row and got up out of his chair to come over to the edge of the stage and asked her how far along she was. He tells the audience she's five months then tells the lady that her baby is going to be a Rod Stewart fan! He says once they're in the womb they hear the songs and they remember, that it happened with his children, that his wife was here and she could vouch for him on that. He asked if we were ready for some slow songs of love in vain and broken hearts and First Cut Is The Deepest begins. After that Rod says he was in a band called Faces long ago and unfortunately they lost another member of the band, Ian McLagan
 the organ player died a few weeks ago and they lost Ronnie Lane the bass player 20 years ago so there are only three of them left but he swears they will have a reunion, keep the faith. This next song was one of Ronnie's finest, "Ooh La La". After the song was over, Rod said he wanted his wife to come down, he had a little surprise for her and that she doesn't come to the show often. Penny came down to the front and Rod handed her a small wrapped gift, they kissed and hugged. As he climbed back up the steps, he said it was a Starbucks card and that he only did that because he wanted to make sure she was still here and hadn't gone over to see Donny and Marie, lol!! He said, "Thank you for staying, darling." It gave the audience a good laugh and even the band had a good chuckle. Next song up was Have I Told You Lately. During the part of the song after he sings "have I told you lately that I love you", he blows a big kiss in the air as a response to yet
 another person in the audience shouting out, "I love you, Rod!" After the song finishes, he gives recognition to the orchestra. Next up is Twisting The Night Away, in the Sam Cooke style of performance as last night minus the show girls. Then Rod goes out into the audience between sections 4 & 5 to shake hands and give hugs to lucky audience members. After returning to the stage, it's time for the backup singers to take over with Proud Mary. Rod returns afterward in the black pants and yellow flowered shirt of last night to sing You're in My Heart. Great audience response to the song especially during the audience singing part with audience members showing up on the screen. Rod then shows the funny videos on the screen and then Stay With Me is performed while he kicks the footballs out into the audience. Of special note which I thought was so very sweet was to see Rod bring one of the balls over to the pregnant lady in the front row and give her one!
 After Stay With Me was the always popular Maggie May and then afterward the curtain comes down and quickly back up for Do You Think I'm Sexy. Someone had put a copy of Rod's book and a pen on top of it on the stage floor and Rod obligingly came over to pick it up and sign it. After that people were scrambling to find things to get him to sign. Tonight was my own special little milestone of my 25th Rod Vegas concert so I held up a sign to let him know. I think I caught him in a rushed moment but he did say thank you, blew a kiss and bowed. (Thank you, Rod!)

February 10

On this evening before the show, I had unexpected pleasure of meeting Penny. What a sweet down-to-earth lady she is! Rod opened the show tonight with Having A Party and the crowd was up on their feet dancing. After It's A Heartache, Rod told the crowd this is show number "one hundred and two" and that it was a good crowd for a Wednesday night. We all called out trying to tell him, "It's Tuesday!" but he didn't hear us. The next song he said was from 1972, You Wear It Well and then Tonight's The Night. The next song was introduced as his rejection when he was first starting out in the business and they didn't want to sign him. The wonderful upbeat Can't Stop Me Now begins. Afterward, Rod again mentions the good crowd reaction for a Wednesday and we again tried to tell him it's Tuesday, lol! He said they would be playing 19 songs tonight, then said now he would "take me jacket off" as he tosses it onto the stage steps. The next song he says was on Every
 Picture Tells A Story, something he and Ronnie cooked up, an old Temptations song they knocked out over a drink and said to see what we thought of it. I'm Losing You begins. Our man must be getting tired by the time this song is finished because at this same point in the 100th show when Rod said it isn't easy when you get older, he now blew out his breath and said, "Ambulance!" which brings some laughter from the audience.

Next up Rod says is his dedication to our wonderful veterans wherever they are tonight, especially for him having been a war baby born after the Second World War and the great debt he feels he owes to those who died on the beaches of Normandy and how we really must look after our Vets, saying he thinks we'd agree with him to which the audience applauded. He mentions about the videos at the end for the guys we're talking about and "The Rhythm of My Heart" begins. It was touching to hear the audience applauding during the Wounded Warriors Project video at the end and Rod said if that doesn't touch you, you have a heart of ice and that it gets to him every night he sees it. Next Rod says at no expense to our ticket his gorgeous daughter Ruby was going to come out to sing for us and to give her a warm Vegas British welcome. Ruby said hello to the crowd and said isn't her Dad so cool, and it's like bring your daughter to work day 3 days a week. She mentioned
 how she wrote this song for her father's 70th birthday and he liked it so much he told her why don't you sing that in Vegas. She then started her song "Giving Me Mine", first in the chair, then getting up to walk to each side. I was touched to get a wave from her as she came along the side I was on as she walked by. Sitting so close to the stage, I tend to not look up at the back screen but this night did happen to look up and catch pictures being shown of Ruby and Rod together at different times in the past which was a perfect accompaniment to this song. Once Ruby walked down the steps at center stage, she acknowledge someone in the audience and I turned to see that standing among the seated crowd, it was Penny who had signaled to Ruby and Ruby acknowledging her back as she was singing, "thank you for giving me my life." Very touching! After the song was over, the audience stood to applaud Ruby.

Rod returned and together they began Forever Young, then went off together for the drum/band solo. When they came back, Rod had the band stop playing so he could show off his gold suit, (so funny!) then the band continued to finish off the song. Ruby left afterward telling us to have a good night and while the chairs were being arranged for the acoustic set, Rod said how he was touched that she wrote that brand new song about her dad. As Rod sits down in the chair, he tells us to sit down, then says, "Oh you are sitting down". Then he said for us to welcome the Magnificent Seven they never let us down, the girls on the strings, give them a big round of applause. He then says that he made a little mistake earlier and called tonight Wednesday night then called himself a "silly old sod" saying it's a Tuesday night, so we're a Tuesday night crowd...then he says "no you're not, you're a Saturday night crowd!" which brought applause from the audience. He said
 it all comes down to the drink and that there's more money spent in the bar on Friday and Saturdays than there is on Tuesday and Wednesdays.

Then he introduces the next few songs of broken hearts that have loved in vain and First Cut Is The Deepest begins. He mentioned again before Ooh La La about the two members of the Faces who are no longer with us and dedicated the song to those two who are now on the roof. After that is Have I Told You Lately to finish off the acoustic set. He said the Magnificent Seven would be back later to do what they do best. After the chairs were removed, Rod did the Sam Cooke style of Twisting The Night away, saying, "He's my man!" After the song was over, Rod lifted the bottoms of his pants to show off his leopard print socks and said he wondered what his dad would say if he saw him now! He then came out into the crowd for Sweet Little Rock & Roller. An audience member held her copy of his book to sign and he stopped to do so while making his rounds. Afterward was time for the backup singers to take over with Proud Mary. Rod returned after that in black pants and
 black shirt for You're In My Heart and then Stay With Me as he kicked the footballs out into the crowd. Then Maggie May started and someone gave him a Celtic scarf which he draped around J'Anna as she happily played the violin with it wrapped around her neck. The crowd was on their feet to sing along and then all too soon the curtain comes down and quickly back up again for Do You Think I'm Sexy with the Magnificent Seven back to do what they do best. This was my last show, one I added later to the first two I had gotten tickets for originally and I'm certainly glad I did! It included the bonuses of having met Penny, getting a wave from Ruby and another fantastic show with an above average weekday crowd. Bye, Rod! See you next "Time"!

The return of the Mad Hatter

By Vicky Marrow

November 21-24, 2014

Las Vegas


This adventure began at the Las Vegas airport on Monday November 17 while Steve and I were waiting to board our flight home after our amazing, fun, and memory filled 30th anniversary celebration with a lot of Rod.  Steve said why don't you fly back for the weekend and attend the party on Friday and shows on Sat and Sun, I will entertain our houseguests ............ with the refund from the hotel [due to the bathroom flooding last night], it won't cost quite as much.  Who am I to disobey my husband of 30 years? So on Tuesday I called my boss (from home but still on vacation: it was jet lag, laundry, and grocery shopping day) and asked if I could come into work late on Monday Nov 24. I felt compelled to explain why and was told I could take a whole vacation day on Monday. I responded yay; I was HOPING you would say that!!!


1.  Show tickets sorted:  Row 2 Saturday and row 3 Sunday.  2. Place to Stay: Terrie Harbour asked me during late summer if I was really sure I could not be in Vegas during this weekend too (I could bunk with her and Melba Weaver) and I said absolutely not….so I contacted them to enquire if the offer was still possibly open.  To my delight it was; They Made Me Happy!!!  3. Airline ticket: A bit of a challenge, the cost, especially close to departure date is traditionally higher, but by choosing a 5:38am departure (was I fcking nuts?), I saved quite a bit of money.   As I have said numerous TIMES, these days Rod and the yarn shops receive my discretionary income.  4. Laundry: Easy. Empty contents of suitcase into washing machine, wash, dry, and repack suitcase. 5. HATS: Fortunately for my aching wrist, I had 2 left from this summer’s work, no way could I have gotten any done before the return trip.


I returned to work on Wednesday and worked 2 full 10+ hour days.  I was able to answer all questions except for what time or day it was. (Yes, I didn’t know what day it was when I walked into the office………).  Having to be at work at 6:30am combined with jet lag and being over 50 made it a 2 rough days.   I learned that two ladies that work in the same building as me were going to attend the November 22nd show; one of the women had never seen Rod in concert and was so excited.  I assured them they were in for a treat, as there would be 2 shows, one on stage and one in the audience.


3:30 am Friday, the alarm clock goes off and I am out of the bed like a rocket! (The alarm does not have that same effect on a work day). Steve bids me “safe travels, have a great TIME, be safe, and say hello to everyone from me”.  I promised all four, thanked him for being a wonderful husband, he kissed me good bye and I SWEAR he was snoring before I got out the door.  Got to the airport, thru security, boarded the plane and then commenced to sit on the runway until after time to take off…… Pilot came over PA and said the wings needed to be de-iced, but we will still arrive on TIME. (Ohmyhell I am having a flashback to the first trip to see Rod in Vegas in January of 2013!!). I watched and the wings were de-iced, but then the next announcement was there are two planes in front of us and he cannot get past them, but we will still arrive on TIME.   We sit and TIME ticks on, and then he came back on the PA and said the de-icer truck broke down – another is on its way to finish the two planes in our way.  At this point I was supposed to be landing in Charlotte, North Carolina for my connection. The one and one half hour layover was all of a sudden a welcomed cushion.  I made it with 20 minutes to spare.  About halfway thru this second flight, I got up to stretch my legs and head to the bathroom.  Please note, I am wearing the lime green Rod t-shirt from 2001 (the one that generates ALL the comments….) and my Rod hoodie from Vegas (the famous back of the head photo). As I am walking to the back of the plane, I hear “hey is that you on your shirt??? Oh wait that’s Rod Stewart!!!  I just smiled and said, someone somewhere says THAT every time I wear this shirt.    After I came out of the bathroom and was headed back to my seat, a chorus of Maggie May erupted from the back of the plane. It cracked me up.  The last highlight of this flight was the beautiful view of the Grand Canyon, the sun was shining brightly and the colors and shadows were breathtaking.


Safe landing in Las Vegas, I got a bite to eat and I headed to the terminal and gate where Terrie and Melba were scheduled to arrive.  I had about an hour wait, but that was fine, I had a book I was reading and there were nice people sitting around waiting too (I have been told I could strike up a conversation with a file cabinet, provided I have had ample amount of coffee any given morning).  Alas, TIMING is everything and it is announced that President Obama is flying in and the airspace would be restricted until he has landed.  This delayed Melba and Terrie, but again I was back in Vegas, I had a good book to read AND I did get a cool picture of Air Force One landing and exchanged email addresses with a few folks who also were taking pictures.   Melba and Terrie arrived, and it was GREAT to see them again!!  Onward to the hotel and fast forward to the Party!!


At this point only about 5 people know that I am back in Vegas for the weekend’s festivities.  It was SO MUCH FUN for me to walk around the party and just stand in front of each of you and see the reactions and expressions on faces. Brian Howell’s “Vicky!!! Fcking Hell!!; Susanne Baker’s,  matter of fact comment  “I knew you’d be back”;  David Featherstone, You made it back!; Gabriel, Garduno, Vicky!! with a big hug,  Helen Clowes, just stared at me like she had seen a ghost, Ginni Foxx burst into tears.  And it was a huge pleasure to get to say hello in person to most all of you who I have “talked” with on the computer for a number of years.   The hugs, smiles, laughter, camaraderie, you cannot put a price on that and there was not a stranger in the room.   What a night; singing, dancing, chatting, the raffle and oh of course some liquid refreshments.  The energy was amazing.  Vic Vega and the Dirty Weekend were in top form and were having a party with us.  Gary Price was an awesome DJ and we continued to rock the bar. The singing and dancing to Purple Heather was emotional and at the same time Gary announced we raised $2500 of the $3000 goal for Wounded Warriors.  Melba Weaver would have no part of missing the goal and started a spirited campaign to get us to the goal. IN MINUTES, she raised over $500, breaking the goal!!!!  Then shortly after THAT, she auctioned off a signed football for another $350.  THEN a collection was presented to Gary Price to which he told us he had lost his dad a year to the day and it was thru that loss that he was able to make this trip. Gary then donated the collection to Wounded Warriors.  At this point I want to personally thank each one of you for making this party one of celebration, friendship, and paying forward.  I keep saying things like this because I really don’t think Rod has any concept of the deep friendships he has caused to be formed and then grow based on commonalities other than Rod. The generosity shared among us is unlike anything I have ever experienced. WHAT A NIGHT!   Oh by the way, if anyone is wondering or has any doubts, yes Brian Howell took off his shirt.  Security came and nicely told him he could continue to have fun but that he was in an eating establishment and he had to put his shirt back on.  (Brian I have some GREAT pics of all this, we’ll talk, wink wink).  Melba, Terrie, and I got back to the hotel and I know what TIME it is and I have been up for 28 hours straight, Ohmyhell! 


Saturday Nov 22 after 5 hours sleep, the Melba wakeup call erupts (Melba is a morning person!!!), I am not, but I did my best.  We are up (like we had a choice, hahaha) and on the go!  A hearty breakfast, LOTS of coffee and a great conversation about the party the night before.  Then some walking about to stretch out, a visit to the gift shop, a “deposit” in the slots to help Caesars Palace with their $30M debt problem and back to the room for me for a nap (and missed Helen and Kevin’s wedding).  (Remember I have been basically at this for 2 weeks!). Later in the afternoon we skyped with Ian Logie!!!  How cool was that??!!??


Fast forward to Caesars Palace and the excitement was in full force as we searched each other out and just knew that this was going to be one hell of a show for us and Rod.  I was in Orch 6 row CC stage seat and next to Alison and Ian!!  WOW!!!!!  Plus I have never been to a show with this many true die-hard fans, which was another treat for me.  (I need to interrupt this story to tell you that my most used phrases these trips were: 1. WOW, 2. Holy S**T, 3. Excuse me, please say again, 4. I can’t keep up). Curtain up, we’re on our feet, and I think this show will be one for the history books!  The look on Jimmy Roberts’ face was priceless as he looked around and processed what he was seeing in the audience.  His smile was huge and his eyes were as big as saucers--- Jimmy knew right then this was not going to be a “routine” show either.  Out came Rod, he had a haircut since last week (yes I keep up with these things) and he was beaming!  He looked well and voice was top notch!  Shortly into the show he gave a shout out to The Rod Stewart Fan Club!  Like he or anyone else could miss us, right?     After about 4 songs (I think) Rod did ask us to sit down and we did for a few bits and then we gradually began standing up again. (He should know by now, we cannot sit, heck he cannot either!)  Di Reed continues to blow me away with her voice and she too was in top form.  After Rhythm of My Heart and the heart and soul touching tributes, Melba with Terrie’s help, held up a flag celebrating the Wounded Warrior Project.  Rod smiled hugely and invited them on stage and he told the audience that they were involved in raising funds for the charity.  Very nice touch.  Shaun Tatarka’s campaign for a performance of “I Was Only Joking” was a success and while Rod looked a bit nervous as he began the song, he gave a breathtaking performance and ended it with “….the principal will never leave the stage……because I know this crowd understands.”  Check out Debbie Anderson’s video, especially this part; Rod’s facial expressions were priceless.  And whew those black lace up pants are………WOW!


It was Boiler’s birthday, he is one of crew and Rod told us that Boiler has worked for him for 40 years.  Rod had him come out on stage, handed him a gift and then Rod, Lucy, Di, and Kimmi sang Happy Birthday to him.

Great to see and hear Ruby again, her confidence and stage presence has grown tremendously.  Her voice, delivery of song, and writing are gifts that I am glad she has chosen to share with us


Footballs during Stay with Me; a number of RSFC members got one, but I don’t know if there were firsts for anyone.  No You’re in My Heart and I had ANOTHER HAT to deliver (green, yellow, white), so during the new HAT delivery song, “Maggie May”, I launched it on stage.  Rod kept singing and seconds later one (traditional green and white) landed on stage from the opposite direction (Ha! Joy Deltiempo), Rod looked at it and then back to mine and appeared bewildered.   Rod picked up the green and white HAT and put it on Don’s head and tossed the green, yellow, and white HAT to Emerson with instructions to put it on.  At this point Don is making the pom pom dance around, and they are all laughing.  During all this mayhem Rod is trying to “work” and I didn’t take many photos or video, because I simply could not keep up.  Then a Celtic Santa HAT (Ha! Liz Williams) appeared and Rod put it on Conrad’s head. I was and still am in utter disbelief.  Next thing I knew Chuck and J’Anna had a HAT on too!  (I still don’t know who delivered the HAT that Chuck had on, but J’Anna’s and then Jimmy’s were delivered by Helen Horton and Diane Page and made by Jan Morely).  Curtain down and they came back on for Sexy.   They all still had the HATS on and Jimmy’s had the Rodettes on Tour badge on it.  Jimmy looked at the badge and laughed.  I think they all had a good time with the HATS, I sure did and I bet that that is the hardest Rod ever worked while performing Maggie May!   It was not until Mike Scully posted the video, did I understand how this all transpired, thank you Mike.  I also want to thank Terrie Harbour and Jan Morely for knitting up HATS for the raffle and to help me fill some of the many requests.

Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about the real history of the HATS.  I began knitting HATs back in 2009 for a local homeless shelter, and in less than 3 years I and a few coworkers made and donated over 700 HATS.  I have lost count of how many heads we have kept warm, which now includes children of Appalachia, cancer patients and newborns.  So this is where I got the idea to knit the first one for Rod back in 2012 (our first show in over 11 years due to work schedules and serious family health issues).  Flowers were old HAT (yeah, bad pun intended), but I knew a hand knitted Celtic HAT would be something different.  The rest is history.   I will spend the next few months knitting the rest of my thank you gift HATS and then we’ll see what 2015 brings, but 2014 was definitely the year of the HAT.  I will definitely resume knitting HATS for different charities.

Sunday Nov 23……. Melba, the alarm clock, got us up once again.  She is a hoot.  We lounged around the room until TIME to leave for Mike and Susana’s wedding. It was a beautiful day for a wedding. I met Mike back in 2001 at a FanFest party he organized and I met Susana in August of 2013. I liked both instantly and seeing them together in person or in photos always chases any blues away that I might be dealing with at the time.   At the wedding Mike looked great, but Susana made an absolutely stunning beautiful bride.   The ceremony was very touching and yes I teared up. The reception was full of fun and craziness (including Love Train), but most of all the further deepening of friendships that initially formed thru the common bond of Rod continues to touch my heart and soul.  Diane Page caught the bouquet, and signed were passed out to be held up at the show. They read “Mike and Susana got married TODAY, Please dedicate Have I Told You Lately………  I got a hot pink one, my favorite color.   I do believe the minister and photographer had an absolute blast too and as I write this I have to wonder if we set a world’s record for number of photos taken in a 72 hour period.  The TIME went quickly and we rode the bus back.  I sat next to Sonja Schenk and told her my grandparents were from Germany.  She told me she lives very close to my grandmother’s birth place. It really is a small world.

Back at the hotel, and it was time to start packing for the early flight out and to get ready for the last show.  We met up at the pub before the show, and soon Melba says “There’s Shaun”, I am thinking Shaun Tatarka and I look around and don’t see him, I said “where?” and she points, I look and it was Sean Stewart.   Melba went over to him and said hi (I hung back, lol I really am shy) and all I saw and heard was Sean grinning and saying in his best exaggerated Texas twang, “I’m from Texas too!”  Cracked me up.  He agreed to a photo with Melba and then me.  Shortly after that, Terrie came back and Melba told Sean where Terrie was from and again he said in his best exaggerated Texas twang, “I’m from Texas too!”  He had his photo made with Terrie too.  He was very nice and accommodating to all of us and definitely has the Stewart humor gene.  He probably told his dad during dinner, what a bunch of nutters you have for fans.

Gilles was again mistaken for Rod.  A woman came up and said “Oh Mr. Stewart my husband and I have been waiting so long to see you!”   Her husband had been standing there chatting with us and just let his wife go on.  He then cracked up, she stared at Gilles and then we convinced her to have her photo with Gilles.

Into the coliseum for my last planned show at this time – so it was rather bittersweet for me.   Orch 5 row CC tonight, right behind Terrie and Melba.  Familiar music… the band and Rod come out and they are on FIRE and we were in rather fine form ourselves.  From behind me, 3 versus into Having a Party, I heard SIT DOWN.  Sorry, but nope no way, especially tonight.  I saw security talking to the couple for a long time and the next thing I knew the seats were empty.  This weekend was all about Rod Stewart concerts in Las Vegas, not Vegas shows with performances by Rod Stewart (my humble apologies to those who didn’t get this and that we may have annoyed).  Rod owned the stage and we owned the audience and the mix of the two was unstoppable.  Nice to have Some Guys…. back in the setlist, Rhythm of my Heart always gets my emotions stirred and then Rod was so excited to sing the next song, he forgot to introduce the videos of the veterans and said Oh F***.  After the montage he launched into Baby Jane!! I was about to burst with excitement!!!

As they were setting up the stage for the acoustical portion of the show, I got my sign out and was holding it up as we planned. It seemed that there were just a few at first, Rod started spotting them and was saying something like “What do the signs say, I cannot read them I don’t have my glasses, I have never seen so many signs……… ALL I COULD THINK WAS WE HAD TO PULL THIS OFF, so I got as close to the velvet rope as I could and I was jumping around in hopes to get Rod’s attention (hell I should have thrown him a HAT!).  I was looking at the stage, the rope, the steps, and then I heard someone say “Go up Vicky!”   That was the push I needed. I walked up the steps took a step or 2 onto the stage and squatted down. Rod looked me right in the eye and I waved the sign and then I slid it towards him and made a quick exit off the stage.  I think Don slid it the rest of the way to Rod, he read it, dedicated the song AND invited Mike and Susana up on stage!  They were just adorable sitting there.  There are a few videos posted that really do this part of the story justice, Every Picture Tells a Story ya know.  When Rod finished the song he said as a celebration anyone wearing a Celtic Jersey, over in Ramsey’s tonight I’ll buy you a drink.  Rod asked us again to sit down so we did.  

He did the “walk about” during Sweet Little Rock and Roller, Footballs during Stay with Me, Maggie May (I did toss my last HAT of the year, but I knitted this one thinner as I was running out of room in the suitcase, I didn’t throw it hard enough and barely got it on the stage….where it stayed until after the end of the show when I went and got it.) Wear it Well, Daniel Bierne!  Then Sexy and the Grand Finale Football Roll!!!!!  Jill, Lesley, and Sue rolled the ball out to center stage, and while I knew it was 6’, it was simply enormous!!!   Rod announced the donation to Wounded Warriors and seemed well pleased.  The ladies had a grand time, and Sue seemed right at home with Kimmi, Di, and Lucy; she was rockin’ it good.   They were soon joined by a woman in a black dress and one in leopard print.   Rod and the band were enjoying the antics, and then the stage was adorned with a number of RSFC members for a few minutes until they were escorted off.  It was a grand finish to one AMAZING weekend, that as I write this a month later, I am thrilled to bits that I was able to attend.

Off to the pub, for one last celebration and something to eat, I was starved this evening.  Chatting about, and a huge cheer erupted and in walked Rod.  He and his party went to that now familiar table in the back, and then there was like a receiving line parading in front of the table.  I stood and watched, and thought I am not going to do that………but then I had an idea and had to try….. So I got in line with the masses, and as I got in front of Rod, I paused and caught his eye; I very carefully said “Thank YOU for everything” and gave him a thumbs up.  Rod in return, -+nodded, winked, and gave me a thumbs up. Mission accomplished and my (what seemed to be) month of Rod was complete.   Soon after that, Ian Roberts came up to the table and said Rod is buying us a pint and wants to have a photo with all of us in Celtic. We were to go to the back of the pub in about 10 minutes.  We were all in disbelief.  After we got our pints, it was decided that the photo would be a bit later on so we went back to the table.  In any event, the TIME came and we all were directed out of the pub to gather and then Rod came out, and had a photo with us!!!  As we all now know it is an amazing photo that has seen a lot of press beyond all of us!

 I am still laughing at the line up in the photo of the hair, Rod’s, Vic Vega’s, and mine. I have been asked a number of times if we were placed together on purpose.  I have to say I am totally foggy as to what happened after the photo, I have seen pictures, video, and have had conversations, but I don’t remember a thing.   As I said before, I was starving, so maybe the blood sugar was wonky with all the excitement.  I did get to eat, and then it was TIME for hugs, and goodbyes.  As I was finishing up talking to Brian Howell, I turned and saw someone who looked familiar. I looked at Brian and said (hopefully not as loud as I think I did), Holy S**T it is Kevin!  Brian smiled and nodded yes.  I went up to Kevin Savigar, introduced myself, congratulated him on his recent 32 wedding anniversary, told him I had just celebrated 30 with Steve, and I thanked him for his hard work with Rod and for all of us.  He asked me where I was from, and he has been to and knew a lot about Knoxville, TN. I was too astounded to ask him how he knew the info, so it is still a mystery to me.  I did request an autograph and he kindly obliged. I thanked him again and walked away. I then stopped and went back and asked him if I could impose another few seconds for a photo with him; he was so very, very nice and said of course. It is one cracker of a photo!

Back to the room, finished packing, quick look at pictures and time to sleep for a few hours.  Melba, the alarm clock, was again in fine form on Monday morning. We got up, got ready, and were in the cab in record TIME.  Hard to believe this trip was about to come to an end, but it was jam packed with frivolity; fun, friends, and fantastic memories were made.   We said our good byes and headed to our airlines.  It was really not a goodbye, but a “until we meet again”.  While getting a bite to eat at the airport, I heard in a familiar voice, “Hey Maggie!”…….. I turned around and it was the woman from the Friday flight who started the plane singing Maggie May to me, funny old world, isn’t it?    When I started my car at the airport, what do I hear but the line from Dixie Toot, “Its been so long since I had a good time”. Well that was true up to November 11; we sure made up for lost time.

One last thing I want to share is what the woman from work (who had never seen Rod live before) said about the November 22 show. She was so excited!  She said it was more than she ever imagined: the high energy, and how personable Rod is and how the band just clicks.  She was enthralled with Ruby and is still talking about J’Anna as recent as last week.  She has seen me knitting many a HAT during my lunch breaks, so the HATS on stage were a treat, but she thought Jimmy in the HAT was hysterical.

What an amazing month of November Steve and I had.  We are both so glad to have gotten to share much of it with each of you, either in person, or thru modern technology.  I am sorry that this has taken me so long to write, but I hope you enjoy reading it.   Until we meet again, I bid you a fantastic holiday season, Steve and I will toast each of you and we wish you and yours health and happiness in the New Year.



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