Do ya think I'm blonder? Rod Stewart spends nearly THREE HOURS in a hair salon only to emerge from the Mayfair hairdresser looking virtually the same

  • EXCLUSIVE: Rod Stewart spent almost three hours in high-end salon in Mayfair
  • The singer stepped out sporting the same hair style – only slightly blonder
  • But wife Penny Lancaster appeared to give up on his lengthy pampering session
  • She decided to go shopping and spent nearly an hour inside an Apple store 

He is almost as renowned for his mop of spiky blond hair as he is for his raspy singing voice.

And Sir Rod Stewart certainly makes an effort to maintain his locks, spending up to £6,000 a year on his famous mane.

The Da Ya Think I’m Sexy singer, 75, spent three hours having his hair done – only to emerge looking virtually the same. 

He arrived in a chauffeur-driven car at the Steven Carey salon in Mayfair, central London, with his wife Penny Lancaster in the early afternoon.

Sir Rod, who is a regular at the high-end salon, was ushered into a private room. 

Fast-forward three hours, and the star stepped out sporting the same style – only slightly blonder.

Miss Lancaster appeared to give up on his lengthy pampering session, and decided to go shopping, spending nearly an hour inside an Apple store.

Prices for men at the salon start at £45, with a whole head of highlights setting customers back at least £185.

It was previously reported that Sir Rod pays £340 a time to get a trim and a re-bleach every few weeks.

The music icon is said to receive the A-List treatment when he attends the salon and is served sandwiches on a silver platter.

A source previously said: ‘Rod is quite pedantic about his locks. He gets high and lowlights put in every three weeks, and even if his hair doesn’t really need doing he’ll still come in to get it tweaked, either with a few strokes of colour or a tiny trim.’

Sir Rod’s visit to the salon came ahead of his appearance at Tuesday night’s Brit Awards.

Rod Stewart's case reset for April after incident at The Breakers

WEST PALM BEACH, Fla. — British singer Rod Stewart's lawyers waived their client's right to a speedy trial during a short hearing in a Palm Beach County courtroom Tuesday.

A pretrial hearing is now scheduled for April 17 at 9 a.m.

Stewart, 75, and his son Sean, 38, reportedly got into an altercation with a security guard New Year's Eve at The Breakers Hotel on Palm Beach. Both Stewart and his son have pleaded not guilty to simple battery charges.

"Every judge has their unique way of setting cases. So a pretrial date for him is for us to go in and say, is this case going to resolve or do I need to set it for a trial? So that's what he expects to hear at the next date in 45 days," said Guy Fronstin, Stewart's attorney, after the hearing.

The singer was not in court Tuesday morning.

The Brits

Closing the show is Rod Stewart, looking like a toreador who just can’t resist the finest silk. “I’m going to do this one for your mum, Hillary” – a reference to a joke Whitehall had made earlier in the evening, that his mother was off giving Rod some mild sexual harassment.
Well, Rod’s got the Brits 2020 memo, and it’s going to be a sad, sweeping ballad, I Don’t Want to Talk About It. I guess if you’ve hired an orchestra for the night you might as well get the most out of them, and Rod’s in pleasingly husky form. “Any good?” he asks the crowd to whooping affirmation. “This show might be 40 years old but the Faces are 50 years old ... let me bring up Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones. Here is is, my old mucker!”

The reunited Faces do Stay With Me, with heavily overdriven blues-rock riffing from Wood. Quick, bring your dad down from brushing his teeth, he’ll like this one! The orchestra works rather well here, swinging rather boozily around Stewart’s lusty belting.

Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster dazzle on date night at the BRITs

The Maggie May singer is set to close the show at the Brit Awards on Tuesday night

On Tuesday night, Rod Stewart stepped out with his wife Penny Lancaster to attend the Brit Awards 2020. The celebrity couple posed for photos on the red carpet at the star-studded event, as they got ready for the special evening, which will see Rod close the show. On Monday, Penny had shared a sweet photo on Instagram of her rock star husband and their pet dog Lily on their way to the O2 Arena to the final rehearsals. She captioned the picture: "Lily living the rock star life, as Rod heads off to rehearsals at the O2 in preparation for the Brits."

This is Rod's second time performing at the Brit Awards. The Maggie May hitmaker previously took to the stage in 1993, where he also picked up an honorary award, outstanding contribution to music. The news of Rod's involvement in this year's show was announced earlier in the year, with the singer saying in a statement: "Happy to be asked to close out the Brits on their 40th show celebrations." Throughout Rod's incredible career, he has achieved ten No.1 albums, and most recently released an album with The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra at the end of 2019. This remained in the No.1 spot in the UK charts for three weeks. On the evening, Rod was also reunited with his good friends and former Faces bandmates Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones.

EXCLUSIVE: Rod Stewart, 75, is seen on film 'performing a Hitler salute before punching a security guard' at Florida hotel on New Year's Eve after pulling faces and dancing around staffers

  • Rod Stewart appears to punch security guard Jessie Dixon in an altercation on New Year's Eve, according to footage obtained exclusively by
  • Stewart also appears to perform an ironic Hitler salute with his right arm extended above his head while he made a mustache with his left pointer finger
  • The incident was sparked when Stewart and his large group were denied access to the children's area of The Breakers Palm Beach resort in Florida 
  • The singer's son Sean gets into Dixon's personal space and appears to push Dixon backwards with both hands
  • Stewart, 75, then gets involved and appears to throw a left hook at Dixon but it's unclear from the footage whether the rocker's fist connected with Dixon 
  • The police report has Dixon claiming Stewart struck him on his chest  
  • The father and son were charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor that could land them up to a year in jail, but they pleaded not guilty

Clad in his trademark gold lamé dinner jacket on New Year's Eve, Rod Stewart delivered a lightning-fast right hook to a security guard of a fancy Florida hotel, according to a surveillance video obtained exclusively by

The footage shows the altercation occurred seconds after the 75-year-old singer mocked the security guard who prevented him access to the children's area of The Breakers Palm Beach resort.

Stewart appears to perform an ironic Nazi salute with his right arm extended high above his head while he formed a mustache with his left pointer finger, a la John Cleese in Fawlty Towers.

He then appears to swing at Jessie Dixon, the 33-year-old security guard who claims he was attacked by the duo and is expected to file a civil suit against Stewart and his 39-year-old son Sean over the incident. 

The night ended with Stewart and Sean arrested and charged with simple battery, a misdemeanor that could land them up to a year in jail. 

Rod Stewart 'punches hotel security guard' on New Year's Eve
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The father and son pleaded not guilty in January and their case is due in court in West Palm Beach, Florida on Tuesday. Neither is expected to appear before the judge.

Dixon has yet to file an official civil complaint against the two.

According to the surveillance video, which has no sound, the tussle lasted about four seconds shortly after 10:08pm during preparations for the final countdown to 2020.

The footage shows the singer arriving with a large group about 10:03pm near the Breakers children's playground. A check-in table was set up for a private party scheduled to start later that night.

The video shows Stewart's group, which included his wife Penny Lancaster along with their two boys, 14-year-old Alastair and Aiden, 8. Sean can be seen in the background at first in a silver lamé jacket.

The group is stopped at the table by an attendant, the footage shows but Stewart ignores the worker and starts strutting around as if he were on a concert stage.

He then slips behind the attendant and acts like a gorilla about to grab her. Once she turns around, he stands with hands in his pockets as if he'd done nothing.

According to the incident report filed with the court by Palm Beach Police, the singer and his family were loud and argumentative when the attendant told them they couldn't access the playground. 

Dixon, in his black suit, arrives in view of the camera about 10:06pm and both Stewart and Sean, as well as an unidentified male approach him.

At that point, the discussion seems friendly. Stewart's hands are down or in his pockets as several children from his group start playing on the small playground. He even places his left hand on Dixon's shoulder, which Dixon doesn't appear to mind.

About one minute later, Stewart becomes more animated as Dixon stands fast on his decision not to let them in. Dixon is seen pointing at the children on the playground as if to say they need to get out.

At 10:07pm, Stewart is seen on security footage briefly walking a few steps away before returning to Dixon and mimes what appears to be an ironic Hitler salute and a finger-mustache.

The scene turns ugly within 10 seconds.

Sean slides into Dixon's personal space who then places the back of his right hand on Sean's chest, seemingly creating a personal boundary. 

Sean, 39, then appears to push Dixon backwards with both hands.

Stewart gets involved and seemingly throws a nasty-looking right hook as Dixon steadies himself and walks towards Sean. 

It's unclear from the footage whether the rocker's fist connected with Dixon. The police report, however, has Dixon claiming the singer's fist struck him on the left side of the chest.

The scuffle calmed down as quickly as it flared up with members of Rod's party, including wife Penny, playing peacemakers.

The police report noted that Stewart apologized before he left the area.

'It's obvious Rod wasn't going to get involved until he felt his son was in danger,' said a source in Stewart's camp. 'Rod was just trying to defend his boy. No jury in Florida is going to convict him for that.'

Stewart is currently rehearsing for his upcoming tour in a West Palm Beach sound stage while living at his $30 million-mansion in Palm Beach, which is within walking distance of Mar-a-Lago, President Donald Trump's private club and residence.

The famous father and his son have retained high-powered attorney Guy Fronstin as their lawyer.

He has represented suspects in nationally covered crimes and trials covered gavel-to-gavel, including John Goodman, a polo club owner who killed a teenager in a DUI crash, Michael Dippolito, the husband of a woman who tried to pay an assassin to kill him but ended up hiring an undercover police officer, and Karyn Turk, a former Mrs. Florida convicted to stealing her dying mother's social security checks.

Fronstin called the incident a 'misunderstanding.'

'This is an unfortunate situation,' Fronstin said. 'I'm just glad no one was hurt. It was all a big misunderstanding.'

Dixon's lawyer, Gwayne Kelly, was not available for comment. 


Faces to reunite at Brit Awards with members Ronnie Wood and Kenney Jones joining Sir Rod Stewart for 40th anniversary

THERE will be more than just young pop stars on the stage at Tuesday’s Brit Awards – one act will be older than all of the eight other performers combined.

I can reveal the Faces will reunite at London’s O2 Arena, with drummer Kenney Jones and Ronnie Wood joining Rod Stewart to be part of his set, which will close the ceremony.

They last performed at the Brits in 1993, joined by Rolling Stones rocker Bill Wyman, and Rod proclaimed there was collectively “234 years up here on stage”.

And although they will this time be without Wyman and the late Faces keyboardist Ian McLagan, they still add up to 218.

Original Faces bass guitarist Ronnie Lane died in 1997.

Harry Styles, Dave, Lizzo, Mabel, Stormzy, Lewis Capaldi, Celeste and Billie Eilish are also on the line-up for the 40th annual ceremony, with their combined age totting up at 193 — 25 years younger than the Faces.

A ceremony insider said: “Getting an icon on the line-up like Rod was a triumph to begin with.

“Getting the Faces back together is unbelievable.

"It’s an amazing thing to round out the 40th ceremony given they have had such illustrious careers.”

They played their first show together in four years last September when they gave a surprise concert at Wentworth Golf Club in Surrey in aid of The Prostate Project charity, following Rod’s revelation he’d secretly beaten the illness.

It will be their first big TV gig for the trio since they last played at the ceremony 27 years ago, when Rod was honoured with the Outstanding Contribution Award.


Motherwell restaurant Da Claudio reveal what Sir Rod Stewart dined on last week

The Scots singer arrived at Da Claudio along with four others, much to the surprise of diners in the restaurant.

A family-run Motherwell restaurant were delighted to welcome Sir Rod Stewart along to their establishment last week and served him up a ‘veally’ good meal.

The Maggie May singer, who is a die-hard Celtic fan, popped by Da Claudio on Brandon Street for a pre-match meal before heading to Fir Park to watch his team thrash the Steelmen 4-0.

The Italian restaurant, who have been in the town for over 28 years, spoke to the Advertiser following their special visitor and revealed exactly what Sir Rod picked from their delicious menu.

Owner Arthur Goff said: “I knew beforehand that he was coming, we got a call to say he had been recommended to us which was really nice to hear. I had an idea it would be before the Celtic and Motherwell game.”

The Scots singer arrived along with four others, much to the surprise of diners in the restaurant.

Arthur said: “They arrived straight from the airport. Everyone was shocked and couldn’t believe this global star was dining in our restaurant in Motherwell! I still can't believe it.


“They had a range of starters and he had the Scalloppina di Vitello alla Milanese, which is escalopes of veal breaded and pan fried in olive oil and rosemary, served with spaghetti pomodoro.”

And Arthur said he couldn’t leave without a little sing-along. He said: “There were a group of ladies eating and on his way out Rod got pictures with them and sang them a few lines of Maggie May. He was brilliant. He got more pictures before shooting off to Fir Park.”

Da Claudio announced on social media that the Scottish singer had tucked into a meal that evening with a picture of him and owner Arthur. The photo received over 2400 likes.

They posted: “It’s not every day Rod Stewart pops in for a meal. Yes, it’s actually him.”

Rod Stewart: Singer, 75, speaks out on major crushes: ‘My dad wouldn’t allow that’

ROD STEWART, who is married to Penny Lancaster, has spilled on his first crush in a new interview where the rockstar admitted there was not one but two superstar's he had his eyes on.

Sir Rod Stewart, 75, has been married to his wife Penny Lancaster, 48, since 2007. The Maggie May singer has now divulged the details on the Hollywood stars he had crushes on in his younger years and added: “They’re all blondes”.

The veteran star recently sat down with Yahoo! for their candid interview titled, First Celebrity Crush, where Rod spilled the beans.

When quizzed on who he admired from afar, he said: “Marilyn Monroe and Bridget Bardot. All blondes.”

However, the superstar was also probed if he had any posters or pictures of Marilyn dotted around his home when he was younger.

But Rod shut that down immediately as he admitted his dad would not allow his celebrity crushes to be plastered on his bedroom walls.

“No. My father wouldn’t have allowed that,” he smiled. “It had to be footballers, soccer players.”

It is not surprising as the singer is long-standing Celtic FC supporter and regularly attends matches at their stadium in Scotland.

Rod Stewart, 75, set to make TV return amid ongoing court proceedings 'Happy to be asked'

ROD STEWART is set to make his television return after it was revealed the superstar will close this year's BRITs 2020. It comes just weeks after the singer pleaded not guilty to an alleged assault on a security guard with his son on New Year's Eve.

Sir Rod Stewart, 75, who recently celebrated his 50th year in the music industry, will be among a host of A-list acts who will perform at The Brit Awards 2020. The music event is marking four decades since the show launched.

The Scottish singer’s performance is being kept under wraps but it has been reported the legendary rocker is expected to perform some of his biggest hits as he closes the show, according to The Sun.

Rod told the publication: “Happy to be asked to close out the Brits on their 40th show celebrations.”

The Brit Awards 2020 will take place at London’s O2 arena next week and already features a show-stopping line-up.

Grammy Award winners, Billie Eilish, 18, and Lizzo, 31, are expected to take the stage as well as former One Direction bandmate Harry Styles, 26, and Scottish sensation, Lewis Capaldi, 23.

Rod Stewart dines in Motherwell food joint ahead of Celtic clash at Fir Park

Diners were stunned to see the singing legend at the North Lanarkshire restaurant.

Sir Rod Stewart surprised Scots diners after popping into a North Lanarkshire restaurant before tonight's Celtic game.

The singing legend enjoyed some grub at Da Claudio in Mothwerwell on Wednesday night.

Celtic fan, Rod, posed up for a photo with a member of staff which was shared on social media.

A post on Da Caludio's Facebook page read: "It's not every day Rod Stewart drops in for a meal!

"Yes, it's actually him!"

Rod, 75, sported a white shirt, dark tie, beige coat and trousers with a dark brown cross-body bag for his evening out on the town.


Locals and Celtic fans were sent into meltdown at the photo.

Many speculated that the crooner dined at the Italian food joint before watching the Hoops take on Motherwell at Fir Park.

In less than one hour, the snap was shared almost 200 times and amassed over 350 comments.

Corinne McArdle wrote: 'Wow, this is great!

"Good choice, Rod."

Maureen Phillips added: "A meal before the game.

"Well in, Rod."

Rod Stewart's close pal talks star's surprising 'off the radar' duty 'People don't see it'

ROD STEWART'S close friend Johnny Mac has spoken out about the rockstar's "off the radar" antics, which he admits surprised him, in an exclusive interview

Singer and songwriter Johnny Mac and his band Johnny Mac and The Faithful toured with Sir Rod Stewart, 75, back in 2017 and they have remained good friends with the star. As he grew closer to the music legend, Johnny admitted he was surprised by how generous the singer is with his money.

He said: “I got to know him a wee bit just through writing a song, we became good friends through Celtic [Football Club].

“I did get to see what a lot of people don’t see, he does so many good things off the radar for charities and stuff but he doesn’t want the publicity.

“He tells his people, ’Please don’t take a picture and tell anyone’.

“He’s honestly one of the loveliest people to meet, he treats us the same way he treats his own band.

“He’s so unbelievably nice, that’s what I noticed about him.”

Back in November, the Maggie May hitmaker held an exclusive event to raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust.

He has also raised funds for the likes of charities Memories That Matter and Barnardo’s.

Elsewhere, Johnny Mac and the Faithful toured with Rod when the latter battled prostate cancer in secret.

The father-of-eight, who is married to Penny Lancaster, spoke out about his cancer journey for the first time back at an event last year.

He told the crowd he had been given the all-clear after catching the disease early.

He went on to urge other men to get checked.

Rod’s friend admitted he was surprised by the news and jokingly branded him a “sly old dog”.



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