February 2018

Brendan Rodgers would be the perfect manager for Tottenham if Mauricio Pochettino leaves, Sir Rod Stewart tells talkSPORT

Brendan Rodgers would be the perfect manager to take over at Tottenham if Mauricio Pochettino leaves the club, Sir Rod Stewart has told talkSPORT. The rock and roll legend and fierce Celtic fan believes Rodgers can only take the Scottish champions so far and will soon look to return to Premier League football.

Rod Stewart in Chile.Movistar Arena, February 18, 2018.

By Nicolás Morán. 
Photographs by Francisco Aguilar A.

Something that is really positive in our country, is that we are lucky to be a good choice for the big bands and renowned artists who tour South America, among whom we find Sir Rod Stewart who last night, in a practically full Movistar Arena , made a show of first class, as it did in 1989 when it marked a milestone in Chile to be the first musician to give a massive concert after the fall of the dictatorship.

A couple of years ago Stewart passed the seven decades, but with the presentation of this Sunday showed us that age is a mere referential number since the energy that overflowed during the two hours that lasted the show was not awarded, at all , with what (surely) appears on your driver's license.

The last night was a tour of much of the career of the musician in a setlist practically traced his presentation at the Club GEBA in Buenos Aires in which, as in Chile, they started playing bagpipes, the purest Scottish since, if you ever had the doubt of whether Stewart is English or Scottish, we have to settle the discussion by noting that he was the only one of his brothers who was born in England, but that his heart belongs to Celtic and spends much of his money and time in charities for Scotland.

It was with "Infatuation" , from his album Camouflage (1984), that the colorful party started with 19 successes in which Rod, with his good humor and humor, was accompanied by musicians who really showed off at all times, both for their expertise as per your sympathy. However, I think we should make a mention more than honorable to their choristers / dancers / multi-instrumentalists / surely accountants and lawyers too, because those women did everything !: from playing the harp and violin, dancing Celtic and singing, even encourage the public .

With a number of his most famous cover songs like "Have You Ever Seen The Rain?" By Creedence Clearwater Revival , "The First Cut Is The Deepest" the great Steven Demetre Georgiou , also known as Yusuf Islam or, even better known as Cat Stevens ; or "Rhythm Of My Heart" by Marc Jordan , mixed with his hits "Forever Young" or "Baby Jane" made the day unforgettable for each and every one of his fans.

Among the highlights of the show we find the percussion solo in the middle of "Forever Young" , the saxophone solo in "Downtown Train" , which was a display of talent that lasted for about 8 minutes to continue the concert demonstrating the vocal power that has this gentleman in "People Get Ready" but, sincerely, pales before "Proud Mary" , which was vocalized by one of the choristers that made Movistar rumble in fullness with the power of his voice.

Another moment that will remain in the memory was when, in the middle of the song "Hot Legs" , Rod began throwing soccer balls to the public, unleashing the euphoria and joy among those present. With "Da Ya Think I`m Sexy" the entire venue was dedicated to dance and it was only closed with "Baby Jane" , to return in the encore with "Sailing" .

It seems that, among the shows we have seen in recent times, the British one is one of the most complete: with a repertoire more than proven and with a team as talented as the one at his disposal, Stewart was forged last night resounding success, making it clear that he has a rope for a while and that he knows how to move on stage like a true knight of his majesty, the queen of England.

Having a Party
Have You Ever Seen the Rain? 
Rhythm of My Heart
Some Guys Have All the Luck
Tonight's the Night (Gonna Be Alright)
Forever Young
Downtown Train
You're in My Heart (The Final Acclaim)
People Get Ready
The First Cut Is the Deepest
I Do not Want to Talk About It
Have I Told You Lately
Proud Mary
Rollin 'and Tumblin'
Hot Legs
Da Ya Think I'm Sexy? 
Baby Jane


Rod Stewart was a 1970s ally

With a powerful ballad and a refusal to bend the knee to his record label, Rod Stewart was an early, unapologetic supporter of equality. Robert Morrison explains the significance of 1976's Killing Of Georgie.

Recently, Rod Stewart re-released a newly imagined version of his 1978 classic, “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy ,” with multi-platinum group DNCE. They premiered the single together on Aug. 27 at the MTV Video Music Awards, introducing Rod Stewart to a new generation.

While “Da Ya Think I’m Sexy” is one of his signature songs, peaking at No. 1 in six countries, some of his other songs stand out for their lyrics and ability to raise social awareness. What many don’t know is that 40 years ago, Stewart wrote the first commercially successful pop song to address gay rights.

I have seen Rod Stewart live seven times: Calgary in 1984; Wembley Stadium in London in 1986; Brighton in 1987; Calgary again in 1988; Edinburgh in 2002; London in 2013; and on Prince Edward Island in 2015.

There are a number of reasons why I keep going to see him. In part, it’s my small way of saying thank-you for all the times when listening to him has salvaged a bad day or improved a good one. In part, it’s because he is now 72 years old, and yet still loves his job and is still having fun. These are worthy aims at any life stage, but especially when your 20s and 30s are firmly in your past.

In part, of course, it is his voice, which so convincingly delivers a wide range of emotion, from callousness and exuberance, through anger and whimsy, to hurt and self-deprecating mockery. Elton John summed it up in his acceptance speech at the 2013 BRITs Icon Award Show. Stewart, he said, is “the greatest singer that rock ‘n’ roll has ever had .”

What is sometimes overlooked, though, and one of the primary reasons I have been a fan for 40 years, is Stewart’s abilities as a song-writer, and particularly as a lyricist.

I teach and research 19th-century British literature for a living. But I have also spent time listening to and thinking about rock ‘n’ roll lyrics. Language is at the crux of both these projects, and it is a short step from one to the other. Great poems, like great lyrics, work in strikingly diverse ways. But at some level both almost invariably challenge set assumptions and break new ground – literary, political and social.

Take “The Killing of Georgie ” from Stewart’s 1976 album, A Night on the Town. The song is about a young gay man who is murdered in the “so-called liberated days” of the mid-1970s. Stewart is British, but he sets the song in America, where he has lived full-time for more than four decades. “The Killing of Georgie” is the first successful pop song with a gay man at the centre of the story. Though the BBC initially rejected the track, it eventually hit the top of the charts in the U.K., the U.S., Canada and the Netherlands.

Memorable rhymes

In the song, Stewart normalized gayness. One afternoon, Georgie tells his parents he needs love “like all the rest.” They don’t understand. His mother cries. His father is angry. They cast him out, “a victim of these gay days it seems.”

George travels by Greyhound Bus to New York City, where he settles down and soon meets people who are far more sympathetic, including the narrator: “He said he was in love, I said I’m pleased.”

But one summer evening, as George and his new love walk home arm in arm from the theatre, they are ambushed by a New Jersey gang. A fight ensues, Georgie’s head hits a sidewalk cornerstone and he is killed.

The lyric is notable for a number of reasons. It’s a ballad, as Stewart makes plain from the outset: “A story comes to mind of a friend of mine.” It covers a great deal of ground concisely, and within a solid structure of 18 stanzas.

But whereas ballads are usually written in quatrains (four-verse lines) with a rhyme scheme such as abab or aabb, Stewart writes “The Killing of Georgie” in tercets (three-verse lines), typically rhyming aab, a technique that puts a decisive emphasis on the opening couplet, and that quickens the overall pace of the lyric, as we (and Georgie) are hurried on after three lines rather than four:

Pa said, “There must be a mistake;
How can my son not be straight;
After all I’ve said and done for him?”

Stewart exploits a variety of different rhymes (including “end,” “internal,” and “slant”) that repeatedly energize the lyric and produce some of the most memorable lines he has written: “Youth’s a mask but it don’t last, / Live it long and live it fast.”

Gay rights not yet won

Bigotry and gang violence kill Georgie, but the narrator eschews sentimentality: “Georgie’s life ended there, / But I ask, ‘Who really cares?’”

Above all, “The Killing of Georgie” carries what Stewart has called “a pro-gay message,” as he put it in his 2012 autobiography, Rod .

In the “so-called liberated days” of the mid-1970s, people were attacked and killed in the street because of their sexual orientation, as the song relates.

Forty years later, in what we might like to think of as our own liberated days, progress has unquestionably been made on issues such as same-sex marriage and gay and transgender rights.

But we now live in a world with Donald Trump as a national leader, and it takes only a cursory glance at recent headlines to see that these topics continue to provoke hostility and backward-thinking. Among many other roles, great art and great lyrics frequently remind us of the battles that still need to be fought until they are won. We are a long way from the acceptance and mutual respect that Stewart asks us to imagine:

Georgie boy was gay I guess,
Nothin’ more and nothin’ less,
The kindest guy I ever knew.

When Stewart wrote the lyrics, he says there were people at his record label who were “medieval enough” to fear that it might alienate some of his heterosexual following. “Stuff’em,” he replied. “It’s one of the songs that I’m proudest of.

The incredible story of the Argentine shoemaker Rod Stewart


He has a factory in La Matanza and last night the singer took him to the Costa Salguero stage. "Rod is so humble that he leaves the Gucci and puts on the shoes that I give him."

"Let my friend Daniel Marra get on," Rod Stewart asked last night in the middle of the Costa Salguero VIP show. The unknown Marra, author of the exotic shiny shoes that Rod shines in each show, climbed shy and vanished among the 1,300 people. Then began the operation "searching for the prodigious shoemaker". Most tracked him down the wrong place. Houses of Palermo designs, fashion circuits of the City of Buenos Aires. The story of stories was in La Matanza.

His factory in Lomas del Mirador is the temple inherited from his father Osvaldo. Daniel is 50 years old, 35 officially and more than 30 as a Rod fan. In 2008 he gave a pair to a saxophonist of the English / Scottish band, she was fascinated with the model and a magic door opened.

In 2014 the woman presented Stewart with two pairs of moccasins handcrafted by Marra , one in orange leather and the other in multicolored reptile, in Las Vegas.

Daniel, who was in that city in 2014, was summoned by Rod to share a few drinks at Caesars Palace. "He told me that the shoes were impressive, it was a kind of friendship and five months later I went back to a show and gave him another three pairs," he says.

Marra registered the brand of Stay With Me shoes , designed especially for the gentleman of the British Empire, but does not think about the business. "I do not have a local yet, a friend who lives in Las Vegas advises me to open one there, I do not want to profit from my idol, I already gave him more than 120 pairs , every time he sees me he says 'There is my shoemaker'", he laughs .

Rod Stewart prefers Matanzas soles

"Talla" as a goldsmith for Rod Stewart's foot. Impossible to calculate how much could sell the shoes with such a model that looks for the planet. The scene is not outlandish: from the artist's surroundings they tell that Rod often gets rid of his Gucci peers and puts on Marra's custom design.

Rod fits 42 and a half. Marra, moldista and "SUV" born in Ramos Mejía, takes between 10 and 15 days for Rod to walk "as in the clouds". It still does not export. He wants to be careful, but he knows that the explosion of entrepreneurship is imminent.

"It is difficult to give shoes to him, considering that I know of life , " says Marra, whose soundtrack of youth forwards exclusively to Stewart. "I know what he likes and how to combine it with what he saw, it's the dream of any fan, that with his millions of dollars he chooses my shoes."

Don Osvaldo, an Italian born in Avellino, founded the factory in 1963 in La Matanza. Daniel, his son, plans to bequeath the family business to his daughter Julieta, 19, who also set the stage for Stewart yesterday. "There were lean times, in the 90s this was a punishment guild, we had to sell to the laces, but in bad and good times I bet this, I carry it in my blood and I tell my two daughters: if you want You can persevere and succeed. "

Rod Stewart Adds Second Show At The Hollywood Bowl With Special Guest Cyndi Lauper

Due to overwhelming demand for tickets and a sold-out first show, Rod Stewart will return to The Hollywood Bowl to perform a second show on Tuesday, June 26. The pair of Hollywood Bowlshows on June 25 and 26 will kickoff Stewart's extensive North American summer tour with special guest Cyndi Lauper, marking the two-time Rock & Roll Hall of Famer's first shows at the celebrated Los Angeles venue since his sold-out run in 2011.

Tickets go on sale Saturday, February 24 at 10am via LiveNation.com. The American Express® card member presale runs Wednesday, February 21 at 10am through Friday, February 23 at 10pm, visit AmericanExpress.com/entertainment. Fan Club Presales begin Wednesday, February 21 at 9 am through Friday, February 23 at10pm, visit https://fanclub.rodstewart.com, CyndiLauper.com or LiveNation.com for complete details on presales, ticketing and tour information.< 


Following the incredible success and rave reviews for their 2017 summer tour, Stewart has invited the legendary Cyndi Lauper to join him as the tour's special guest for his 23-date North American tour. True music legends, Rod Stewart and Cyndi Lauper have been awarded nearly every industry award and honor for their incomparable catalog of hits and activism -- among them, multiple Grammys, American Music Awards and VMA's, plus two inducts into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, the ASCAP Founders Award for songwriting, and a Knighthood for Stewart; and an Emmy and Tony Award for Lauper.

Rod shopping in Buenos Aires

Sir Rod Stewart Performs In Italy 

Sir Roderick David Stewart, better known to us mortals as Rod, is on a worldwide tour including Milano where I find myself tonight (January 31), along with a packed crowd, that warmly greets him back after an absence of 8 years.

Sir Rod is now 73 years of age but he still cuts a dashing figure even with screen video close-ups and with various costume changes involving black and white glittery jackets, colorful shirts and of course his famous gold lamé suit he is suitably able to show himself off. This charade also helps him conveniently to take breaks during the set whilst his solid 13 piece band take control of the stage. Yes, because the hips don’t really work anymore and apart from the odd knee-jerk, dancing is out of the question and fatigue sets in rather too easily I feel.

As for the voice, well, it’s ok, still grating and sublimely distinctive but there is little sustain and resonance with certain songs like ‘Baby Jane’ notably with the key adjusted to suit his the vocal pitch of today’s Rod.

Still with a strong band including six girls sharing vocals and instruments like violins, harp and percussion, the show, very Vegas, is watchable and entertaining with loads of old soft rock hits, some rockabilly and classic ballads but it’s like painting by joining the dots, every step is accounted for, no room for error for sure but that said no flashes of brilliance or spontaneity either. Maybe on Van Morrison’s ‘Have I Told You Lately That I Love You’ Rod seemed “in the moment” and when he talked about Celtic Football Club and the song ‘You’re In My Heart’ there is even some passion involved but the rest is simply plain sailing as Rod would say.

The crowd try and rise to the occasion with a spontaneous vocal chant after ‘Do You Think I’m sexy’ but after listening for a few bars, Rod with a simple hand gesture gets the band to start the closer ‘Sailing’ as we hit the 90 minute mark as injury time not extra time is only to be allowed.

Nostalgia is not always a fulfilling and comfortable feeling and I feel maybe Rod should have put away the mike stand after this summer’s Isle Of Wight headline slot. What’s left now is formulaic and ordinary something Rod Stewart as an artist has never been in his long and successful career.

The set list:
Soul Finger (band only)
Infatuation (from Camouflage, 1984)
Having a Party (from Unplugged…and Seated, 1993)
Some Guys Have All the Luck (from Camouflage, 1984)
Sweet Little Rock & Roller (from Smiler, 1974)
Tonight’s the Night (Gonna Be Alright) (from A Night on the Town, 1976)
It Takes Two (from Vagabond Heart, 1991)
Forever Young (from Out of Order, 1988)
Rhythm of My Heart (from Vagabond Heart, 1991)
Downtown Train (from Storyteller, 1989)
The First Cut Is the Deepest (from A Night on the Town, 1976)
I Don’t Want to Talk About It (from Atlantic Crossing, 1975)
You’re in My Heart (The Final Acclaim) (from Foot Loose & Fancy Free, 1977)
Have I Told You Lately (from Vagabond Heart, 1991)
Proud Mary (band only)
People Get Ready (from the Jeff Beck album Flash, 1985)
Baby Jane (from Body Wishes, 1983)
Stay With Me (from Faces’ A Nod is As Good As a Wink to a Blind Horse, 1971)
Da Ya Think I’m Sexy? (from Blondes Have More Fun, 1978)
Sailing (from Atlantic Crossing, 1975)
Enjoy Yourself (It’s Later Than You Think) (band only)

Rod and Penny shoping in Milan

Rod Stewart   Deutschland-Show in Oberhausen


Sir Rod (ederik) Stewart, the voice of hits like "Sailing", "The First Cut the Deepest", "Rhythm of my Heart" and "Maggie May" came back shortly after his 73rd birthday to Germany. While completing a full tour of Germany two years ago, he played his only show on Saturday night in the almost sold-out
Oberhausen König Pilsener Arena

So it was not surprising that fans from all over Germany and even from the Netherlands or Great Britain had come to experience their idol live. Lasziv indicated hip swing Stewart's famous grindstone voice sounded distinctive after all these years, his extravagant outfit and lasciviously hinted hip swing radiated youthfulness as ever. The glowing football fan (Celtic Glasgow) proved his physical fitness by kicking football balls into the Kö-Pi arena at the end
From euphoric to soulful He presented his program routinely together with a first-class musician team and spirited dancers. Rod Stewart was partly euphoric, even intoxicating, but also soulful and close to the enthusiastic audience, who always sang along loudly with the catchy tunes like "You're in my Heart" or (of course) "Sailing" and gave free rein to their emotions and memories left. The audience ripped it off the chairs There is hardly a musician who knows how to tear fans off their chairs from the first song on. All visitors stood on the floor as if they had no seats.






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