Rock Hall to open new Small Faces/Faces display on Thursday

CLEVELAND, Ohio - The Rock Hall will unveil a new display honoring 2012 inductees Small Faces/Faces.

The Small Faces, which formed during the peak period of the British invasion, scored big overseas with songs like "Sha La La La Lee" and "Itchycoo Park."

But many still remember the band for its Faces era, when Rod Stewart and Ronnie Wood joined and turned the band into an arena rock act during the early 1970.

Small Faces/Faces members Steve Marriott, Kenney Jones, Ronnie Lane, Ian McLagan, Wood and Stewart were all inducted into the Rock Hall five years ago.

The museum will honor them with a new Small Faces/Faces display in the Rock Hall's Legends of Rock exhibit beginning Thursday morning.

The British legend sang a re-imagining of his classic hit alongside Joe Jonas' band in light of a "newly minted partnership" with Republic Records.

British rock 'n' roll icon Rod Stewart performed alongside DNCE at the VMAs this year, at a satellite location at The Palms in Las Vegas.

Situated beneath the glow of a glimmering disco ball, Stewart and DNCE frontman Joe Jonas sang the 1978 hit as a duet. At 72 years old, Stewart appeared lively as ever, dressed in an appropriately disco-themed silver suit. 

As one of the best-selling artists of all time, Stewart reached the height of his fame in the midst of the late-1970s. The two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee originally released his hit single Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? in 1978, as apart of his ninth album, Blondes Have More Fun. The song was also named as one of Rolling Stone’s 500 Greatest Songs of All Time. With more than two million records sold worldwide, Stewart’s impact on the world of rock 'n' roll is undeniable. 

For a bit of backstory, Stewart recently announced the Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? collaboration, along with a “newly minted partnership” with Republic Records, on Aug. 23 via Twitter.

Coincidentally, DNCE also happen to be signed with Republic Records, which may have something to do with the collaboration. DNCE rose to popularity in 2015, catapulted by Jonas' previous fame, after the release of their debut single Cake by the Ocean. The band won a VMA for best new artist in 2016.

Rod Stewart Teams With DNCE for Re-Imagined ‘Da Ya Think I’m Sexy’

From Variety Edition

Rod Stewart has new music on the way — a re-imagining of his 1979 hit “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” that’s a collaboration with dance-pop band DNCE. The teaming marks a new partnership with Republic Records, the Universal Music Group label that’s home to The Weeknd, Ariana Grande, and Lorde.

The song is set for release on Friday (Aug. 25).

The original “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” was released in 1978 on Stewart’s “Blondes Have More Fun” album and spent four weeks at the top of Billboard Hot 100 chart in Feb. 1979.

Stewart signed with UMG in 2012 and has released three studio albums since then: a Christmas collection on Verve, and 2013’s “Time” and 2015’s “Another Country” on Capitol. He is a two-time Rock and Roll Hall of Fame inductee and was recently knighted in his native United Kingdom for his contributions to music and philanthropy. Stewart is managed by Arnold Stiefel.



DNCE, formed in 2015 and featuring Joe Jonas on lead vocals, is best known for the breakout hit “Cake By The Ocean,” which has moved more than 7 million adjusted singles and registered nearly 450 million streams on Spotify worldwide. The group released their self-titled debut album in Nov. 2016. DNCE is managed by Phil McIntyre.


Hot Legs! Rod Stewart, 72, cosies up to wife Penny Lancaster, 46, on romantic stroll as she flaunts her enviable figure in striped mini dress


Daily Mail

Legendary rocker Rod Stewart looked a picture of happiness alongside wife Penny Lancaster on Saturday as the pair enjoyed a romantic stroll in LA together.

The Hot Legs hitmaker, 72, walked hand in hand lovingly with Penny, 46, just weeks after renewing his vows with the former model.

Stopping off for a coffee, the two shared a giggle and chatted intently before leaving and hopping into their flash white motor.

Donning a ditsy print floral shirt buttoned down to chest, Rod cut a relaxed figure with his sleeves rolled up to maintain his West Coast tan

Showing off his famous blond locks styled in a messy manner, the famous pop star had a spring in his step while wrapping an arm around his stunning other half.

Adding a pair of Ray Ban Wayfarer shades, Rod rocked a subtle silver watch along with a pair of crisp white linen trousers with cream shoes.

While Penny cut a glamorous figure in a striped white mini dress with plunging neckline hinting at her ample assets.


Showing off her endless pins, former model turned TV presenter Penny stepped out in a pair of casual sandals.

Clutching a leather bag underneath her armpit, Penny pushed her caramel tresses back with a pair of oversized Aviators.


Couldn't wait until you got home, Rod? Rocker Stewart shows off pink socks as he whips off his shoes at coffee shop to try on new trainers


He's a multi-millionaire singing legend who no doubt has a massive wardrobe totally heaving with clothes and shoes.

But the iconic Rod Stewart, 72, proved he still gets excited by a shiny brand new pair of shoes just like the rest of us - and couldn't even wait until he got home to whip them out of their box and try them on. 

The superstar was snapped giving his new adidas trainers a whirl while enjoying a coffee in Beverly Hills on Monday

Dressed down in cream trousers and a patterned white shirt, teamed with a pair of dark sunglasses, the musician was seen examining his bright blue trainers while seated at an outdoor table in the shade. 

After checking them out, he then bent down to get rid of his old shoes, unlacing the old orange and green patterned trainers to reveal a pair of salmon pink socks.

He then tried on the swanky new shoes, featuring the iconic adidas stripes in silver and metallic red, for size.


As well as being a huge football fan, the star is known for frequently indulging in gruelling workout regimes to maintain his health and fitness.

Rod once told The Quietus: 'I am a genuine fitness fanatic. I’ve had a full-time trainer for fifteen years. I take it seriously. Only stopped playing football when I was sixty eight… sixty eight and a half, in fact.'

And his personal trainer, Gary O'Connor, has spoken out in the past about Rod's dedication to working out.

In an interview with the Sunday People in 2014, the trainer said: 'Rod’s incredibly competitive. He’ll swim lengths under water and put on a harness with a cord fixed to a metal sledge with a 20kg plate on it.

'Rod’s in incredible shape.'


Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper, Two Legends Who Thrill In Their Own Ways

Rod Stewart, Cyndi Lauper
Smart Financial Centre
August 12, 2017

It was the tale of two performers.

One had a show that had all the glitz, polish and showmanship of a Las Vegas revue. The other had a chaotic edge you couldn’t look away from. One has a voice you imagine could sing anything, and the other has one of the most unique voices in pop music history. One was the hardworking yet still laid-back literal Knight, and the other was a complete and total boss.

More than just their pop success and great hair, what really united Sir Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper on Saturday night was the sheer joy that both brought out of the audience at Smart Financial Centre.

Now, sure, most people go to shows anticipating having a good time, planning on having a good time, forcing a good time if they have to. But there was a buzz in the air, from the moment his lead in music started, that this crowd was electric for Rod Stewart in a way they haven’t always been at Smart Financial.

And in response he gave them a show. Beyond the hits and one really great newer track (“Can’t Stop Me Now”), there was tap dancing, a fun cover of “Proud Mary,” a legit sax solo, flying soccer balls and one pair of trousers given away to someone in the first row. Rod Stewart, literal Knight, also dabbed at one point, but with a show this rock-solid it’s hard to hold that against him.

No, his voice isn’t always as strong as it was in his youth, but it’s still brilliant. He seemingly switches genres on a dime and could do no wrong, whether he was tackling Chuck Berry, Van Morrison or one of the biggest disco hits of all time. He might not be forever young, but you’ll wish you had his energy when you hit 72.


There’s no question who is in control when Cyndi Lauper takes the stage. If she wants to talk, she’s going to talk. When she wants a song to go home, she’ll tell her band to wrap it up in the middle of a bar. God help you if you’re on the tech crew and something goes wrong because she will call you out.

It’s enough that even if her songs weren’t great, she’d still be an amazing performer. But her songs are great. There was not a bad apple in the bunch, with her deeper cuts like “Money Changes Everything” and “I Drove All Night” hitting just as hard as her biggest singles. She was also unflinchingly political, whether it be about seeing the “girls just want to have fundamental rights” signs at marches earlier this year or touching on toxic masculinity before “Not My Father’s Son”, which after the events earlier in the day felt like needed moments of resistance.

You can put a price on a show, but it’s hard to quantify joy. Like I said earlier, people want to have a good time and will force it as best they can. Explaining how something makes you feel, whether it’s almost driving you to tears or giving you goosebumps, is so much harder. How do you explain how great it is to hear Cyndi Lauper hit the “I will be waiting” high part in the hook to “Time After Time”? Apologies for my language, but the text I sent to my best friend after the show was “Cyndi Lauper was fucking awesome.”


Personal Bias: To this day my father still mentions the time he saw Rod Stewart back in the ‘70s in San Antonio, a show where the crowd was so rowdy for “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy?” that Stewart ended up having to perform it three times. It’s one of those stories I’ve heard so much that it’s legendary, and I’m glad I have my own frame of reference for Sir Stewart now. Also, depending on the day you ask me, I might just tell you that “Girls Just Want to Have Fun” is the greatest pop song of all time.

The Crowd: There was a couple in front of me that could not stop getting out into the aisle and dancing. It was adorable. It was even better when another couple started swing dancing, and the dude from the first couple tried to distract security so the second couple could get a few more seconds out in the aisle.

Overheard In the Crowd: A lot of people felt they needed to explain to me and my plus-one that they wanted to hit the restroom before Rod hit the stage. They must have been super confused when the show started ten minutes later, in what I feel is probably the quickest set changeover I’ve ever witnessed.

Random Notebook Dump: Wearing the jersey of your favorite singer’s favorite soccer team is a level of dedication I’m not sure I possess. 


Rod Stewart and Penny Lancaster spend time with young sons Aiden and Alastair at Starbucks while his older son Sean joins them


It was a nice family day on Sunday for Rod Stewart.

The 72-year-old entertainer was snapped congregating at a Los Angeles Starbucks location with his wife Penny Lancaster, 46, their two young boys Alastair, 11, and Aiden, six, while his older son Sean Stewart, 36, was along for the outing.

Rod, a member of the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, arrived in style with Alastair in a white Ferrari with red interior, meeting up with the rest of his family.


The Downtown Train singer and his clan sat at a table outside, with Rod sporting his trademark spiky hairdo with black sunglasses. He rounded out his ensemble with a white button-down shirt, khaki pants and white sneakers, looking forever young.

The statuesque 6ft1 Penny kept cool on the late summer day in a blue plaid shirt with the sleeves rolled up, with a denim skirt and flip flops. The one-time model had her blonde mane parted in the middle and down, accessorizing with reflective sunglasses and a brown purse.

Penny and the Rhythm of My Heart crooner earlier this summer renewed their vows at their 45-acre estate residence in Essex, England to commemorate their first decade of marriage.

Sir Rod’s plans for home pool to help swimming star son hits a newt snag

SIR Rod Stewart’s plans to build a large swimming pool at his mansion to help turn his son into an Olympic champion have been threatened by great crested newts.

The rocker was granted permission earlier this year to build the pool for 11-year-old son Alastair, who has shown great promise as a swimmer and has already won a host of competitions.

But ecological surveys of the site in the gardens at Sir Rod’s Grade II-listed Durrington House in Harlow, Essex, have discovered the presence of newts

The amphibians are a protected species under UK and European law and it is illegal to catch, possess or handle them without a licence or to cause them harm or disturb their habitat in any way.

The discovery of the newts has meant Sir Rod’s representatives have had to submit a detailed plan on how to construct the pool house without disturbing them and he must obtain a licence before work can begin.

He is proposing to create new habitats for the creatures elsewhere in the garden and erect “newt barrier fencing” to stop them entering the site.

In a report submitted to Epping Forest District Council, ecologist Simon Thomas said: “To allow for construction and landscaping to take place, the habitats within the working footprint will need to be cleared.


Rod Stewart wears elder status well at DTE

By Gary Graff  Daily Tribune

You will not be disappointed!” Rod Stewart promised fans near the start of his concert Tuesday night, Aug. 1, at the DTE Energy Music Theatre.

And he was spot-on about that.

The 72-year-old British rock icon is a textbook case in how to age gracefully in rock ‘n’ roll. Tuesday’s nearly two-hour performance was a showcase in genial, crowd-pleasing high-energy as Stewart and his facile 13-piece band romped through 18 favorites from his lengthy career, interspersed with rest points so deftly executed his occasional absence from the stage (about every 25 minutes or so to change outfits) was barely noticed. His voice still strong and his attitude gently self-deprecating, Stewart -- who changed outfits four times during the night, but only wearing socks for one -- made being age-appropriate look contemporary cool.

It helped, of course, that Stewart had a batch of songs so well-loved and an audience that so loves to sing them that he could stop at any time with confidence that the DTE crowd would be singing along, loudly, from the front row to the top of the lawn. Even the lone “new” song, -- “Love Is,” a Celtic-flavored rocker from 2015’s “Another Country” album, was so of a piece with the rest of the repertoire that the fans probably would have treated it as another hit if Stewart didn’t make a point of noting that it didn’t do very well (he used more explicit description) as a single in the U.S.

The rest of the night was nothing less than a well-delivered hit parade, played on a checkered-themed tri-level stage with layered video screens blending live footage with images from Stewart’s past -- including photos of his Faces bandmates during “Ooh La La” and his knighting by Prince William during “Rhythm Of My Heart.” After the band worked through the Bar-Kays’ “Soul Finger,” Stewart ripped through “Infatuation” and “Some Guys Have All The Luck” before bringing opener Cyndi Lauper on to duet on the Isley Brothers’ “this Old Heart Of Mine (Is Weak For You).” The anthemic “Forever Young” was bisected with a lengthy section of band solos that included some Irish dancing by Stewart’s backup singers, while Julia Thornton’s harp highlighted “The First Cut Is The Deepest,” part of an extended acoustic section that found Stewart and his band members sitting across the front of the stage.

Stewart played on his sex symbol reputation throughout the show without being creepy about it, and he engaged in his traditional kicking/tossing/heading soccer balls into the pavilion during the Faces’ “Stay With Me.” He was thwarted on one special plan, however, as an 89-year-old fan he planned to serenade on stage apparently left before “Have I Told You Lately,” the designated moment. “Who does that?!” Stewart says with a laugh. “She (messed) up!”

But Stewart didn’t, at all, during his show, leaving as the band vamped through Guy Lombardo’s “Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think)” -- an apt closer for a night that could not have been more enjoyable.Lauper helped make it so, too, with her 55-minute opening set. Quickly doffing her blue wig, top hat and jacket due to the extreme heat, she offered a hit parade of her own with rockers such as “She Bop” and “Money Changes Everything,” along with covers of Wanda Jackson’s “Funnel Of Love” and Skeeter Davis’ “The End Of The World” from her 2016 country album “Detour.” Lauper forayed into the pavilion during “The Goonies ‘R’ Good Enough” and played dulcimer during “Time After Time” and a medley of “Not My Father’s Son” and “True Colors,” and she celebrated “Girls Just Want To Have Fun’” role as an empowerment anthem by showing photos of the women’s marches in January on the video screens.



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