Rod Stewart surprises Brighton barber for The One Show

Peter Joannou, 54, was shocked when the star appeared during his show as part of a surprise organised by BBC TV's The One Show.

After Rod sneaked up behind Brighton’s Singing Barber, the pair shared a song before they embraced and had a chat as part of the surprise.

Peter, who sings from his balcony in Middle StreetBrighton, said: “I was singing and the next thing I knew someone was stood next to me. I looked over and there was Rod Stewart.

“He was very, very warm. It was like seeing an old mate, we had a chat and he was very friendly.

“He joked about why I didn’t sing one of his songs but only he can sing his songs properly.”

Rod interrupted Peter while he was singing Tony Bennett’s Stranger In Paradise.

Peter said while it looked as if he was holding it together, he was “very shocked”.

Peter was amazed that people were able to keep the secret from him for over four weeks, adding that he “should have got suspicious when they asked me to sing a Rod Stewart song”.He praised Rod, saying: “He’s got an amazing range and such a unique voice.”

The Singing Barber has been entertaining shoppers for nearly nine years as he sings above his barber shop. As part of his shows, he sings a range of different songs from Elvis Presley to Matt Munro, who his latest show is based on.

Rod Stewart in his car at the Brighton Metropole where he stayed after The One Show

Sir Rod Stewart leaves breakfast at The Ritz after finding Ukrainian family of seven a home in the U.K and pledging to pay their rentand bills for a YEAR after refugees fled Putin;s invasion.

         Sir Rod has helped Rostyslav, Olena and their five children start a new             like in UK

  • The British singer said he hopes making his actions public might inspire others 
  • He recently met the family of seven, who he has put up in a home in Berkshire
  • The 77-year-old said he also provided jobs for two other refugees on his estate


Rod Stewart poses with Celtic strip as he visits Italian restaurant in Glasgow

SIR Rod Stewart posed with a Celtic strip as he visited an Italian restaurant in Glasgow over the weekend.

The Hoops-daft rocker was in town for the team's thumping 6-1 win against Hibs.

But he also enjoyed a bite to eat at Bella Vita on Mosspark Boulevard in the Southside after visiting the team's training ground in Lennoxtown.

The owner of the eatery, Mimmo Rossi, got a call from Celtic and prepped a private room for 25 people on Sunday.

The 77-year-old singer, his wife Penny Lancaster and some of the team gathered with others.

With the heads up that Rod was coming, Mimmo, 53, got a special Celtic strip made up, with the singer's name, Bella Vita and the date of his visit on the back.


The musician autographed the green and white top, and also wrote the message "I was here."

Despite being the singer's first visit to Bella Vita, it seems it won't be his last.

Mimmo told The Scottish Sun: "It was after the game and I was contacted by Celtic and we prepared a private room for 25 people.

"It was Rod, his wife and the rest of the team, the families were in another room. 


"It was a lovely day and they were very happy and they said they'll be back.

"He didn't know that part of the town too well but it was a good day and everyone was very very happy."

Sir Rod Stewart spotted at Glasgow bar with Celtic-folk band singer

Music legend Sir Rod Stewart was spotted at a popular Glasgow bar with the singer of Celtic-folk and rock band Johnny Mac & The Faithful.

The 77-year-old was pictured at the Raddison RED in Glasgow, at the weekend.

The venue said, in a Facebook post: "It was a pleasure to welcome Rod Stewart to RED at the weekend along with our good friend Johnny Mac & The Faithful!"


Rod Stewart rents home for 'lovely' Ukrainian refugee family-of-seven and pays all bills

Music legend Sir Rod Stewart talks movingly for the first time about how he has been helping a Ukrainian refugee family start a new life in the UK following the war in our world exclusive article

Standing outside the front door of a three-storey red-brick townhouse in Berkshire, Sir Rod Stewart may not look like your average landlord.

But then husband and wife ­Rostyslav and Olena and their ­children Taras, 17, Kostya, 16, Roman, 13, Mariia, 10, and Dymtro, two, are not your average tenants.


The family abandoned their previous home in war-torn Ukraine and made a perilous journey over the border, crossing Europe until they finally arrived in the UK.

Starting again here with no money or home and not speaking a word of English was no doubt a terrifying ­prospect. But help arrived in the form of a most unlikely rock 'n' roll saviour.

In an extraordinary turn of events, their new life in England is being completely funded by music legend Sir Rod - who has found them a house, furnished it and pledged to pay their rent and bills for at least a year.


It was little wonder they were so pleased to see him when he recently met them for the first time.

"I walked through the door and they all came running down the stairs, all beautifully dressed in Ukrainian national costume," Sir Rod smiles.

"It was so lovely that they all made that effort. They made me a cup of tea and we had loads of biscuits and chocolates, although the baby kept nicking all of mine. It really was wonderful."


The astonishing story began one evening many months before when Sir Rod and wife Penny were left heartbroken watching the horror in Ukraine play out on the evening news.

"Words couldn't describe what we were watching," says Sir Rod.

"The bombing of innocent children, the bombing of hospitals and ­playgrounds. Like everyone else, we were completely beside ourselves. I don't wish that one anyone. This is evil, pure evil."

He remembers turning to Penny saying they could be watching footage from the Second World War had the newsreels been in black and white.

"I was born just after the war, so my family have lots of memories of it," he says. "That's how devastating it was to me. I didn't think we would see the likes of land war with tanks again."

From that moment, he was determined to try and make a difference. "Me and my nephew Warren thought we had better do something – it was his idea," he explains.

"He said, 'Listen, let's get some trucks together, fill them up with supplies and whatever they need.'

"So we got three trucks and a team drove up all the way to Ukraine. It took them a weekend. They got all the way to the border and took 16 refugees back to Berlin for safety."



Sir Rod was desperate to go on the journey himself but he was advised against it – perhaps unsurprisingly given his age of 77.

Instead, Warren was joined by brother Gavin and six other volunteers for the mercy dash, which was completely funded by the star.

"I would have driven over in my Lamborghini," Sir Rod laughs. "I would have loved to have tagged along."

The mission was a resounding success – but Sir Rod didn't want to stop there. Determined to help other refugees facing the daunting prospect of trying to rebuild their lives, he was put in contact with Rostyslav and his family, who were not part of the original 16 refugees but had made it all the way to the UK.

As well as taking on a new house for them, he then provided jobs for two other refugees on his sprawling Essex estate, including one as a gardener.

"They are all very grateful," Sir Rod says. "And it just makes me want to do more. I am thinking of getting another house now and getting a lot more people over."

Sir Rod says it was a delight getting to know Rostyslav and his children, despite the obvious language barrier. "They are such a lovely little family and so polite too. None of them speak English but they have such wonderful manners, especially the teenagers,” says Sir Rod, before laughing: "I don’t know what they are like when I'm not here though."

So what did the family make of having a famous rock star as their
new rent-free landlord?

"I think they had been briefed before they met me as to who I was – and they certainly know who I am now, since I left about 500 CDs for them," the singer jokes.

Sir Rod says he thought long and hard about whether to make news of his Ukrainian mission public.

But he says being knighted in 2016 for his services to music and charity has dramatically altered his mindset.

"I usually keep all my charitable efforts nice and quiet and just do it. But I thought, 'I am a knight, I have been given this knighthood because of the things I've achieved in my life and the charity work I've done over the years.'

"But that was the past; I want to be seen to be doing something now. I am a knight, I should be using my power to do something for people.

"I am sure that if there are people out there who see what I am doing, they will pick up some slack too."

The tragedy unfolding overseas is all the more poignant for Sir Rod given his affinity with and love of the Russian people and culture.

He remembers fondly his trips there, including a visit in 2018 to Moscow's regal Bolshoi Theatre for a classical awards ceremony where he handed out a gong.


While he was on stage, Sir Rod went off script by regaling the crowd with news that his beloved Celtic football club had come from behind to beat arch-rivals Rangers.

"The audience started cheering, it was wonderful," he says. "I remember later going shopping and everyone insisting that I had to take security with me. I had six security guys, all talking into their collars. Lo and behold, I walked into the shopping mall and no-one knew who I was.

"It was hilarious. I was like, 'Guys, go home, I am OK.'"

The star adds: "I always say this… we are not blaming the Russians. It's one man and his regime. That's why there have been thousands arrested, because they don't want him."

Sir Rod is determined to address the war head-on when he goes on a massive UK arena tour next month.


"I have a song called Rhythm Of My Heart which is actually about the Vietnam War and how pointless it is, but is relatable to any war," he says.

"I will dedicate it to the Ukrainians and put a big picture of [President Volodymyr] Zelensky up and show their flag. It's the least I can do."

This evening, Olena and Rostyslav spoke of their joy at starting new
lives in the UK thanks to the help of Sir Rod and his family.

They said in a statement: "Many thanks to Sir Rod Stewart, Warren Cady, his parents and their family for their openness and genuine and big hearts. Thanks to their sponsorship and Warren’s hard work, our children are now safe and able to learn normally in school.


Inside Rod Stewart’s visit to Celtic training ground as Hoops-daft rocker spotted helping out with the LAUNDRY

AS a world famous rock star, Sir Rod Stewart is a man used to playing the glitziest of venues in the most lavish settings.

But when it comes to his beloved Celtic, the Hoops-daft superstar has shown he's willing to get his hands dirty!

He was pictured at the entrance to the state of the art centre (Credit: Instagram/@sirrodstewart)

Sir Rod Stewart, 77, and son Alastair, 16, cheers on his beloved football team Celtic before they crash out of the Champions League after 2-0 defeat against RB Leipzig



Sir Rod Stewart was spotted cheering on his beloved football team Celtic before they were defeated 2-0 defeat against RB Leipzig at Celtic Park in Glasgow, Scotland on Tuesday.

The rocker, 77, waved a green and white scarf above his head as he stood alongside his son Alastair, 16, during the game.

Hitmaker Sir Rod was seen blowing a kiss to another spectator before his team crashed out of the Champions League.

Rod Stewart's son shares touching tribute to uncle as singer lays brother to rest

Rod's 16-year-old son took to Instagram today to share a touching tribute to his Uncle Don.

Sir Rod Stewart 's son has posted a sweet tribute to his uncle as he was laid to rest today.

The Maggie May singer's big brother Don passed away last month at the age of 94 and his funeral was held this morning in Clavering, Essex.

Rod's 16-year-old son took to Instagram today to share a touching tribute to his Uncle Don as he posted a photo of the order of service from the funeral with a dove and heart emoji. Rod's daughter Renee also paid tribute to her uncle in an Instagram post. She wrote: "Rest In Peace Uncle Don."


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